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Marios Grand Adventure (demo) by Haithius

File Name: Marios Grand Adventure (demo)
Submitted: by Haithius
Authors: Haithius
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 8 exit(s)
Difficulty: Normal
Description: A demo for a new story for mario, this takes place after super mario world and bowser is mad!
This hack is nice. However I'm going to reject it because it is a demo and it is pretty short and there are a couple of issues which wouldn't be that bad in a bigger hack but in a smaller one it is a problem.
- First problem is that in the sky level, the slopes of the clouds in the ceiling are not solid to Mario, as a result of this, you can jump throught it and you can basically get stuck in them. Softlocks need to be fixed.
- Second problem is that you start the player not on the starting house but in a random level on the overworld, this confused the hell out of me in the first play.
- Third thing to consider is that if you get a cape, you can pretty much fly over 80% of the levels, this is not really a problem but just a thing to consider for your future level design.
Overall feedback would be to mix up a bit the level design, most of it is fine but it needs to be spiced up, find new obstacles, search for creative ways to use the sprites, try to avoid linear jumping the whole level (a problem that almost all of your levels suffer from).
Feel free to fix what I said and resubmit.
File Name: Mario's Grand Adventure
Submitted: by AppleBoy54321
Obsoletes: Mario's Grand Adventure
Authors: AppleBoy54321
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 33 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: Welcome to the Fungus Islands! Bowser has given up trying to kidnap Princess Peach (for now), and his son, Bowser Jr, has set his sights on the Fungus Islands. Mario and Luigi, being on vacation there, naturally, have to stop Bowser Jr's plans. Can the brothers stop the Colonization of the Islands?
This is really close to acceptance, but...

* Fenced Castle
** Upon beating this castle, you can't go back in the overworld. Might have to do with level beating order, but if you beeline for Fenced Castle and then wanna go back, you can't.

* Rainstorm Coast:
** When re-entering the level via midway, it kills you unless you act really quickly.

* Seashore Keep:
** Midway does nothing. Given the custom boss, this is pretty annoying.

* Fiery Cliffs:
** When re-entering the level via midway, it kills you unless you act kinda quickly. Not as bad as Rainstorm Coast.

Really, the only two that really need fixing are the overworld and the completely broken midway, but the other two would be nice to fix.