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of a lesbian 'gainst thee rocks

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hi! i've been contemplating whether or not to show this off, considering it only exists at the baserom / conceptual stage currently. but, winter c3 is so far away and in typical idol fashion i want a reveal of splendor.

following the release of jumphalf, i was humbled by the reception of my levels by the community. while i may be an old account, i wasn't too active until august of 2016 - i was public relations by february 2017, and come september i was mighty queen head admin of fucksville utopia. in laymans terms, i haven't exactly ever had much time to well... actually hack. my only opportunities have come from contest submissions and various collab levels - which people have seemed to really love! hell, i hate to gloat (actually i love it), but i've been honored with the various trophies i've won from smwcentral contests. it means a lot to see you guys enjoy the dinky shit i do!

a wiser man would know my habit of starting hack projects without any finish line in sight (hell, look at the past few c3s and what i've posted 👀), but i've gone and done it again anyways. so without further ado, i've put together a tiny test gif just to give you guys an idea of what my side project here is about. this isn't intending to show off level design, difficulty, or anything other than graphics and some mechanics. without further ado, here we are:

of a lesbian 'gainst the rocks

of a lesbian 'gainst the rocks is a 5 level very hard / kaizo hack where each level is intended to be a monolithic gauntlet akin to my 2017 KLDC entry hyperousia, with the grandeur of lazy and i's vldc11 entry. the levels in this hack will be playable in any order - with a catch. there are 4 regular levels, of which each one has a switch palace at the end. the more switch palaces you activate, the easier the final level becomes to beat. you can challenge the final level right off the bat if you're the kind of person to immediately go to hyrule castle in breath of the wild to beat ganon - but it'll be far from easy. likewise, one of the greatest tools that every smw hack connoisseur abuses is curiously missing from this hack entirely: the spin jump. i found that while the spinjump is very fun, it negates the scariness of the spikier of mario foes. in a world of danger, this mario has less of the advantages than he normally does.

each of the four regular levels will be rather long in length with their own aesthetics and gimmicks - with wonderful art primarily from my friends magi and mit. i'd like to give a huge thanks to maarfy, who has helped assemble an insane baserom which has:

i'm beyond happy in what maarfy was able to put together with no crashes or huge bugs so far! the thing i'm most excited about is to abuse reverse gravity with screen scroll pipes - since most hacks don't have both due to patch conflicts. the dkc status bar has been heavily edited by maarfy - while the speed of how quick it comes out is being adjusted, it's been edited to completely remove lives, place dragon coins above coins, and the status bar does not show when regular coins are being collected. the status bar will come out when the player is idle, presses start, or collects a dragon coin.

so if lives are removed, what happens when you collect 100 coins? i've created a little test scenario to display just that:

reserve mushrooms cannot be obtained through regular gameplay - instead, when the player gets 100 coins they will earn a reserve mushroom. this is a hard hack after all - powerups aren't just handed out like candy! the reserve mushroom will also not autodrop on player hurt, so you can choose exactly when you want to have it. to make it a bit easier to obtain, this hack will include 10-coin, 30-coin, and 50-coins, courtesy of eternitylarva.

i'd also like to thank erik and major flare for both helping patch issues with this baserom before! special thanks to magi for the art of the dkc status bar (which was originally for a code of the dragon hack that never came into fruition) and various sprites, thanks to mit for the player character, foreground, and thwomp gfx, katrina for the various global graphics, and my other friends for their cool graphics and resources.

while i hope to have this out sooner than later, i want to reiterate that my expectations for each level in this hack would be that of a finely polished contest entry in which i'm so competitive i'm gunning for first (aka all my contest submissions). likewise, i'm also managing smwcp2 and team frog warehouse - so this isn't my top priority either. i may post random updates or stuff to one of the various discords i frequent: the smw central discord, juzcook's discord, the romhack races discord, and 1-up world's. networking, babey! there's also plenty of surprises left for this hack - including global blocks and gimmicks. so stay tuned...

