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Music doesn't play and cancels out all sound effects


I'm trying to add music to my Super Mario World hack, but all it does is make everything silent, including the sound effects.
The tutorial I used was from 3 years ago, so if it might be because of the version changes in AddmusicK, please leave a comment of tutorials later than 2016.

Thank you!

Did you use an old music tool before using AddmusicK? Like, AddmusicM or Addmusic4?
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Originally posted by FailSandwich
Did you use an old music tool before using AddmusicK? Like, AddmusicM or Addmusic4?

I downloaded the latest version of AddmusicK.

Ok. So, did you apply any patches that might have changed something music-related? Is it an issue with your emulator?
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I also have a similar issue. I'm brand new to custom music so it might be an obvious solution but i can't find anything online about it. When I load my ROM or even a new ROM that just has a header and expanded RAM, I am told that asar found an error before i even add any music and the temp log reports it as:

"asm/snes/temppatch.asm:56: error: (E5053): Function 'read($05D8E6)' wasn't found. [if read($05D8E6) == $22]"

If I go on and add a txt file and select the related number as the level's music the entire level is completely silent, sound effects and all. I assume this is what happens if i set an unused music slot as the level music and Addmusick just isn't affecting the ROM at all due to the initial error. I just have no clue what the error is. Again I'm brand new to this so it might be an obvious solution. I happened to see this thread and it sounded similar to my issue so maybe they are related.
EDIT: I got it working, not sure what i did wrong. Reinstalled AddmusicK and created a new folder and it ended up working, I guess I must have deleted or messed with something before without realizing it.