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Teows' C3 unsampled ports

MusicSuper Mario World


These are some (two) unsampled ports which I was saving for this C3, so I hope you enjoy!

Both of them are from Goof Troop songs (Level 2 - Hamlet//Level 4 - Lose My Way).
Here are the download links:


Lose My Way

By the way, happy C3!
What a beautiful music that you have ported!

"Hamlet" (or Stage 2 of Goof Troop) it i'll be good with a Cave, Dungeon, Ruins or Beach Level (or a Movimented Overworld)

Now "Lose my Way" (or Stage 4 of Goof Troop) (which i love it) i'll perfectly with ice, snow or a Shiver Palace (or Overworld, i don't know either)

Well, i see a big potencial with these ports, you should port more things on the next C3, keep it going!

MusicSuper Mario World