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Super Famicompo - Voting Info


It's time for voting! Voting will take place as follows:
  • All entries are posted anonymously here, in a randomized order.
  • You will give each entry a score out of 10. Fractional values are permitted (e.g. 3.5, 7.78). You don't have to score all the entries, and you can also update your scores at any time. You may not give a score for your own entries - if you do, they will be ignored. You're free to leave comments on them though!
  • Votes will be submitted using this Google Form. Since entrants are allowed to vote, votes will not be public until results time. Note that you will need a Google Account to fill in the form - I'm not collecting any data about your account, but it's necessary to ensure fair voting and make updating your votes as straightforward as possible.

Once the voting period has ended, the final scores will be calculated based on a distribution-adjusted average - this simply prevents people gaining an advantage by voting everything very low. On a similar note, if your votes are deemed to be extremely unfair and/or trolly, your votes will not be counted. These scores and all votes and comments will be posted in a nicely formatted webpage (hopefully!) at results time.

With all that said:
Here are the entries!

All entries' file names are anonymized, however tags are mostly intact.
For the Cover category, tags were mostly left untouched, unless there were missing/no game/title tags, in which case I simply added the game/title as applicable. I also removed any SNESMOD leftover garbage tags.
For Originals, all tags except the song title were removed. If there was no title tag, I added one based on the name provided.
For Challenges, tags were again mostly left intact, except comments were removed, and the game field was either replaced with or appended with SFC/Super Famicompo Challenges.
The date field has also been cleared on all entries.

Voting will be open for approximately 2 weeks, until August 4th at 23:59:59 UTC (17:00 Pacific, 20:00 Eastern)! Happy listening! If you have any questions, feel free to ask here or in the Discord!