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SMW The Crown Tale - C3Demo

Super Mario WorldDemoVideo/Trailer

Welcome folks!
This is my C3 thread and this year I will be releasing a demo of my current hack in progress:SMW The Crown Tale.

While Mario and Luigi were taking a vacation on a far off island the Mushroom Kingdom has been taken over by a fake version of Peach, and her name is Bowsette?

Now its up to the Mario brothers to return home and save the day.
This demo features 3 completed world and 2 levels from world 4.
I hope you like it!


Demo Trailer:

Ain't lookin' too shabby! I hope yer plan to make good use o' dem new abilities you got 'ere. Keep up yer momentum.
Dude you just keep pumping out awesomeness. It looks wicked fun.

Super Mario WorldDemoVideo/Trailer