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Help! Map 16 arrangement issue!!!

For my hack I decided to add custom music to it. It went successfully, then I realized that my smb2 overworld graphics where conflicting with my city graphics. How do I rearrange the Map 16 tilesets in order to not have to have garbled up graphics on either one of the levels. Because for some reason it automatically imports my map 16 files to a certain page. Even if enter say page 7 for instance, it still imports certain tile sets to page 3!

Import one set of map16 files. Select all the tiles and right-click them onto a different map16 page. Then, import the other set of map16 tiles.
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Mario and the Missing Cap

Bowser is fed up with Mario and realized kidnapping Peach is pointless. He has decided to go after something much much more important ... Mario's cap! Mario must traverse through various lands until he retrieves the most valued possession.
Thank you very much guys, it worked!