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The General Playtesting Feedback + Bug Report thread
Forum Index - Events - Super Mario World Central Production 2 Completion Project - The General Playtesting Feedback + Bug Report thread
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This thread is for general purpose feedback and bug reporting for the game as a whole. For example, issues can include things such as global graphics critique, custom sprite critique, hack difficulty discussion, overworld feedback and other similar topics. If you have specific feedback about a specific level, you should post it in the level's thread.

When reporting feedback or bug reports, please mention what version of the base rom you're using, as well as what emulator you're playing in.
Only played the first level so far but one thing seemed a little strange to me. The noteblocks have a bass clef sign on them now, but the sound effect is still high pitched. Shouldn't it be a couple octaves lower?
Otherwise it's pretty impressive and I'm looking forward to playing through it!
World 1 complete! No issues so far, everything seems to be working well! The overworld design, graphics, and music are beautiful! Had a quesiton, is the hub level a test/WIP level? There was some cutoff/glitched graphics in that level in that level. The intro before starting the game also seemed pretty glitchy looking. Just wanted to let you know just in case! Keep up the great work, I'm really enjoying this hack!

Edit: Just completed world 3, haven't started on World 2 yet. Have ran into a couple of issues involving some glitched GFX and difficulty issues mainly with two levels. I'd post in the individual World/Level forum threads however don't have access to post on them. But I did want to give you my feedback:

Koura Crevice

So with the level "Koura Crevice", the difficulty seemed to get much harder compared to the other levels in the game I've played. Mostly there are some areas that you can get stuck such as if you accidently place the springboard right here, you could get stuck not able to go to the right as you'd be bouncing against the top slope as seen in this picture.

You also usually get forced hurt around this area with the chuck attempting to get the SMWC coin if he bounces Yoshi into the ceiling.

Now onto the main difficulty area in this part, the area with flying in the blue shell was personally an area where I died quite a lot, especially since there's not a lot of larger areas for Yoshi to spit out the shell and then put it in his mouth again since it'd be extremely hard to get to the end without spitting out the shell/eating it again due to some of the enemies that appear here. This may not be an issue for others, unless if anybody else found this level in particular harder than the other ones played up to this.

There was also some glitched GFX here such as these tiles:

In this picture, the main glitched graphics is the tile a bit up/left of the ON/OFF switch, and the other one is on the up/right of the brown/used block. It's kind of hard to tell in this picture and it's more noticeable in gameplay.

This picture has the rock background in line with all of the lanterns.

In the last area of this level, the background appears glitched.

Shenmi Frica-Sea

This level played as Donut Plains 1 from the original SMW.

Anyways, I'm really enjoying the hack so far and I love the fact that you're reviving this project! It's been great and I've been loving the whole feel of this hack. #tb{:j}
@containercore: Didn't notice anything odd with SFX in there, but I do have an idea of what can cause it, as it's also noticeable in levels like Ice-Floe Inferno and Shivering Cinders. It's related to instrument tuning in the respective songs. Since the same tuning method was used for the song of this level, all is a matter of manually rewritting notes and have no pitch tuning commands to be used.

@SimFan96: The issues pertaining Koura Crevice are known, as well as not having Shenmi Frica-Sea inserted yet. Both levels are on revamping process, so just ignore these for now.

While I'm at it, do note that not all levels were ported yet. We've ported up to Stone Sea Sanctuary, and the other exceptions are Crumbling Catacombs (W5), Ice-Floe Inferno (W8) and Shivering Cinders (W8).

Originally posted by Blind Devil
@containercore: Didn't notice anything odd with SFX in there, but I do have an idea of what can cause it, as it's also noticeable in levels like Ice-Floe Inferno and Shivering Cinders. It's related to instrument tuning in the respective songs. Since the same tuning method was used for the song of this level, all is a matter of manually rewritting notes and have no pitch tuning commands to be used.

