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My music + basic custom sprite stuffs


I decided to release my ports to C3 that originally just rework ver. of old ass port and for someone's request! :)

Streets of Rage 2 - Go Straight

Splatoon - Splattack!

Also, here's my basic custom sprites (based off disassembly sprites) for extra after several failed experiments... :P (I credited disassemblers in asm files.)

Portable Ball(Rock) (Uses Second GFX Page, and uses "Rock" GFX by Default.)

A sparkling ball(rock) that you can throw for various purposes (like killing enemies etc...) while keeping rock properties.
you can stand on it like key if you want for some reason. (Though not really useful for progress...)
(Also, immune to contact so even you contact this with random enemy, you can reuse it like nothing happend.)


real Janky Platboard [Based off Portable Ball(Rock) for main code]

A disco colored platboard that you can carry (WARNING : Easy to miss by accident unlike other normal carriables, so be careful.) and if you ride on it, you can fly anywhere with ridiculous speed! (Though really hard to control for trade off, hehehe... so hold right + down for slightly slow speed for little more easy to control.)
Also if you patched "Sprites on Platforms and Springs and Stuff", you can transfer stuffs on it like table!


I will upload things more when I completed stuffs so stay tuned! :)
This is great! I'm glad you released the janky platboard, it looks like so much fun to use.

Also I love the port of Go Straight and am planning on using it in a level already.
god that janky platform is fucked up. i can barely tell what's even going on. i'm curious if there will be folks who'll be able to use it well
That janky platform is just brutal. And that sprites on platforms patch makes things much better than usual.

You've come a long way with your ports as well, so please keep doing more. Almost everything will definitely come in handy! Thanks a lot for your efforts.
You know how in movies/games when a scientist finds out that the cure for disease they had a small hand in helping create was actually a military-funded bioweapon? That's what I'm feeling.
I love the name "Janky Platboard". #tb{'U'} (that's probably the most fun thing about it.)

That janky platboard has to be one of the greatest things I've seen #w{>=)} I absolutely love it
Looking forward to seeing more of your work #smw{:TUP:}
Aww, thanks everyone! :)
These two sprites are kinda messy, but glad everyone like it. Hehe

Anyway, Here's another thing I made (Totally not inspired from SMBX reverse disco shell.)
(Special thanks to "KevinM" for who look into this sprite code for me! :))


ZOMG!!! That Splatoon port you made is amazing!!! Can't wait to see moar Splatoon ports!

Rest in Peace, Technoblade. You left us too soon.
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Pretty late due to my lazy, but anyway...

Portable (Line-Guide) Platform (Sprite 62/Sprite 63) (v0.9)

[Not recommended with sprite 63 version (no extra bit set), due to little graphical issues when turning around with it... I'm trying to find way to solve that.]
Funky and clunky and spunky.

For the jank it has, it's a pretty fun idea and has a lot of promise. I enjoy how facing to the left makes it appear as though Mario is holding the platform over his shoulder, which is maybe how it aught to appear no matter which direction he's facing.

Currently working on Æther: The Infinite Library!

Other Submissions of mine!