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Rykon-V73's showoff: Day 3: Comeback to Yoshi's Island 2nd demo released

Yoshi's IslandDemoScreenshots

I'm back again, but this time with something different. If you did check
this thread, then good job. I managed to finish the 2nd demo of my hack and it's ready to be released today. Major thanks to BTD6_Maker for helping me fix the 1-7 glitch regarding the second section and thanks to the same guy and Shiny Ninetales for beta-testing my hack. Of course, you want to see screenshots, right? Alright then. Let's get to it.

First of all, here's the changed title screen:

Some of the menu icons have been improved as well:

Now from where I left off. Here's the middle section of the 2nd section:

Bonus section of 1-7:

Second section of 1-7:

You might get hit, Yoshi!
Now for 1-8, the castle section:

2nd section of 1-8:

To the right is the lava part. I used Lespna's idea there.
The right part of Extra 1:

Those starts are important for you, Yoshi.
Let's get to World 2, starting with 2-1:

2nd section of 2-1 with a baseball boy:

2-2 the forest section with a trap near Yoshi. Better avoid it!

Now for the upper section of 2-2:

It's easy to navigate.

The beginning of 2-4. Are you sure you got everything, Yoshi?
Now for the castle section.

Yoshi got a key!
And as I promised, I'm going to show the bonus icons right now:

These are meant to represent the bonus games. Not sure if I did a good job.

You can play the 2nd demo! All you need to do is click the download link below:

Click for 2nd demo

I'm not done. You want to see some further progress. Here's 2-5, but will be released in the future:

It has Lakitus.

The cave section of 2-5 has Poochy.

After you played the 2nd demo, leave some feedback.
First of all, let me say that I felt honored being one of the beta-testers of this hack, so thank you for that. As I've said several times before: Yoshi's Island Hacking relly needs more attention and you're giving it a small jog.

I'll play for sure the demo later, I'm kinda focused in my own projects by the moment.
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Looking good from the screenshots so far. I don't know if I'll have a chance to play it before my flight but I'll take a look when I get back from the states. I'm not great at YI so we'll see how it goes.

Yoshi's IslandDemoScreenshots