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I was hoping to finish this level in time to present it in full but idk why the videos so choppy, must be my computer trying to harness the power of obs
sorry bud but your thread title needs to be clickabl

edit: e
I request a background featuring monster trucks

Want progress on 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Go here to see.

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SnesGFX was a mistake.
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i have never used snesgfx and i never will. nice try though

It was an audacious move on the artist's part to even try to recreate such an impeccable expression of the human form, but the risk paid off. No detail was spared: The stubble is perfectly rendered, so subtle you'd miss it if you didn't take a closer look. His hand hangs loose from the wrist in that quintessentially Goldblum-ian attitude of effortlessness, of ease with the self. And those eyes: They gleam with a confluence of fear and knowledge—a mirror image of the look Goldblum flashed the camera just after Dr. Malcolm nearly lost his life to a T. Rex. If the city of London has a lick of goddamn sense, it'll keep the monument there for all eternity—maybe even consecrating it as a national landmark. Sure, Goldblum isn't British, and no, Jurassic Park has nothing to do with England, but just look at that masterpiece: the fleshy bulb of the nipple, the furrows of the chest hair, the pinnacle of what a human face can be.
Now this, this is an incredible level

Also the yoshi kaizo level is pretty cool too