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Super Mario's Golden Paradise (07/08/09 - UPDATED)

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For those who don't know, I've started making a new project, this time it isn't going to be cancelled. My new hack is called Super Mario Golden Paradise and it is a bit different from the other "original" Mario hacks, I mean, the theme of the hack is a bit different, the hack is treasure hunting and pirate themed just to don't go with Mario beginning his journey in a grassland with happy hills and this kind of stuff.

So yeah, Super Mario's Golden Paradise is my new project. The demo of this hack should be released when I get world 1 done. I decided to make a thread of it to get more attention and also because I'll mostly post screens of my levels and some graphical changes (which usually get ignored in the Screenshots and Video thread). Now here goes the hack's stuff so far:


The legend says a mysterious golden treasure will give powerful powers for who finds it. The treasure is hidden in somewhere in the Mushroom World, many people sought for it and nobody found it. However, this story is going to be changed... During his vacation, Mario was searching for coins near his beach house with his steel detector. Suddenly, Mario found something: the sacred golden treasure. However, Bowser discovered that Mario found the sacred treasure and then Bowser stole the treasure from Mario. Now, Bowser has powerful powers and with them he'll be able to rule the world! However, Mario won't let Bowser do that!


Level Screenshots:

I'm sorry, so far only a level was done and there aren't so many screenshots... However, what would be of this thread without the few screenshots that I've got?

My first cutscene. Yes, as you already noticed, this hack will have cutscenes in order to give a more "RPG feeling" to it.

Here's the first level, a beach level. The name of this level is "Diversity Beach", I think it sounds nice but I would like to know your opinion about it.

Aahh... the water is so refreshing!

From here you have two ways: You can either go up or go down...

...but only one path contains an 1-Up mushroom!

Here's the second part of the level, it has Layer 3 water. Also, I wanted to make a totally new first level, with a second part in order to don't make it too linear.

In this area you can find huge palm trees and Mario can stand on them!

Just an example of how unlinear is the level.

Should be pretty obvious of what I need to do to take that Dragon Coin...

Finally, the level's end!

GFX Screenshots:

Just showing the graphics that I'm going to use for cave levels and areas. The foreground is a bit ugly I guess, but it's going to be fixed.


This hack will contain:
- Custom Blocks and Sprites;
- Custom graphics and maybe also ripped graphics;
- Custom Music;
- A beautiful level design;
- Cutscenes and some other stuff to give it a RPG style.

Schwa (for some custom sprites), Davros (custom blocks), SL (For his "Up Teleport" block), InvisibleCoinBlock and Dispari Scuro (for the amazing NPC sprites, thanks to both of you);
Mikeyk, Jonwil, Smallhacker, Romi (for the programs that I'm using);

Beta Testers:

1. uNkNowN5642
2. DaKing
3. Edgar
4. Anti-matter Drone (maybe)
5. Shinnok
6. andy_k_250


So that's it for now. Comments, suggestions and construtive criticism are always appreciated, I really need the opinion of you guys, so please, a feedback would be appreciated. :)
Wow, Broozer, very impressive!

I love the GFX style you use, it all fits together very nicely, also I like the story and how its different to most hacks.

Very nice, Keep it up, man!
Creator of:
Super Mario: Buried Treasure
The Haunt
Jigsaw's Test
I like the graphics style! It looks so cheery and happy.
Thanks for the nice comment Kc! My hack might be good but it isn't as good as yours. XD

Also, I forgot to say that for who is interested to beta test this hack either PM me or post in this thread saying that you want to beta test. I think 4-5 beta testers are the necessary.

EDIT: Thanks also for the nice comment DaKing, it's nice to know that my graphics are nice! :)

It looks pretty good. The history is nice, and the name of the unique level shows to me it'll be very unlinear. The Graphic Style is, as the others said, excellent. So... what I can say is keep up on it.

I'll beta test for both bugs and level design. Your levels are looking pretty nice, Broozer. So, good luck with making "Super Mario's Golden Paradise!"
Count me in for beta testing please! And yes, 5 is a good number.

