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Super Mario Training

This is my first HACK and my first THREAD

DIFFICULTY: Hard (I think so)

I want someone to test it.

Any feedback and suggestions will be received. #tb{:j}
THANKS and sorry if I made a mistake
Hello I will playtest your hack. #smrpg{y}
oh boy this is gonna be a long one...

i posted all the no go's in order as i encountered them. should make it easier to find and fix them.

first things first, you have a spell error in the opening textbox. it says "trining" instead of training.

1. Level

is this really needed? it looks just ugly, just make 1 row and done.

the first yoshi you find has a french text.

Switch Palace

wrong tiles again looks just ugly.

whats the point of the switch palace? the first room has a goomba in a bubble which is no danger in any way, the 2nd has 5 bullet bills coming at you. really empty.

2. Level

wrong tile btw this will repeat a couple of times.

ceiling too low and im pretty sure this block is not supposed to give a feather as it allows you to skip the entire level. you need to get a yoshi to reach a pipe. or you get the feather and skip it all.

even with the feather, the pswitch timer in this room is really short which results in a damage boost on munchers that have coins above them.

bad monty mole also im really not a fan of running at the HUD. its annoying.

camera doesnt scroll which again is a problem with the hud but also with stuff that you cant see.

cant have 2 yoshis at once you come out of the pipe to the left and need a yoshi to reach this point problem is the yoshi egg turns into a 1up as the other yoshi didnt despawn yet. add a pit to throw yoshi in.

ugly tile

3. Level

might be me but this lava is ugly really ugly color. also rip yellow ! blocks.

very likely to happen that you trigger this glitch. which skips the entire level as youre supposed to fly.

speaking of flying this part isnt possible. i jumped as late as possible but you take damage. (dont mind me still using the glitch at the end)

again pretty ugly having them just float on the lava.

4. Level

again the not scrolling camera also while it does nothing, the turn thing on the climbable fence doesnt work.

floor is 1 row too low also what is the point of this room??? it is a pipe right after the midpoint and it brings you to the goal. i checked in lunar magic this skips MORE than 50% of the level.

speaking of which, one of the parts that gets skipped i dont know how youre supposed to get over that many munchers. even if you bring a feather, theres not enough space to get running speed. there is some space before that, but you clearly are supposed to do a shell jump and not fly over it. this level seems like a real mess.

5. Level and the final one

too many saws, slowdown! (which also causes the saw to the right to not spawn, making it impossible to beat the level but ofc im flying over it)

ouch my ears just kidding the noteblock sounds the same, just looks super ugly (and has no point of being there)

too many sprites once again, a plattform doesnt spawn making the level unbeatable.

camera not scrolling cant see that ceiling thats there, bumping into it and falling to my death (also i have no way of going back when i come from the right)

cant see that one
both blocks contain a blue pswitch. i dont know why, you dont need 2 but i cant reach the first one anyways as it is offscreen.

well here i stopped as even with the feather and bouncing on the fireballs couldnt get me back to where i need to go. which REALLY makes this unbeatable.

hard to give any feedback on this besides "fix the wrong tiles and enable vertical scrolling" in case you forgot how to do that, you open LM, click on the mario head at the right of the toolbar and go to "Layer 1 (FG) Vertical Scrolling" and pick vertical scrolling at will. AND DO THAT FOR EVERY LEVEL.
I always come back - W. Afton

pm me if you need someone to test your hack (easy - kaizo light), i'd love to help out and break it <3
please let me know some infos about your hack (exit amount, difficulty you aimed for, any special patches used like walljumping etc)