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This was meant to be a show-off of my hack.


Some months ago, I started to make a new hack... kinda. In reallity it was more a like combination of some of old hacks/leves that i never finished or that I wanted to give an upgrade to make a complete hack.

I had all the levels already in the rom, upgraded and some redone from scratch, the ow only needed the events and all it was left to do were the bosses, story and some other asm to do.

Then my HardDrive died. I i didn't had a backup of all that progress.. so i have to start all over again...

At least i want to show you a video i did of the overworld.

Here is the video

I'm going to redo all that work again, but it wouldn't be soon.
Made you look. Now Breath Manualy.

That really sucks, don't let it demotivate you! The video of the overworld looked really nice. Give it another go and you might even start out with something even better than what you had before. And be sure to back it up next time!
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