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yogui’s unfinished game release (demo sort of) + what’s next

Super Mario WorldDemoScreenshots

Hello smwcentralers I’m yogui.
Like most of you I have multiple ongoing or unfinished projects under my belt. As you may know I don’t like to leave stuffs unfinished or unused, that’s why I released test.smc some years ago.
But unfortunately, there are projects I have started but have lost the motivation to finish for the moment, and due to the nature of these projects they cannot be put into a compilation like test.smc.
So I’m using this C3 as an opportunity to release them, in their unfinished state, only slightly edited to be considered as a demo. For each project I will describe what they are about, what is unfinished about them and so on.
I said that I they are unfinished because I lost motivation, it is possible I get interested in working on them again in the future, but this is extremely unlikely. Hence why I release them, so they aren’t lost. Game preservation is important.
Let’s be honest, I won’t work on them. But if anyone want to continue them for some reasons, I am willing to give them the sources so they can finish it, I do not mind. Take in mind that some use outdated resources (ENDGAME used old spritetool, both were made last in lunar magic 2.43 and may not be compatible with latest versions of LM) or badly optimized resources (Stellar Adventure used too many weird patches, be careful when using a new one it can break it).
And if someone just want some of the resources in my hacks to use it in their own hack, ask me by private message on smwc or discord and I can give it to you if possible. Most resources are from SMWC though so search here first, a few are altered or ripped. If altered, credit the original author not me.


How it started: At first I was making a “Bowser’s castle room” sublevel for a certain collab. Then I got interested and made lot of them, and combined them into a single Bowser Castle level. Then I wanted to make a hack with only “final levels” like that, or long levels with multiple optional paths, and have a game that start right at the end of the game, thus named Endgame.

Original concept: The plot was you start the game right at Bowser’s castle, and when you face him he use a strange machine that teleport you, him, the princess and some of his minions to an alternate world ruled by a “Dark Bowser” who captured Peach. You can directly go to Dark Bowser’s Castle, or you can go to 4 optional castle, clearing them will make the final castle easier (using switch blocks).
As for the game, I wanted to have a SMWC “vanilla” aesthetic for graphics, meaning (almost) only use graphics from the original SMW, but use other resources freely like music, sprites, ASM, etc. To use big layer 3, and for a change, there is no status bar at all, and all that was inside is not present (no lives, no coin counters, no reserve power-ups…)

What was planned (spoiler):
Once beating Dark Bowser, you would save Peach, but are still stuck on the island. Beating Bowser’s castle give you you a password, and you can use it somewhere to get to the postgame. The place will be very well hidden, and not mentioned anywhere, just a cryptic password given. Then in the post-game you play a mix of all the previous stages (modified level design of course) in a more obscure setting. It use a red-ish hdma gradient, inspired by the postgame of the game 7th Dragon III. Then you go to the darkness and fight the true boss, Dark Peach, who captured the real Bowser. But you get help from Dark Mario. Yeah it turns out every characters have a “dark” version in this world. After defeating her, the world begin to disappear and with some space hole magic thing Mario,Peach,Bowser and others come back to the real world.

Current state: I made a hub/town level where you can discuss with Bowser’s minion that got trapped in this world, and completed 3 of the optional levels: one is a classic “Bowser Castle” type level (the first one made), one is a Tower with sakura petals made very inspired by the custom music the stage use, one is a cave exploration to find a treasure (ended up more basic level than planned). The last one, where you first go underwater, then find a temple, is halfway done (the temple part is not started).
The multiple midway point patch is NOT inserted into the game. I tried last night but it didn’t worked somehow. So, in levels, there are colored doors. These doors take you to the next midpoint of the level.

What is left to do: The overworld isn’t made (it was supposed to use only one OW, the big main map). Underwater temple is unfinished. Dark Bowser’s Castle is not started. The postgame is not finished.
The cutscene (intro, ending, etc.) are not made.
Multiple midway point need to be inserted and working. Also need to port everything to modern tools.

What changed for the demo:
I arranged the levels a bit on the overworld so they are all accessible including the unfinished Atlantaqua palace and I blocked the entrance of Bowser’s castle.
If you want to play the start of postgame or other unfinished stuffs inside the game, you can use lunar magic to put the levels in the OW, but please use version 2.43, last version used. Later version may break the game.

Future of the project:
Actually, even if I don’t finish it, I can/may reuse some of the levels somewhere else. I means the classic castle and petal tower are pretty nice imo. Yeah I will reuse them in another hack unless me or someone decide to finish ENDGAME. So you can say this is sort of a demo of my new hack haha. I may not port Guaca cavern and Atlantaqua palace, I’m actually not a fan of those. Or only some parts, not the whole levels.

Download link (bps):

Screenshots to catch your eyes:


How it started: Someone I know on a french smwhack forum, BOBO, made some hacks with 8-bit aesthetic (the Kid Adventure games, they are on smwc check them out). I decided to do the same, a small hack with an OC (I can’t draw so it’s a sprite from a niche game edited) and 8-bit graphics.
But at first, how is all started is I only ripped graphics from Megaman 2 on NES and gameboy to make a level with those, then later decided to do more levels with 8bit aesthetic, then a full hack.