Yeah it's not an 'error' per se, just raises the question in my head why the noteblocks have been reskinned with a bass clef but they don't produce a note in the bass range.
It was just because WhiteYoshiEgg drew the bass clef block years ago and we all liked it. There was never any intention to alter the pitch on the note block.
^ yep. It's also a continuation of sorts of SMWCP1, where I drew a treble clef on them.

It's not a bad idea to have the sound reflect the symbol, though at this point it'd probably cause more confusion than it's worth. (if you don't get the musical joke, you might think the new sound indicated different block behavior.)


Just spent some time playtesting the latest version of Playground Bound (original by GeminiRage/GeminiSunfall, latest revamp by Minish Yoshi). I haven't played the original in a while so admittedly I'm unclear on how much has changed, but what I can say is that it's a really good level either way - it's got very interesting gimmicks and as a whole is fun to play throughout. I especially like the way that the level encourages saving the cape powerup (foreshadowing the SMWC coin at the end) without ever necessarily making it required. It's just the right difficulty for a world 6 stage too. Excellent work.

Anyway, here are the comments/complaints that I do have:

- When you get the trampoline for the secret exit, it's possible to end up stuck here if you break into the walls without having the cape powerup by just using one of the nearby shells to get in. I know that this is something that any player is probably pretty unlikely to do by accident (though I almost got stuck there myself on my first run), but since there's no time limit or any way to die in there IF it somehow happens then it's definitely something that should be fixed. My advice would be to just replace the ground in that little chamber with a pipe that will spit you into some other part of the level.

- Speaking of the path to the secret exit, I think the final room before you get the room with the key & keyhole drags on just a hair. The whole gimmick of "wait for the right color of shell and hit those blocks with it" is a pretty cool trick for a time, but it gets really old towards the end of the room after doing it tons of times since the section ends up becoming more of a waiting game than anything else. I think this section just needs to be shortened a bit; personally, I would remove the bit where you're expected to yoshi-throw a shell through the wall to hit a block, if only because I don't think the level needs to stoop down to requiring exploiting the original game's glitches (and the jump/throw combination you have to perform is a little precise IMO).

That's it. Otherwise I think it's pretty solid.
Few nuances so far (outside of audio breakages):

(Mismatched Cheep-Cheep GFX)

(Old flopping Cheep-Cheep GFX in upper half of Treetop Toss-up)

(Discoloured tress in falling section of Arboreal Ascent)

(Firebar uses old GFX in last section of Briar Mire)

Haven't tested everything yet.
Some of the levels I've played had bugs, such as Countdown Chanber and Lily Swamp Romp.

You kind-of have to say exactly what is wrong if you encounter a bug, maybe provide a screenshot along with your descriptions as well. Simply saying that there is a problem is much too ambiguous and will do no good.
World 1 Playtest Review
Emulator Used: Bsnes
ROM version: Last updated 2020-07-25

General Comments: The hack looks pretty good! The work here has been enormous and I must congratulate everyone in this project. All the little nuances I'll comment in here are just opinions on certain aspects of the levels to comment and debate upon. With all the problems Ill try to provide a solution of my own. Given the formalities, let's start rocking!

Level 002: Girder Grasslands
The first level feels really great to start and discover the new fresh and amazing aesthetics. The music fits perfectly and it does really make a great job to welcome you in this new adventure. I have seen that this level serves a bit as a tutorial for the basic things. :)

Level 003: Plateau Pumps
No apparent problems. I would change the cascade tiles to act as air instead of simply water, as in some situations you can get stuck on the bottom of the pumps (Also, it feels strange too)

After the midpoint there is a part with a flying bro:

I feel like the reward (coins at the top) it's just not enough for the high risk it means to actually killing him. I would just put an incentive (1up, maybe a big SMW coin) in there so players don't straight up ignore the spot.

Level 004: Hiker's Hollow
There are some *minor* problems I have found in this level:
- The bug that some user said above, you can recreate it by loading the sprite off screen. The fish tries to go above water and during that time it just flips the head:

- The midway point idea of going back to the surface with pipes is really original, but at the moment it's a bit unclear where exactly this pipe is. It would precise an indication or something more visibly.

