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PercentN's Limited Tileset Request Thread

GraphicsResource ReleaseRequests

Sidescroller tileset theme

23.5% (12 votes)
23.5% (12 votes)
21.6% (11 votes)
21.6% (11 votes)
9.8% (5 votes)
Oh god, oh fudge its happening again.

Unfortunately this time I don't have access to my desktop, so I only have limited time to make tilesets. This time however, I'm giving more power to you guys to decide what kind of style it will be (2D side scroller, 2D topdown, isometric, etc), what parts to draw (fg, bg, layer 3 if applicable, etc), as well as the themes.

As I dont have too much time to check my thread all the time, I'll be taking a poll for about every 12 hours ish each day to decide these things.

As this will be more specific this time around, there will probably be less sets made. Hopefully they'll be higher quality tho.

Since this is day 1, I'll let you guys propose some types of tilesets to draw and add them to the poll later on. Go ham guys.

Edit: Sorry made this post on my phone, but here are some of the sets I made last C3 for my previous request thread.

I'll also edit in some suggestions.
good forest sets with a canopy are seemingly nowhere, so maybe that's a good place to start?
A factory set would be cool. Something a bit rougher looking that the clean ones we have on the site maybe? With hanging wires or leaking pipes?
I'm a sucker for abstract backgrounds/foregrounds and they shouldn't be too hard for you to draw with limited time. Wanna do something like that?
Wasn't available to post my works from my previous request thread so here they are. Also put them into the op.

Meatland request:

Skyland request:

City request:
A cyberspace themed set wouldn't hurt. Id like to see it be a thing. See sonic advance 2 and 3's respective zones for such. Though my idea of it also borrows from this apocalyptic setting:
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Projects I support:

Here's something uncommon. A detailed version of the bone tileset, complete with bones and bone decorations.
An abstract factory hasn't been done that often, so that would be kinda interesting, but I agree with Teyla that it should be a lot more worn down and dirty. I love those tilesets you made btw, especially the "fleshy" one.

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Sorry for the delay, but I finally have some free time in the hotel room today! So it's time to get to work on this new tileset.

And the tileset I'll be working on first will be the factory set, with 30% of the votes. Hopefully I'll have enough time to do more than one tileset before C3 voting ends, so I'll keep the poll up with the remaining suggestions!
Just to show people that I'm actually working on stuff

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Progress is still progress. Looking forward to seeing the end result.

Originally posted by Daizo Dee Von
An abstract factory hasn't been done that often, so that would be kinda interesting, but I agree with Teyla that it should be a lot more worn down and dirty. I love those tilesets you made btw, especially the "fleshy" one.

And definitely agreed with this here.

Some more progress

That tileset reminds me of Treasure Knight's stage from Shovel Knight.


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huh. you're right LOL I didn't even realize that. guess I've been playing too much shovel knight lately #smrpg{:3} oh well, it is what it is.
Aaaaaa please do more #w{<3} that looks really nice
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Still working on this. Won't be able to finish another request before the official end of C3 voting n stuff, but I'll still draw it up for you guys anyways and release it!

GraphicsResource ReleaseRequests