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Super Mario World. Chapter One -Yoshi's Islands (v.1.2) by AyGaAlPa

File Name: Super Mario World. Chapter One -Yoshi's Islands (v.1.2)
Submitted: by AyGaAlPa
Authors: AyGaAlPa
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 81 exit(s)
Difficulty: Normal
Description: Argument:

My new saga. This is the first chapter of eight. In this ROM, Mario and Luigi will embark on a quest to rescue the Princess Peach far and wide of Yoshi Island, finding not only a terrible invasion perpetrated by an enemy that seems to be Bowser again, but also with a territory full of alternative and secret roads.

Every chapter is a complete world. In this case, The chapter one represent the world 1. If you check the map in the image, you apreciate that exist five extra chapter. Yeah, it's alternative chapter that soon will submit. For example, you can play the normal chapter two (world 2), or wait for the alternative chapter two (secret world 2).


-Custom blocks

-Custom classic sprite of other Mario games

-Custom graphics

-UberASM effects

-Custom music of other Mario games

-Some custom Powerups


-Super Jump: Keep pressing down until Mario and / or Luigi blink, when that happens, release the button and jump.

- Wall Jump: Press your jump or jump key when you are in contact with a wall.


Tested in

-Snes9X for PC

-Snes9X for 3DS

-Snes9X for WII

-Zsnes for PC


I do not remember the names of each SMW Central user whose contributions have benefited my hack, but if any of them and you play my Hack, make each and every one of my sincere thanks.

Updates (v1.1): Is exactly the same hack, but now...Contain only two small fixes

-Fix a secret exit on a Ghost House.

-Added more effects for various kinds of castle around the overworld.

Updates (v1.2):

-Fixed the Airship level

-Fixed some sprites

-Fixed some levels exits

-Added more smalls changes for OW

-The game contain two ips versions (with dialogues and without dialogues)

-Added more variety of music in some levels.

-Fixed a sound when Mario & Luigi use a walljump

Please, don't forget to rate if you like my work. It will help me to continue for work hard to finish the saga.

A thousand thanks for giving my hack a chance to entertain you, I hope you like it.

Thanks. I hope you get much fun! :D
This update fixes a minor number of the issues pointed out in the previous log by Beekaay. The “minor” part of that sentence is the problem.
Here I’m gonna list some of the ones that did NOT get fixed:
Originally posted by BeeKaay
- There is a soft lock in "FUERTE DE LA ISLA" if you miss the jump off this spring. The single-jump spring mechanic is in general too unforgiving for an Easy/Normal hack. If you accidentally jump on a spring you were meant to pick up, you have to restart the level.

- There are still some blatant vanilla edits, please, when you make a level, press CTRL+DEL to make sure you start from scrath. Some examples are: your hack vs vanilla, your hack vs vanilla (the second one is the second room of Iggy's Castle, like cmon).

Now to go on the issues I found while playing this:

The overworld is very confusing and it’s super easy to get lost, after beating every level and going even into Lunar Magic to search, I could only find 80 of the 81 exits, either you miscounted or there’s a level that’s very hard to find/see, also I never had to use this and I still don't know where I need to use it (keep in mind I do not understand spanish/portoguese).

There are softlocks, besides the one pointed out in the previous log (which again, you didn’t fix), like there’s one in the FLUDD level, where if you waste all of your charges before reaching the first spot where you can recharge, you end being stuck on the bottom with no way out and you’re forced to wait out the timer or reset.

Another problem which I encoutered along while playing, especially some vertical levels, your scroll setting makes it very hard to play. One example is again, the FLUDD level, where the setting is “No vertical scroll unless flying, climbing, etc..”, so the FLUDD doesn’t scroll the camera, due to this fact, if you try climbing fast you’ll end up offscreen and the only way to see something is to land on a block that you can’t see cause that’s offscreen too.

Another issue is that in most of the Powerup Houses that you can find in the overworld, the door tiles are replaced by vine tiles for some reason, this leads to a situation where the player doesn't know what to do except wait, luckily, waiting works so you're not softlocked and forced to reset but this is still an issue.

Another small issue is that sometimes you don't account for the player bringing items throught pipes and so for example this "fly block" has corrupted graphics, this should be an easy fix.

Let’s now talk briefly about the level design in general, there are some weird choices there too. Why do you introduce some cool powerups like the hammer and the fly block, when you only use them about 2/3 times in the whole hack? It’s kind of a wasted resource in my opinion. Some secret exits are questionably placed, sometimes unnecessarly hard to reach or give you no progress at all, just unlocking another path to something which doesn’t help, in short, they feel like they are there just to ramp up the exit count. Levels in general are fine, sometime level design is a bit lackluster, interesting at parts and boring in others, there are also a lot of P-Switches that are seemingly useless, making the player often wonder if they missed a secret or something, while in reality they are just there for extra coins. Also, you placed some objects, like moons, with MAP16 rather than the LM window and doing so makes them respawn upon level re-enter, so the player can just farm lives in 1 level and not worry about the live count at all while playing the hack.

Last but not least, let’s say that this is the third time you submit this without notable changes, even ignoring some of the feedback given to you by the previous moderator. Please try to not do this again, take your time with the update and fix (at the very least) everything mentioned. Redesign some levels, make sure there are no softlocks, make the OW a bit clearer etcetc.
Consider this a warning. If in your next submission the moderators notice errors that were either pointed out or already present in this submission, there’s the chance that you will get section banned, as this is the third time that your hack gets played and rejected as a consequence of you ignoring the rejection logs.