- Maybe the level should be a little bit shorter, as in a lot of times you explore it back and forth and some other parts are slow typed (like the climbing parts, swimming or simply falling)

- After repeating the level some more times, I think I found why the level "does not feel right at all": There is no main mechanic to explore. It's simply a cave level. It's not something wrong at all, but surely something to consider.

Level 005: Smoggy Steppe
The music is quite happy for the foggy swamp ambience. Probably changing to a more haunting soundtrack can give it the correct vibe.

Also, I feel like the midway point should be a little more to the right (Probably when you encounter yoshi), as the part that comes after is more difficult and you will probably die more times. Making the spawn closer to that difficult point can reduce frustration.

Level 006: Switch Scamper

If the super shell gets inside this hole, you get damaged each time you try to jump there.

The mechanics of this level are really interesting! Although some things can be improved:

- If you get stuck in one of this blocks, they will instantly kill you. Idk if there is a way to try to solve that.

Personally, the level should be more centered around the single mechanic of P Blocks, which as said is really interesting. The ON/OFF mechanic which is also pretty extense can be saved for other levels so the gameplay is kept fresh.

This part can be a little bit frustrating for newcomers. The timins are alright, but the movement of Mario is really bizarre in SMW compared to other games (Way more slippery). Just to keep in mind.

Finally, I don't really know what was this for ^^'

Level 007: Velocity Valves
Really NICE start where a Koopa shoots a shell to a valve! Explains how valves work without any text. Really good job design wise :D

This valve does not throw air?

This can be a bit frustrating. It’s difficult to get the timing right and if you don’t get it you have to wait another full cycle. You can maintain A pressed to make a jump and then stand still. You will get the boost without needing to jump at the last frame.

Also, the coin on this part requires you to do a perfect jump and concatenate different valves. Failing the process implies you need to redo all this part again. I couldn’t get there… I don’t know if it’s meant to be really complicated or something, but It was quite frustrating to jump all over again (And sometimes even falling into the void)

Needless to say, the mechanic of air pump is amazing! Great idea ^^

Level 008: Countdown Camper
Not much to say. Really interesting and improved switch palace! The music rocks!

Level 009: Reclaimed Refinery
Really fun level! The boss rocks! And the inverse contracting platform mechanic introduced seems pretty cool.
Originally posted by Arreme
World 1 Playtest Review
Emulator Used: Bsnes
ROM version: Last updated 2020-07-25

a new base rom is available this Sept. 2020, Arreme (seems to be playable up to world 8)

I'll go play this new version to see which worlds are finished and which ones are still not yet done (I'll play it in latest snes9x github nightly build)
ok I found at least a few problems with the latest base rom:

in the Sunset Split level

Mario appears to be "standing" on top of the 3rd SMWC coin, which seems to be a "fake" one. this swmc coin can not be collected at all and acts like a big cement block

and I don't know what BlindDevil did with the Crystalline Citadel level in this updated rom but I'm a little disappointed that it played a different background music than what I was used to when beginning that level. In old versions of SMWCP2, it would play the "Bells of Paradice" music for the majority of that level (except for the rising water part), both the early & late sections of that level. the Jewel Jubilation and Opulent Oasis levels in the desert level also have different BG musics than with older versions of the SMWCP2 game

maybe there should be a "vote" on this if the Crystalline Citadel stage should have a different BG music or not when starting that stage. maybe it's me but I like the "Bells of Paradice" music as that music fits that level well.

also the Frivolous Fires level in the desert world has not been remade as it appears to be a blank stage where Mario falls into the void below & dies instantly
Got around to playtesting the first three worlds in the newest base rom. Tested using snes9x v1.60.

Reclaimed Refinery:

Glitched boss door GFX.

Fringe Forest:

Extremely minor nitpick showing cutoff.

Briar Mire:

Dryad has a glitched palette.

Onsen Overhang:

'Mountains' is misspelt.

You can walk straight through the polluted water whilst on the ground.

The end section of Koura Crevice and Shenmi Frica-Sea:

The new background is partially glitched.

I will play the rest of the inserted levels soon.
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