Nice looking hack, I like everything especially the "beautifull level design" I wanna beta-test too
If I don't have anything else on my hands at the time, I might. Just in case nobody else wants to though. I think that the sand looks wierd right next to the water (It looks too solid....) but that's something minor. The enemies don't quite fit in though.... Maybe it's too cheery for them too. Also, are the coconuts going to be able to fall down, or is that too overused for your liking? This hack looks great!
@Anti-matter Drone: Thanks for the construtive criticism. I actually don't have anything against the sand, but if more people agree with you, I might change it a bit. And I think the enemies fit well with the level, let me see... Koopas are in everywhere, Goombas are in every first level and Sidesteppers fit well with beach themed levels...
Also, no, the coconuts don't fall. I may do this in the next beach levels, though.

@Shinnok: Thanks! :D

@Edgar, Unknown, DaKing: Thanks! Also, I've added you guys to the beta testers list. :)

Anti-matter Drone, I'm also going to add you, but I'm going to put in brackets the world "maybe". ;)
Nice hack, broozer. I especially like the graphics in this one.

The only tip I can give you is this:

change the status bars palette here to all yellow.

Oh, and I also made a "press B to teleport" block since you asked for one. But it still makes the jump sound D=
@Sind: I think I'm going to change the status bar's palette, many people requested about this... And thanks for making the block! :)
ThisHack is looking great.
Keep up the good work.
Nice GFX,it fits perfect with the level.
^Link to my forums. :D

Er... As I can see, there's a last vacancy to the beta-test... So can I beta-test it?

Originally posted by Shinnok
Er... As I can see, there's a last vacancy to the beta-test... So can I beta-test it?

Sure! I'm going to add you to the list.

Also, I'm doing some ExGFX requests, so after I get done with the ExGraphics, I may post the updates of this hack here in this thread, so don't worry about SMGP if you thing this thread is a bit dead.
So you don't need any more testers huh? well that stinks T.T but any way I hope this hack goes well XD
I am loving the graphics used in the first level. It's sort of a rougher beach feel, as opposed to a softer, calmer beach, which isn't a bad thing-in fact, I like it. The design looks excellent with non-linearity and such. I also like the cave graphics. Just make sure you don't use them in every cave or something, because it'll get old after a while.

Is there going to any more to the story than what you described? Any complications over the course of the game? It would help with the RPG feel and everything. I'd be willing to help you in this area if you wish.

EDIT: Whoops, accidental double post.
*2 day bump* =[

Those shots look really nice Broozer! Especially the GFX is great. I like to see people that have awesome graphics skills. It makes the hack so... nice. It's not hard on the eyes, and it makes people happy, and gives them more motivation to play the rest of the hack. The level design, so far as I can tell, looks great to me.

The story screen looks great as well, but, as most people said before, change the status bar palette. Other than that, this hack is great, and I'm looking forward to play it.
Thanks for the comments Ladybowowns, Reading and ThwompX. Reading, the hack's story isn't completed, as some of those "serious" hacks like Keytastrophe, some minor characters will appear as further as you go and there will also be some complications, some RPG styled levels and some more RPG-ish stuff as the level which I've been working on. Also, if I need your help I'll PM you (your hacks are awesome and a help would be nice if I need it sometime).

Okay, so here are some screenshots of the level Toad Port, a RPG styled level where a bunch of Koopa Troopas which are wearing helmets are invading the port searching for Mario in order to defeat him before he can sail to the north to take the treasure back...

I haven't started working so much on this level, as you can see there aren't any Helmet Koopa Troopas yet, but soon there are going to be. Here are some screenshots of what I've already started making for the level:

A simple cutscene that appears before you start playing in the level. Also, I've changed the status bar's palette in the cutscenes, many of you requested and here's it (or I may say "here's not it" considering that the status bar is hard to be seen).

Mario has just arrived Toad Port, and then he finds his great friend Toad (there are such so many of them but this one is the REAL Toad!). Also, house GFX! The doors are going to teleport Mario to inside the house, but I haven't started making it yet. However, some doors won't teleport Mario.

Mario can also go up the sailing! :D

Credits: Dispari Scuro and InvisibleCoinBlock for the NPC sprites.

So that's it for now... I'm going to make some more graphics to fit with a port... some barrels and the such. And as always, comment! :P


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