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Super Famicompo - RESULTS!


Big apologies for the delay on this but I didn't want to rush things and release something super half-assed and disappointing.

Without further ado!

Less resource-intensive version (default on mobile)

You can download any song by clicking on its name. Don't forget you can also still get the full pack of entries here!

Congratulations to all the top competitors! The cover category had some fierce competition, and the original category and challenge category put out some interesting songs as well!

If you're wondering how scoring worked, I'm not gonna go into huge detail, but I'll give a brief explanation that should dwell any confusion. The scores are based on a normal distribution. What this means is, an entry's score is based on how well it was received compared to all of the other entries. This is reflected by the Adjusted Score field in the vote listings (out of 100 points) - a higher score means that voter voted that song highly compared to the rest of the songs, and vice versa. With this in mind, the overall score is not an absolute measure of the quality of the song, but rather an indication of how well it fared against its competitors - so a low score does not necessarily mean your song was bad! For absolute scoring you can look at the scores each voter gave.

Prizes and trophies should be distibuted in due time. Congrats again to everyone, and I hope to see you all again next time!
Dang, I was hoping to make the top 3, though the competition for the cover category was pretty intense. I can't complain about 5th place too much though, and I'm glad that people seemed to really like my entry.

Congratulations to the winners!
Don't we get to listen to the music composed? I wanna hear what was made! Especially Exodust's entries, they seem promising.Unfortunately, I'm not very active on the site anymore like I was before; I'm mainly on Discord now. Thanks for understanding.
Oh, yes! You can click on the entry name (eg. Cover0xx, Orig0xx, Chall0xx) to download it, I forgot to mention that!

(ofc, there's the full pack of entries from voting as well, here)
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Yoooooo! Super chuffed with the results!

I didn’t expect to get far with my Pokémon D/P/Pt tune haha, it’s downsampled to a ridiculous degree (and I gotta further maim the samples if I want to be able to insert this into SMW, bah).

Medals was a tune that I started porting a few days before the deadline and it was super fun to write! Obviously it’s not as awesome as the original due to its engine being so much better than AMK’s, but I’m still crazy proud of the result! Little bit of work and I’ll be able to get it inserted and I’ll submit :) also super okay with having lost to mitotic dance, that was easily the best cover haha!

But while my Medals port might be my most complex song so far, I’m most proud of May Dust Settle, a microtonal (15-EDO) original that I wrote for the challenge category! The challenge really inspired me, hope it returns even in spite of the lack of participation in the challenge. Really happy with how it turned out. I’ll need to do some creative sample switching (or downsampling, but rather not) to make it insertable, but that’s for later.

Originally posted by Falconpunch
I wanna hear what was made! Especially Exodust's entries, they seem promising.

This contest went really interesting. A lot of different music and variety.

Even if I didn't created many covers , it was fun participating and seeing how it turned out.

There could be more with a challenge since working with limitations is more fun (besides this drumkit) and few changes make it very different and unique.

Great job on the top competitors. Some of the music is very impressive.
I didn't even expect to get top 10, so that's nice lol. Congrats to the winners, they definitely deserved it #w{=3} and I'm happy with how much good stuff came out of this contest.
I'm really surprised I got a silver (in challenge, and actually the best challenge cover entry) and a bronze (in originals)!

The one I earned the bronze for was a result of accidentally sending in the wrong song, meaning it was not optimized at all (specifically with volume balancing on the drums). For that song, I also deliberately went with the Secret of Mana/Seiken Densetsu 2 sample pack, primarily to blend in.

As for the silver entry... I actually had grander plans for it, but I ran into memory constraints. I was considering using a pitch modulation-based riff.

And I used a genuine copy of N-SPC on an original, straight out of the source, porting it over to asar so I could use it. The music was manually programmed in ASM, too, rather than converting it from something else, using the original defines for it.
There was a lot of songs here! Wish I had something submitted for this, but it was enjoyable to lsiten to all the enteries for every category and vote for them. Some of you guys did really well!
One of the songs made me hand out a 10. Hoenn man...

Congrats to the top porters and composers!
glad this contest ended up going well! i'm excited for the next super famicompo

and also i cant wait for everyone (and i mean Everyone) to update their ports to be able to be submitted to the music section. i hope you all knew about that secret rule!