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Real Pog Gaming presents: Project DOWNTOWN RPG

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Real Pog Gaming™ presents:

Hey guys, welcome to PercentN's and I's small C3 preview thread for our RPG Project. We started tackling this Project around Mid-February 2019. Because of that, and because we both still do have other things to take care of, delevopment is currently in its baby shoes basically. There is no real Gameplay to show yet except for some Techdemo's for UI and Movement. However we still decided to make a Thread to get people's impressions on what we have so far.

So what exactly is Project DOWNTOWN RPG?
Put briefly this Game is a traditional turn-based RPG with some action-rpg flair in it. This action-rpg flair comes in various executions. For example timed button inputs in battles and making the Overworld play a bigger role in the Gameplay. What exactly I mean by this will be explained by PercentN later down the line. We're also developing a system for personalized Battlestyles, that we hope people will look forward to.

And what is this about?
The Game takes place in a huge city where through unknown forces it's catacombs were twisted into an alternate dimension with Monsters and Magic. Those two realms both are in harmony with each other until for some reason some rifts in the shape of manholes appear that serve as a portal between the two. In that alternate dimension the strength of people's hearts and souls is multiplied by the hundreds, allowing them, when trained correctly, to unleash incredible physical and magical powers. Whenever these powers are being used, strange liquids are being created. The Ether and Plasma have
many interesting uses in technology, medicine and many other crafts. However an anonymous organization has started abusing that system for profit and creates massive industrial wastelands and suffering in the process.

I'm tired of reading now show me something!
As I said there is not really any Gameplay to show. However we have some artwork and mockups to share!

And what now?
For the next few days we will try keeping this Thread somewhat active with deeper looks into some characters and the development. PercentN will cover the latter while I will work on the former. We hope you enjoyed this small look into our project and we are looking forward to feedback and impressions!
// Layout by Maxo
I want
Forgot to post this gif. Like Tob said, thid project is still in its very early stages so all gifs are showing basic things and are subject to change.

Anyways, thanks for visiting our thread! So some other basic info about us, Tob is the main pixel artist, spriter, and main world builder. I on the other hand am the one coding everything and doing some pixel art as well for the project (mainly on the tileset side). Like I said, this is in its very early stages so who knows, maybe we'll have a bigger team in the future.

On to the gifs! One gif just shows the health bars actually working. That pop up menu is for testing only. This project is being coded feom scratch using Unity. More information to come later but I just wanted to get some things for you guys to actually see rather than just mockups.

Can navigate this barebones menu.

Health bars and numbers actually deplete.

That's pretty much it for the battle stuff. No animations or anything yet as things are still being decided om how to go about it.
This isn't any news, but the art and the colors are great so far (saturated + hue shifting 👌). After Undertale I pretty much realized how much the world needs more indie RPG's, so I hope you guys will be able to take this project to similar stardom. Good luck!
I remember seeing that logo being designed months ago. I didn't expect it to be for this #ab{O.O}

This looks really appealing so far. The plot is not a landmark in storytelling or anything (so far) but its premise is interesting and original enough, and by god I'm really liking that battlescreen mockup, it looks so abstract and cool. The sprite for the Party Member™ is looking real smooth as well, and the menu UI is super clean too.

For having been just about 5 months since its conception this is a surprisingly big amount of content; if you hadn't said this is just all barebones previews then I would've thought there was an alpha version of this or something. I'll be checking this one out because it's looking very promising! (And i'm sick of indie mother 3 copy cats)

and maybe participate in its music
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to hear birds and see none.
This easily has to be one of the best looking RPG formats i've ever seen if not the absolute best; I can't wait to play this
What game engine and what system is this for?
Thanks for all the kind words guys! I currently have an internship so I haven't had too much time to work on this project as id like to. But this being my last year, I'll probably have more time to work on this!

As for the game engine, its all made in Unity (so C#). As for systems, we're not that far in deciding or development so its just PC atm until we get further down the line. That might change down the line but thats so far off from where were at lol
This be looking very sweet and eye-candy so I'll keep a look on this and its development!

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