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patching kameks revenge

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every time i patch to a v.1.0 yoshi's island rom it gets very glitchy graphics what kind of type must it be? (sorry if this does not belong here)Nothing to put here at the time being.
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This is the YI Hacking forum, so it does belong here.

The exact version of the ROM you need is "Yoshi's Island v1.0 (U)". Other versions will glitch when hack patches are applied.

I suggest searching another site to download from if your current ROM isn't working out. Otherwise, PM me and I can help you further.
I've seen GY's website before.

I watched the videos of the game on Youtube.

I said "It was great"
Your layout has been removed...NOT! :D

Well, that bump wasn't really necessary since it nothing to do with patching Kamek's Revenge. Also, the question was answered a long time ago so I'll close this thread.
Link Thread Closed