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Super Mario Bros.: Peach's Adventure 6 World Demo V1.1 by GreenLightningx6

File Name: Super Mario Bros.: Peach's Adventure 6 World Demo V1.1
Submitted: by GreenLightningx6
Obsoletes: Super Mario Bros.: Peach's Adventure 6 World Demo
Authors: GreenLightningx6
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 39 exit(s)
Difficulty: Normal
Description: Princess Peach wakes up in Toad's House after he took her in to help her heal
after he found her unconscious nearby. When she tries to go back to her castle,
she finds out that, while she was gone, King Koopa has taken over her castle and
kidnapped Mario! Peach decides to venture out to rescue Mario and stop Koopa!

Peach's Adventure is my first full-fledged SMW ROM Hack (well, that I actually plan
on finishing, I've been using Lunar Magic for a fair while) It's art style is based
off of SMB1, with my own art style mixed in here in there.

There are six worlds and 39 Exits in this Demo. All levels in the demo are unlocked
from the start, and there are no overworld events. The finished game will have proper level
progression and map events.

The ZIP file contains the BPS, a Readme/Change Log, a tutorial on patching for those who don't know, and a mock-up SNES Box Art I made.

V1.1 Changes:
-The game has been made easier! I didn't realize just how hard the game got at times! Tight jumps have been made shorter, almost every muncher has been removed, and some extra difficult sections have been made much easier.

-Some lighter levels in World 3 have had their palette changed to match the SMB1 Snow palette of Super Mario Maker 2. Darker levels' palettes remain the same, as they already match the nighttime SMB1 snow palette of Super Mario Maker 2.

-After some suggestion and help, I've realized the lives are kind of redundant, so, they're gone! Coins now are exclusively used to buy power ups in the shop! Any instance of a 1-UP will now give the player 30 Coins.

-Coin rewards from the flag pole have been drastically reduced, to give coins a bit more worth. From the top of the flag to the bottom, rewards are now 50 Coins, 20 Coins, 8 Coins, 4 Coins, and a measly 1 Coin for getting the bottom of the pole.

-Some levels have gotten aesthetic tweaks, to make them look better, and also to make it a little more clear what can be interacted with and what cannot.

-Every Level now has a midway Checkpoint! This should keep the flow of the game smoother, and make deaths feel less punishing.

Hope you have fun! :)
This hack is acceptable save for one small issue: if you enter this room without a key, you are trapped and forced to reload the game.