and for those asking "where's team frog warehouse shit??", it's been a busy time but we hope to have something cool to present for next c3! thanks for the patience.

happy c3, everyone!
Wow, I'm loving this! The aesthetics look great, the premise sounds pretty fun and interesting (I like those "make your own difficulty" kind of games), the ASM stuff and modifications that were put in all sound like they were selected and put together carefully and for good and logical reasons that actually fit the game (rather than just being cool ASM stuff someone liked). Even the few "test" setups in the GIFs look fun. Overall, this hack just seems put together really well, it really seems like you've put thoughts into every single aspect of it. If you ever finish it, I'm definitely looking forward to playing it!
Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!
Ooo fancy. I really like the lives replacement here. That's a pretty unique idea. dats some pretty cool stuff you got going on there. I don't really play that many hacks, but this is definitely something I'd give a try. I'm also not super great at hard levels but those mechanics sound like itd make it smoother to manage playing. I like the way the game looks so far too, graphics wise!
Your hack names are always the weirdest.

This has some really sweet graphics so far, and the consistency of a real game to boot (or a fangame at the very least). Happy to spot some of my resources in use here too. #tb{:]} (Did you make it so the coin counter doesn't auto-appear on collecting coins?)

Either way, nice work! Though I'm not one for hard hacks, I'm hoping this'll see the light of day some time.

I really like the graphics style and the custom mechanics with the coins and powerup management. Your levels are always interesting so I'm looking forward to playing this, although not being able spin jump will definitely feel weird to me (but it'll be an interesting new challenge).
I'm very excited to see what this turns into. You know my love of Hyperousia haha
Watch live on Twitch:
Aw I love this. You're doing a really good job and we need more hard hacks with polish like this.

Hoping to play this soon!
I really can't ask for more than very hard/kaizo, interesting setups, and the awesome aesthetics that don't get in the way of gameplay. Also, great title. :P
i'd also like to thank erik and major flare for both helping patch issues with this baserom before!

you know it's my pleasure, gal. if you need help with this I'll try and help!

This is looking wild so far. I could try play it when it's out but it's been a Big since I played a kaizo hack so I wouldn't know lmao
This is one of the most polished and fun kaizo hacks I've ever seen judging from everything. I hope this baby sees the light of day at some point. Good job!
This sounds like such a great concept & the art style is amazing! Cant wait to play this when its finished!
I'm sure this hack will be awesome, knowing your style of level design and your attention to detail. I'm a little sad that spinjump will be taken out but still curious about how you are gonna handle the situation.
thanks for the input y'all! i have more to say, but i think ill leave it unsaid until later for dramatic purposes. i don't have internet rn, so pardon me not responding to anyone's specific comments, but if im able to get it back before c3 forum close ill address questions / et cetera.
Here's something I don't think anyone's about to bring up - those are really, really nice particle effects! The dust plume after turning around or eating a shell looks amazing, as do the glitter of picking up coins! It's attention to detail like that that really makes the whole project come together.
Did you simply edit those mote graphics in YY-Chr or somesuch, or did you make some other adjustments?

It's also neat to see Maarfy helping out with this project too, like a benevolent phantom who grants Mario-hacking wishes.

Currently working on Æther: The Infinite Library!

Other Submissions of mine!
Hey, here it is! This is indeed a very promising creation. I had the privilege of seeing (and hearing) a bit more than what was shown, and I have to say I get a real Umihara Kawase kind of vibe from this level - it gets tough as nails but doesn't revel in abject brutality, instead casting a more mellow atmosphere of "keep trying 'til you get it." Guess we'll see if it stays that way. That the thing looks so good is just a bonus.

Originally posted by idol
i'm beyond happy in what maarfy was able to put together with no crashes or huge bugs so far!

Glad I was able to be of service! Here's hoping I can ply the rest without blowing anything up.

Kaizo/PitSuper Mario WorldScreenshots