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002: Girder Grasslands - FPzero


Owner: FPzero

World: 1
Exits: 1
Theme: Grass/Industry
Music: Mechanical Motif

It's funny to make this thread 8 years later but for consistency's sake let's make it.

This is the first level in SMWCP2. It serves as a general movement and mechanics tutorial. Concepts covered include basic platforming, climbing vines and ladders, turn blocks, 30-coin Star Blocks, SMWC Coins, note blocks, wall triangles, throw blocks, bonus rooms, P-Switches, springboards and more. Difficulty is low and forgiving, enemies are basic, with a couple Spinies thrown in safely to show not all enemies can be jumped on.

The level has been essentially feature-complete since the beginning of the project, since it was originally included in a "complete" form with the original base rom. That's why there was never a thread for it prior to this. It should be fine, but playtesting is always welcome. Might submit an update that changes one of the note block positions but otherwise it's basically done.
This thread is for my level Girder Grassland, which took me 9 years to make!

But seriously, I still enjoy this level quite a lot. It's very well-structered for a first level, the song Mechanical Motif is a jolly song that shows what Mario's new adventure is all about, and is a very fun and easygoing level for new players.

I will make a small suggestion however: I would like to see some more decoration such as some 16x16 flowers that could be added to this level and a few other levels that use this grassland tileset, to replace the archways which nobody ever used, or even uses in this hack. And even though you weren't a fan of those oil drums, I would also like to see that in some World 1 levels too.

I'll work on a design for both the oil drums and flowers.
I have nothing else to say now. Huh...
As promised, here's the flowers.

FPzero sent me the edits he made to his level, too. Aside from how FPzero asked if we could revamp the bush that Magi drew (as it's a bit too cartoony), this level is absolutely 100% finished now. View it here.
I have nothing else to say now. Huh...