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ASM Un-hoard - The year everyone makes sideways springs + Other stuff

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Well ive been here a while now and ive never participated in a C3, or any other site event for that matter. So i thought it was about time i changed that. Behold some of the worst/jankiest asm known to man.

Now the pixi package sprites have been removed, ive updated the rotodisc for use with extension field, yoshi interactions, gave it an animation option aswell as being able to turn off the palette rotation plus an option to be able to spin jump off of it. SA1 Compatible


Also i worked on my own version of the mario maker sideways springs, which functions on some level with sprites. Close to how a punchy is but its affected by gravity, and can be eaten by yoshi. Extra bit set means theyre stackable for bomb ladders....
Theres a minor glitch with these still when yoshis head touches them, it tweeks him out but ill fix that soonish. SA1 Compatible too


Thats the main bulk of it, but now for some bonus stuff that should probably never see the light of day...

The pacifist/mercenary uberASM. It counts how many enemies youve killed. it has 3 settings.
1 = Hurts mario when sprite killed
2 = Kill mario when sprite killed
3 = Just updates the counter so you can make your own block passable at XX kills
4 = Ends the level at XX kills. Alternatively this can be used to code your own effect.

Ill probably update this with proper vram uploads rather than just using the status bar one day, and then ill make it sa1 compatible. But it should work, havnt tested it in forever (forgot id done most of this stuff). Also the second gif doesnt show off much of the asm but its pretty self explanatory.


Rotating spike bridge blocks.

Does exactly what it says on the tin. It was also the first thing i ever tried to code with a help from thebiob. So cheers to him for cursing me with needing to learn more. Also non sa1 compatible.


And finally a completely awful port of a song from megaman7 because its hilarious how bad i am at porting.


Edit: Im an idiot and didnt even include the samples..

So theres a couple more things i may add later if i have time to make some gifs and check that they work but for now thats it. If theres any bugs or problems with stuff im probably easier to get hold of on discord but if you let me know ill try and fix stuff up! Cheers
The sprites looks very cool! Those sideways spring gifs look straight out of Mario Maker (meant as a compliment lol), and the rotating spikes look sick!

Also the MM7 port sounds better than you give it credit to, although it could for sure be improved. My suggestion is, first of all use the original echo settings (that you can see in the SPC700 player), try to match up the volumes to have a better mixing, and add vibrato to the instruments. If you work on it a bit more it could become a very sick port imo #smw{:TUP:}
I really like the ideas of a modifiable roto disc and it's also well done with all the new features.

The Wily's Castle port isn't bad but the percussion is very silent (I can barely hear them sometimes) and there is a missing synth when the lead part is coming in.
A bunch of really interesting ideas! I like your thread, especially the rotating spike bridge.

Good work!
Thanks Guys appreciate all the feedback and advice! Porting is something i find pretty relaxing to do and im hoping when i find a bit more time between work to do a few more ports!

Heres a Bonus unfinished port of J-E-N-O-V-A that i started but Sinc beat me to the punch with his version. One of my favourite tunes from FF7

Im glad everybody is liking the ASM. Ive had some of this stuff for probably over a year now. Ill polish them up and submit them sometime too.

Especially the spike bridge as it seems popular, but fair warning the hitbox on it is kinda wonky because i didnt know any better at the time!


Block Respawner/Reappearing Block.
Made this for somebody for a gimmick but it ended up not getting used so figured i could show it here. Holds no real value, so ill leave it in my files for downloads but probably wont submit it to the site. NON SA1


Maybe more tomorrow if i get home from work before the deadline!
I forgot that I asked about mercenary mode! All of your stuff looks very cool; I'm excited to mess around with the super roto-disc.
Wow, lots of great stuff here!

Those Rotodiscs look great! And seems they have a crazy amount of customizable options! I can see a lot of really cool setups being made with those!

Those Sideways Springs seem to come straight out of Super Mario Maker! I really love how it has a lot of interaction options, like how it can interact with other sprites and be eaten by Yoshi! I also like how there's a version that floats and one that's affected by gravity!

The Rotating Spike Platforms are also pretty cool!

And those Reappearing blocks are great! They could work really well as a replacement for reset doors in puzzles and bossfights!
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Thanks for suggesting it DarkBloom! Yeah i imagined the roto disc would be right up your street!!

And thanks to you ECS Hope you enjoy using them all. I look forward to seeing them in a few hack some day!
great sprites!

SpriteBlockMusicSuper Mario World