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Rykon-V73's showoff: Day 1: GFX Gallery 2019(GFX Collection: Released)
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Summer 2019 - Rykon-V73's showoff: Day 1: GFX Gallery 2019(GFX Collection: Released)
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Hey there. I am going to release some things GFX related. I just hope you'll like some of these. So, let's get started.
On SMWCentral, there is the YIDS jungle BG for the top and bottom part. Now I'm going to present the same BG crammed together into 1:

Download: Here

You already know the stone canyon tileset I ripped. I'm presenting the same thing, improved, compatible with the canyon BG, but required the Sprite Status bar, the SMB3 status bar to work:

Download: Here

You already saw the screenshots from JOP Candy tileset, but I'll release them now:

Download: Here

Next are 3 BG rips from the same game, starting with the bottom part of the mountains:

It isn't much, but it can be used for a horizontal scroll. Uses 1 palette.
Download: Here

Now for the top part of the same BG:

This can be used a bit more.
Download: Here

Next is the clouds BG from YI DS:

Download: Here

Now for a BG and a tileset. I'll start with the YIDS BG:

The archive also has a 2nd palette.
Download: Here

Now for something I should have shown from the start. Oh well. Here's the Zool Candy tileset:

Works with the SMW palette, but consumes over a Map16Page.
Download: Here

Now for the other 2 tilesets from Zool. First is from World 2:

It's compatible with SMW palette.
Download: Here

Last is from World 3:

The 2nd screenshow has been fixed.
Download: Here

Last are tilesets from Mr. Tuff. Get used to this, because there are a lot.
I'll start with the Flats tileset:

Download: Here

Now for the Temple tileset:

The lava is ExAnimated.

You'll need to use SMB3 status bar, DKCR Status bar, etc. for this to work.
Download: Here

Feeling haunted? You will be thanks to this tileset:

Ignore the pipe. Also requires a patch to remove or replace the layer 3 status bar.

Same thing with this image.

Download: Here

You want play with toys? No? You should visit the Toy Factory tileset:

Same thing as the Ghost House tileset.

The tileset has animated conveyor belts.
Download: Here

You really want to work? Where would you want to? As a foreman, as a soldier? How about as a power plant worker:

Same thing as the other 2 tilesets.

The ground next to the cable is passable. You can fall through.

Download: Here

You like to admire sceneries, don't you? If you, then why not look at Mr. Tuff city BG:

To be used with vertical scrolling.
Download: Here

The city is nice, right? You should have a pleasure at looking at this tutorial tileset instead:

The BG. I can't make it 512x432, as it looks wrong.

The FG itself. It isn't much, I know.
Download: Here

You know boss battles, right? Did you expect one to be in a flashlight? Here's Mr. Tremor's tileset:

The best thing is that both the BG and FG use the same palette.
Download: Here

Expecting the next boss battle to be within a clock tower? No? Here's Mr. Damage's tileset:

I had to play with the layers to make it show right and it's compatible with SMW palette.
Download: Here

After a few hours of sleep, I'm back with 3 more tilesets to show.
You've seen battles near a submarine? Here's Mr. Octopus' tileset:

The BG is included as well. The status bar looks normal, so it can be used regularely.
Download: Here
More will come soon. Patience is a virtue. Comments?

About factories, have you seen one near a poisoned factory? If you did, then good job! I have no idea. Here's Mr. Blister's tileset:

It's a perfect recreation of the boss battle arena. There's a BG, too, but it's behind the FG.
The sample level has been fixed.
Download: Here

Now for a battle tileset that's in a submarine at the surface. Here's Mr. Meaner's tileset:

The FG should have been shown completely. You can still do that in the editor.
Download: Here

And now for the piece de la resistance, Mr. Apocalypse tileset:

This tileset features everything ripped from that level. It's compatible with SMW palette. If you download this, you might be wondering where's the head? And the middle part of the robot is destroyed! Those 2 things are sprites actually.
Download: Here

Wait! I'm not done. I have another thing to show you. If you manage to make the big exploding platforms sprite show up right(mine doens't work), then you download one of the 4 GFX files below, starting with:

The first set does have some italian feel to it.

The only platforms that use 3 colors. This does fit for an NES game.

You've seen the 2 GFX above, but for the small and big variations. Now they come in complete form.

While the GFX above fit, not sure if they look good.
Best of all: all 4 platforms use the regular SMW palette.

Download: Here

If you like every GFX you see here, then you can also download the GFX Collection archive. This includes every GFX released on this thread, including the Exploding Platforms GFX.

Big download link

Feedback is appreciated.
the yoshi island ds backgrounds are cute - i considered ripping them together before in the past, but now you've saved me the work #smrpg{:D}
Check the first post for updates.
I updated the first post again. This thread isn't getting much attention and finding it near the very last thread isn't doing much good.
So, feedback?
Those Mr. Tuff tilesets are actually pretty neat, even if they don't play especially nice with the smw palettes. I can't see much use for the tutorial level's BG though, unless someone wants to make their smw hack into a Mr. Tuff fan-hack, lol.

Like idol, I'm a fan of the YIDS ones since that 2D DS/Late GBA game style matches my own and would fit more seamlessly into my work. I'll have to take a closer look when I get home and have an actual romhacking setup.

Thanks, Teyla. I uploaded 3 more Mr. Tuff tilesets.
The last one will come later.
Check the first post for the final update. I hope those satisfy you.
Edit: GFX Collection archive released. Stay tuned. You'll see more things from me, starting one: today.
I uploaded the things day 2 specific: click here
I'm amazed no one responded to this thread.
Those are great rips! Bookmarking this as i'll surely download most of it for later use.

Keep the good work!
this is an absurd amount of graphics. i feel a lot of people will get use out of different stuff you've shown off here.
I'm sure they'll accept some of these. After C3 is done, I might do some corrections to the GFX and then upload them to the site. The Mr. Tuff tilesets are going to be a problem, but I hope I can manage.
Small bonus: I actually feel generous and submit 3 BGs directly on SMWCentral. All 3 are from Axelay:

Axelay - Weapons Select

While it's a 256x256 BG, it does consume BG1, BG2, BG3 and a bit of FG2. You do have space for FG3.
Download: Here

Axelay - Ship Interior

This BG consumes the least amount of tiles.
Download: Here

Axelay - Cave Section

While it does consume an ExGFX file and a half, it uses almost 3 palettes and a whole Map16Page.
Download: Here
And other news: I released the thing day 3 specific: Check it out
You can play the demo if you want.
Wew that's a lot of graphics.
I really like all I'm seeing here, especially the backgrounds. Great job!
The amount of high quality rips you've had over the years is amazing. I had have to say your close to the top, if not best GFX ripper on the site.
I've seen better, but still, thanks.
Another bonus:

Run Saber - Rocket Base

Download: Here

Choujikuu Yousai Macross - Scrambled Valkyrie-Alien 1st section

Download: Here

Choujikuu Yousai Macross - Scrambled Valkyrie-Alien 2nd section

Download: Here
Check the last post for updates.
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Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Summer 2019 - Rykon-V73's showoff: Day 1: GFX Gallery 2019(GFX Collection: Released)

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