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Help my son
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Hello everyone.
I would like your help, but I do not even know where to start.
My 9 year old son, Lucca, loves Mario games since he was about 4 or 5 years old, especially the oldest of the NES and SNES. He has real fixation on the games, even he has constantly asked me to download numerous SMWC patches to create the hacks for him, practically every day. He already has hundreds of hacks games.
As he also loves to make drawings (incidentally, he spends hours and hours every day doing game designs), he has created several game and worlds game designs for SMW hacks.
Now he has asked me to send his drawings to the forum, especially Koyuki, so that everyone can see and he imagines that he may be giving ideas for the creation of new phases and worlds. But he is too young to create games and manipulate a computer.
I have already said that the thing is not so simple and there are groups formed for the creation of games, but he insists that it can contribute in some way to the creation of games.
I do not want to hurt you, so I'm sending some of the drawings so that you can tell me something about your drawings, because for me, who do not know much about the games and phases, I can not understand them.
So I'd like someone to at least have an opinion/suggestion on them for me to pass on to my son as a form of encouragement.
Thank you very much in advance.

They follow the linhks of four of his drawings, but we have many more. I do not know how to attach the images, so I created a link for each drawing:

This is cute, I like train world. Have you considered getting him Super Mario Maker? You can't make overworlds in it, but you can make levels pretty easily.

EDIT: This is the wrong forum though :P
Hello, Darkbloom,
Excuse me to use this forum. In fact I'm lost, not knowing what to do.
About Mario Maker, it already uses and has already made several phases, but, as I said lately, it is facinating by SMW hacks.
Thanks for the feedback.

Cute! Some of those designs are pretty good. I might take inspiration from some of these images when designing some of the worlds in my hacks. Would your son like that? He'd be credited in the "readme.txt"
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Thread for hack I might not finish due to poor time management
Thank you very much TheEvilKingBowser.
Indeed, this is his dream, that his drawings can be turned into games. In fact, when he's not in school or sleeping, if I let him, he would spend the day drawing Mario games, watching the games on Youtube or playing them.
I wanted to help him a lot, but I can not follow and understand his drawings, for those who are not familiar with the games, this is very complicated. Although I also like the games a lot, I do not have much time available for them.
When I told him that they had praised his drawings and that they could serve as inspiration for creating new hacks, he was very, very happy indeed. I have no words to express his reaction when I told him that.
Thank you again.
This is one of the cutest situations I've ever seen in this forum in all my time here, so first of all congrats your kid! He has kinda touched my heart.
But yes, your son is right, the world of romhacks is awesome and if he could manipulate a PC (and therefore, the tools needed to make a romhack) he would be for sure a talented romhacker. Sadly, as you said, he's still very young to made this possible, but if I were you, I'd try to get along with Lunar Magic, which is THE essential tool to make a romhack, so if you can learn the basics of the tool (which aren't that hard to learn, by the way) you'll eventually could teach them to him, when he become capable of doing it by himself, or at least with some of your help (though, I don't know how busy are you in order to learn to use Lunar Magic, but you definitely should try at least once if you ever got some free time!).
Indeed, you'd only need Lunar Magic for doing a romhack, there are several tools for experienced hackers that does a lot of things that Lunar Magic can't, but you doesn't need them strictly (even less if it's somebody who is barely getting into PCs and stuff).
The "not-so-good" part of this is that, doing overworlds (maps) is not that easy (technically speaking) as doing levels, as they require completely different methods/actions, you will probably notice if you try to play with the Overworld Editor in Lunar Magic. But that's nothing that practice and dedication would lose against it.

As a solid advice I'll say you that there's no need to rush anything. Your son can experiment with hacks whenever he wants, because there's no age for this. I'm 24 (and I'm sure there are people arround 30-40 here too) and I'm still hacking, because this is an amazing hobby, and yes, I'm still learning things, because this world is so big that you'll never had enough time and head to learn everything about it.
By the way, you should try to keep some of his drawings to yourself, to backup them just in case. Scanning them and storing them somewhere in the Cloud is a good alternative too.

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I'll give you basic info on what you will need, lunar magic (click here), a Super Mario World rom (I can't give you one) and a computer.

First, open lunar magic and click on the opening folder with an arrow on it (make sure it doesn't have a number on it) then find you rom that you just downloaded, then you will be taken to level 1. first press ctrl and del together to erase the level. to place some blocks go into "ground editing mode" which is the grass then click on the turnblock, then you will see a lot of blocks. click on the one you want then right click on where you want to put it. to place some sprites/powerups/enemies press on the Koopa shell, which is sprite editing mode and then click on the blue baby Yoshi and do the same.

that's all for basic level editing! to find heaps more info, go into F.A.Q., to go into the F.A.Q. click here

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Thank you all for your feedback.
I did not imagine that from a forum could receive so much support.
I already downloaded Luna Magic and I will try to use it, along with my son, so that he at least has the taste of being able to make some change in a game.
Again, congratulations to this forum and to the helpful participants.
A big hug to everyone.

A big hug to you too <3
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Thread for hack I might not finish due to poor time management
This is the cutest thing I could have possibly woken up to.

Your son reminds me of what I used to do as a kid before I got my own computer and started using Lunar Magic. I used to draw out elaborate maps and the like, it was always so much fun. Your son's drawings are very good and I hope that some day he can join our community and make some great hacks. Best wishes to you and your son.
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This reminds me of a very young me who had dreams of designing his own mario game. I used to literally draw Super Mario 64 levels as a 10 year old. That's how dedicated I was.

I'd start with Lunar Magic, and work with the simple stuff, and gradually try new and interesting ideas the more you experiment. Obviously, and this is probably biggest hint in this thread, but please,


That way, just in case you pull a big "oopsie" and deleted or changed something you shouldn't have, or something goes seriously wrong that's beyond fixing, you wont have weeks or months or years of progress erased because of one messup. Also, as bad as said messup was, don't nuke your work either, because you can still salvage some things from it, such as overworld data, level data, and the like. Lunar Magic is usually generous about this, giving you prompts about things that may break, but it doesn't hurt to be safe.

Take this from an experience of mine.

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Hey, I drew Mario levels at a kid, too.

Yeah, I would say that you and he could try using Lunar Magic and see how he likes it, then once he's comfortable with basic level and overworld editing, perhaps move on to slightly more advanced stuff like adding custom graphics and music. ROM hacking is something that you can pretty much take at your own pace, really. There are plenty of tutorials around here, too (though I guess I can't think of any for just starting out off the top of my head?), and you can feel free to ask questions on the forums. Best of luck to you both!

(Also, if I may plug a bit, I do playthroughs of video games, including Mario games, on my YouTube channel.)
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