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Super Mario Bros 3 Enhanced/ 3.1

#smw{^_^}this is my first hack, in this smwcentral world, it consists of an remake of super mario bros 3 with vanilla mechanics, similar to super mario bros enhanced, this retains several vanilla elements such as player graphics, certain enemies, and the goal, the hack is in a very early development

Be patient and greetings.

if you want to test the 5 levels and the fortress demo...:

Spanish users:
este es mi primer hack, en este mundo de smwcentral, consiste en una mejora de super mario bros 3 con las mecanicas de vainilla, similar a super mario bros enhanced, este retiene varios elementos de vainilla como los graficos del jugador, ciertos enemigos, y la meta, el hack esta en un desarollo muy temprano.

sean pacientes y saludos.

Portugal or Brazilian users:
Este é meu primeiro hack, neste mundo smwcentral, consiste em uma melhoria de super mario bros 3 com mecânica de baunilha, semelhante a super mario bros reforçada, isso retém vários elementos de baunilha como gráficos de jogador, certos inimigos, e o objetivo, o hack está em um desenvolvimento muito cedo.

seja paciente e cumprimentos

for now I have no images but soon I will be uploading evidence of development
I'm a noob
hey there, i try to make it quick.

the hack in its current state will be rejected for several reasons

1. its an ips file. bps is a must (thank god)
2. its a "remake" and by that i mean its literally the exact same levels from smb3. i cant see mentioned "improvement of smb3"
3. overworld also the exact same.

a few other things i noticed. 2 player mode, the screen where you can swap lives is glitched and can give players a seizure if they have problems with flashing lights.

luigi is red and looks just like mario :( how dare you.

the first castle has a secret exit instead of the wistle. nice touch but pointless as it leads nowhere.

Messed up Berries now are invis solid blocks

with the levels being the exact same i cant say much for them. in 106 in LM you forgot to remove a part from the original smw game i think (behind the goal post. players cant see it, but youre supposed to start a level clear)

you have no intro yet. just an empty screen. also spelling mistakes in the first textbox. thought i mention it.

thats all the feedback i can give you right now. remakes that are the exact same levels as the original game are not accepted. i recommend to check out the submission rules for hacks. <--- btw mods this is outdated it still talks about IPS and even has a link to something that doesnt exist anymore.
I always come back - W. Afton

pm me if you need someone to test your hack (easy - kaizo light), i'd love to help out and break it <3
please let me know some infos about your hack (exit amount, difficulty you aimed for, any special patches used like walljumping etc)

I´m using a combination of LX5 powerups with pac's smb3 graphics,and the bug with the berries, is a bug of pixi and the reinsertion on blocks. the red luigi is a bug of lx5 powerups,
and they don't bring separate graphics for luigi,the overworld events is also incomplete and the events is messed up, a glitch wiht the p-switch and brick brock, the lack of custom sprites..., and the levels have very minimal differences,
the secret exit of the fortress will lead to a star road in the future, replacing the whistle and my english is very bad,
The title screen is layer 2 and not layer 3
I will try to convert it to the bps format in one or 2 weeks.
I know almost nothing about overworld modding and
I don't know almost anything about smw hacking,
I hope someone will help me with the misc details

by the end of August I will have the entire world 1

this is my first attempt... :(