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SMWC Maker

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Continued from C3 thread.

I'll edit this more later. I plan to work on this more later.

Originally posted by Original Post
Greetings! Now this is something I was going to get done right at the start of C3 but some minor complications occurred while I future proofed a few things.

I am Scrydan, and I code things. I was wanting to work on a little project and wanted to do something for the Staff Team. This was mostly a solo effort but I did some some slight feedback from time to time (things got busy towards then end, so I didn't get too many tests done)!

This was supposed to be something done officially but turned into a personal project more or less. There's still things that need to be done but I am just going to release this as is. I'll work on this more later. Expect some features to pop up tomorrow as this is still actively worked on.

With that said, in the spirit of Mario Maker 2 and in our convention, I present to you for the first time:

Super Mario World Central Maker

The name comes from the fact that in Mario Maker you probably wished there were some things you could have implemented. SMWC has enabled many users to do things that SMW could never have done. So as a sort of in the spirit kind of deal, I am working on this to sort of give you that idea.

Growing up, I wanted to make levels. And over time, we received Lunar Magic, and now 2 versions of Mario Maker.

Here's an example of an Air Ship level. Keep in mind, some tiles and other objects are missing. I did run out of time and wanted to add more, but at the very least I could implement:
*3 Game Styles
*Each with 10 Game Themes
*Basic Start, Check Point, and Goal Spheres objects.
*Basic Enemies
*Basic Tiles (ground top/ground, missing corners)
*P-Switch function!
*And some secrets!

Things to work on still:
*Last few objects from SMW need to be converted to SMB.
*Finish SMB3 and work on NSMBU!
*Corner Ground Tiles

Now, consider this a tech demo or something I made because I wanted to make levels that are currently not possible in Mario Maker and potentially do something new and interesting.

So I also made this thread with a poll. That's right. The community can decide a special game style to implement!
So with that said, let's vote!
Option A: Super Mario Bros 2 - This could be an interesting theme.
Option B: Yoshi's Island - A very nice game that I think may be the popular choice.
Option C: Top Secret Area World - ??? Secrets ???

You have until the end of C3 to vote! So best of luck!
If you'd like to help me work on this project, I'll be soon opening it up to open source.

But I'll take some sprite rip assists to make the development process easier. Especially with the possible new theme

By the way, just an aside but you can save it in TXT format. This is so you can upload to your file bin. (doesn't take kindly to JSON format)

Sample levels (not the best, lol):

I wanted to do way more but this is the work of 2 weeks and mad sleepless nights. I hope to revamp some code over time.
Tomorrow I may release SMB3. Depends on feedback and everything. Enjoy!

6 users online: o imamelia, o o FPzero, o bebn legg, o Nameless, o Major Flare, o o Scrydan - Guests: 69 - Bots: 160Users: 69,666 (9,999 active)
Latest: Year 2020
I've been thinking of giving this another proper update.

Not sure if there's any interest, but if there is I could use some help to speed up the process. In addition, I would like someone who could help with the voted on SMB2 theme. As it is a completely new theme that's never been done on Mario Maker, I'd definitely like some help imagining/making some of the replacements/objects that are unique to SMB2.

I am also wanting to rework some of the CSS related things. Much of it is generated with PHP, but ultimately could be done a bit better. Like allow for pipes and ground tiles to automatically have grass on sides exposed to air. If there's any ideas on how to do that then I am certainly open to suggestions.

I also have some plans to make reuse some code and make this into some kind of level editor for my own engine. So there might be some more information on that soon.