Original concept: it’s important to note that the game was first started in 2009. I worked on it, got a bit unmotivated but then I lost the game. Until in 2018 where I’ve found a copy of the .smc on a folder, so I started working on it again.
The game was planned to be an arcade-NES type game, that is with no continues, if you game over you start from the beginning. But there are shortcuts/warp zone to skip levels. Game would have 8-bit graphics from differents sources, ideally 8bit musics too (at the time in 2009 custom samples was almost non existent), etc.
One thing I wanted is since it’s an OC, to have a different gameplay. I didn’t changed it in the 2009 version, but in the new version I changed some attribute and gave Stella the ability to give powerful kicks (it’s like sliding in term of power).
The plot, well I don’t know. The game is called Stellar Adventure, because when asked how to name my character people suggested Stella, even though it doesn’t have anything to do with the stars initially. The plot changed direction, at first it was on a quest to save a boy you don’t know but found it beautiful (love at first sight). Then I decided it would be on a quest to save a banana that was stolen (and at the end you somehow also save a boy with it). Actually, I absolutely don’t know what plot to give it. Not like it matter much.

What was planned (spoiler):
After completing the game, a new game mode appears, Xtreme mode, with the levels mostly the same but harder in enemies placements, warp zone at different locations and two additional throwback levels at the end (one level based on Mega Man 2 Airman, one on Super Mario Bros.). After completing X mode you get access to a bonus menu (with sound test and level select)

Current state:
There are 9 levels out of 10 finished, except for the bosses. One of the two special levels for X mode is done except the boss, the other unfinished.
Overworld/Menu is mostly done. Tutorial is done, Options are done (maybe add more if I can think of any).

What is left to do: Any plot or cutscene are not made.
Level 10 is not finished.
The boss of level 3 and level 9 are not finished / functional. In fact only boss of level 6 is done, and even then it should be improved both graphically and technically.
All EX levels are not made, and for the two special levels that I though to make them exclusive to EX mode but now I’m not sure, one of them is unfinished.
No custom sound effect. It currently Use SMW sound effect, but I really want it to use custom 8-bit sound effects, but I don’t know how.
Need a patch or something to save automatically after beating a level, without showing the save window on the OW (only after beating level, not after moving on the OW like a patch exist for that).
Also important: sometimes the kick doesn't work and you get hurt instead of killing the enemy. It happens rarely, but it is extremely annoying, and I don't know how to fix it.

What changed for the demo: Boss room removed for level 3 and 9, after level 9 you get the first half of level 10, then a screen that say END OF DEMO.
Modified a bit the level select room. The full game won’t have one (until you beat it), I let it here for the demo so you can start from any level you want.
One of the two Xtreme exclusive level, the only one completed except the boss, is available to test in the level select room if you go to the left. The other levels from Xtreme mode are not available, except if you hack the game to put a goal sphere or add them on the overworld. Again, if you want to mess up with lunar magic, use version 2.43, other versions may break the game.

Future of the project: Honestly I like this game it’s just difficult to work into it, I dunno. And mostly the things left to do are the most boring (plot, making/modifying bosses, etc.) while sometimes I just want to make levels. Also the project is a bit messy, there’s many conflicts with patches I’m sure, like I can’t modifying the player graphics again because the 32x32 tilemap doesn’t want to be inserted again.
I want to finish it, but maybe now is not the time? With all that is done, it would be a shame to give up. I guess I will lower my expectations and force myself to finish it one day, even if the end result is not as good as planned. I may change and remove things in the final version, like remove Xtreme mode. Actually I just need a few boss, some plot (even a stupid one), finish some levels and it’s done. So I don’t know why I’m not working on it.
Anyway, enjoy this long demo, because who knows when the complete version will release.

Download link (bps):

Screenshots to catch your eyes:


So if I release my unfinished project, does that means I quit romhacking?
Does that means I’m starting a new project?

I will make a new hack, maybe the finally last one. A much more simple hack, with classic level designs, but also many gimmicks, using any resources I want. JUMP ½ inspired me.
As a last hack (for the moment), it will have many references to my older hacks, Something, Something else, test.smc and Super Butt World 2 (but won’t be kaizo).

BUT actually I cannot work on it much, I’m in a delicate situation IRL with few access to a computer for the two next months of summer. That’s sad because I have lot of level ideas. But once it’s over I will work hard on it.
I plan a release before the end of 2019.
And this time no motivation loss, if I can’t make something I do another thing instead, and no restriction anything goes as long as it’s fun.
Not much is done yet, I can show you these 2 videos I posted before on my channel :

The name of that hack (may change), is Truc Bidule Machin Chose
My french root taking over.
Translated in english: Thing Thing Thing Thing


I won’t have access to a computer much in the next two months, but I can use my Switch.
So I won’t hack a lot but I will make levels in Super Mario Maker 2 :D
If you’re interested in my SMM2 levels, please check out my thread on the SMM2 forum where I will post all the levels I made, the good and the bad:

Good night!
im loving the gimmick of wip 1-2! it's a really creative idea and i wish you the best of luck with that project.
Thank you idol.
About the gimmick, this is very simple to do, using this uberASM and changing the value. But even when the water is at the lowest, you can still interact with it as Mario offscreen (like when layer 3 is removed with message block). So there death blocks put in the holes.


I want to say about Stellar Adventure, one of the thing I liked working on it was the customs musics. Since when I picked it up again, custom sample were common, and there were multiple songs with 8bits sample in the music section. Of course the most famous was the 8-bit compilation by Tornado which I used. But then I decided to use the sample bank in this pack, and use it for all other musics in the game. So I 8-bitified multiple custom musics from smwc to use these samples, and some sounds great (I really like the NES version of gameboy's Airman theme).
If you want to listen, here's a SPC pack of all the musics inserted in Stellar Adventure. Some aren't used in the game.
It's also to show how editing (some) custom musics is easy, even if I'm not a custom musician.

Stellar Adventure - 8-bit SPC Pack
I played ENDGAME. It was a lot of fun. i'm always very impressed by your ideas and their implementation. Looking forwarrd to the new project!

Super Mario WorldDemoScreenshots