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DJSpleef's Levels
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This seems like a good place to post my levels, they're kaizo-style focused levels all built around themes at the moment.

My maker ID is: 4Q0-VJM-2MF

El Aleph-The Zahir is a tight bomb spin level, SMW:
El Aleph-Warrior and Captive is a tight yoshi abuse level, SMW:
part 1:
part 2:
El Aleph-The Writing of the God is a tight P-switch level, SMW:
El Aleph - Man on the Threshold is a tight POW abuse level with low G items, SMW:

El Aleph - The Dead Man is a revisitation of the low g POW mechanics, SMW:
1RP-51B-1HG - Panga (pt 1) - Panga (pt 2) - Panga (pt 3) - part 1 - splat - part 2
-part 3
El Aleph - Undr is a course built on sliding POW blocks, SMW:
KX2-JDQ-J9G - MisterMez on pt 1 - 1Frame on pt 2 - 1Frame first clear - Stone on final section - Mez epic clear (pt 3)

El Aleph-The Immortal is an amphibious level, SMW:
9TV-78J-CYG - Shojo First Clear

El Aleph-Inferno, I, 32 is a downwell, SMW:

El Aleph series was tough for a lot of streamers and other players. Maybe you guys can log some clears!

Thanks for any constructive criticism.
The essays series is a series built around medium length speedruns (30s-50s) with very tight timers. Don't let go of right except for stairs.

Essays- A New Refutation of Time- these 1-1 remakes are getting out of hand, SMB1:
near miss:
smokaloke epic clear:
"something about this level, it just has power over you."

Essays- Principles of Knowledge- a speedrun with checkpoints? what? (check the upload time):
Swiftshot nailing the stairs:
Nach part 1:
Nach part 2:
Nach part 3:
Brutal reset:
AndrewG part 2:
AndrewG part 3:

Essays - The Myth of Sisyphus - a speedrun with a lot of kaizo tech, SMW:
Vellhart first clear:
Shojo after the grind:

Essays - The Prophet - a speedrun built around sending thwomps up with p-switches and a little bit of juggling, SMW:
K0J-B2G-2WF - ToransuShojo epic clear - Vellhart WR - TehEpicOne epic clear (volume warning)

Essays - Speak, Memory - a red coin infinite checkpoint speedrun level showcasing various SMB1 techniques, SMB1:
5YW-XPC-JDG - Shojo Room 1 - wrong door!

Essays - Razor - wiggly speedrun level, SMB1:
Vell -

Essays - Signs & Symbols - more wiggles, SMB1:
R7X-GHW-G1H - vell nai

Essays - On Exactitude in Science - path optimization, SMB1:

Essays - The Book of Sand - pitchin' and ditchin', SMB1:

Essays - The Library of Babel - stairs, turnarounds, SMB1:

Essays - Death and the Compass - bonks galore, first team precision level, SMB1:

Essays - The Witness - team precision, swooping, SMB1:

Essays - Two Kings, Two Labyrinths - team speedrun, SMB1:

Essays - Ragnarok - team speedrun, team precision, SMB1:

Essays - Lurker at the Threshold - team speedrun SMB1:

Essays - The Colour Out of Space - team speedrun SMB1:

Essays - The Call of Cthulhu - team speedrun SMB1:

The Hobbit- Roast Mutton - team speedrun SMB1:

The Hobbit- A Short Rest - team speedrun SMB1:

The Hobbit- Over and Under Hill - team speedrun SMB1:
The Lit. 101 series is for people who want to get better at high level mario, but need an entry point.

Lit 101 - Silent Spring is a speedrun climb level inspired by Rachel Carson's book, SMW:
H2M-1Q0-QJG - MisterMez clears during live race

Lit 101-Notes from Underground is a learn to kaizo style level showcasing different techs and designs, SMB3:

Lit 101-Crying of Lot 49 is a mellow SR level showcasing different techs, SMB3:

Lit 101-The Wind in the Willows is a speedrun built around the frog suit, SMB3:

Lit 101-Dead Souls is a tight speedrun with lots of optional optimizations, SMB1:

Lit 101-Mountains of Madness is a climbing lava speedrun with bomb tricks:
Karadu Land is a series I work on with my girlfriend, Karadu, and it has some mellow kaizo lite challenges.

Karadu Land - The Lair of Shai-Hulud is a themed level around the Dune saga that uses stumps in various ways:
The Physics 201 series is a more advanced series on precision and momentum hacking.

Physics 201 - Principia is a three part momentum hacking course.
Vellhart pt 1 :
Vellhart pt 2 :
Vellhart pt 3:

Physics 201 - Interference of Light is a corner boosting precision speedrun.
Chaos first clear:
Shojo clear:
Samboner release:
Katz finds the final pig:
Multiplayer levels

Hardy Bros. - The Haunted Fort is a primer on local coop level design and easy coop gameplay, SMW:

Library of Babel (Multi-vs) is a stair climbing level riff on the tougher library of babel level, SMB1:
Episodes is a series of one tricks and gimicks.

Episodes - Ghost in the Shelmet - tricky way to get a shelmet, SMB1:

Episodes - Think you can dashdance? - mashing dashdancing minigame, SMB1:
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