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LadiesMan217 Present™ Yoshette Island OST+SFX and Other Stuff +More?


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Fanatical like a Demon
Originally posted by Deeke
I just wanted to give a whole lot of thanks in particular for all of the effort that went into the Yoshi's Island sound effects. Even though it takes more finagling than the SMAS effects, a new set of sounds is still very sorely missing.

It was quite the adventure, a stressful one I might add.

Originally posted by Maarfy
One of these things is not like the other - and I couldn't approve any more. I never thought that Killer Instinct ports were an impossibility, but I also never thought someone would be currently working on any, much less all of them. Fine work! I humbly look forward to Combo's Theme and all of the shenanigans that'll come with it.

I'm hoping I can indeed get this one done in a timely fashion bc I have something else I'm working on T_T. Wish me luck!

Originally posted by SimFan96
Amazing job as always LadiesMan, not only does your SMAS sountrack amaze me, but I'm absolutely loving your Yoshi's Island and NSMB soundtrack as well. They are for sure the most accurate ports I've ever heard for custom music ports. In the past this year I've used your ports to fix a couple of SMAS music patch hacks with AMK and they work very well with these hacks. Keep up the incredible work as always!

Wooh! That's nice to hear fam.

I've been doing some bug fixing and it seem I have missed a typo on the readme and one SFX was left with a bug. If anyone is using the Jump sfx, add $00 to the end of it, otherwise the sfx will continuously loop. Time for some limitations. It's been brought to my attention that if you're going to be using the sfx, aside from ARAM limitation, it seems you can't have more than 28 SFX instruments (@[email protected]), bc having anymore than that breaks amk's 8-bit math. I'll be sure to add that to the readme.
Major thanks to Suika Ibuki for layout!
I'm open for music requests, just DM me on discord and we can further discuss there.
SMAS Soundtrack Status: 100% finished
YI Soundtrack Status: 100%
YI Unsampled Soundtrack Status: 100%
NSMB Soundtrack Status: 7.89%
Killer Instinct Soundtrack Status: 14.63%
SPC Thread
From our family to you, keep your pants dry, your dreams wet, and remember, hugs not drugs.
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