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How many of you are "night owls"?

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I wanted to start a discussion about something I've had on my mind lately.

How many people here prefer to work, study, or do most activities later in the day or during the evening/night? For those of us who work, do you prefer days (like 8:00 - 4:00, 9:00 - 5:00, etc.) or would you want to work later (starting around 1 or 2 in the afternoon and working until 9 - 10 at night or later)?

When I was going to University, I took a lot of classes that went fro 6:00 to around 9 - 9:30 at night and found I really enjoyed them. I also liked staying up until 2 or 3 AM studying, hacking (back when I, you know, actually did that), doing creative writing, and things like that. I dreaded doing anything in the early morning even when I had a more "normal" wake-up time.

I also worked a few jobs that started at 3 in the afternoon and ended at around 11 at night. I enjoyed that, too, and I usually picked that as my preferred shift when I was given the option.

Now, I work straight days (starting at 8 and finishing between 4 - 5 in the afternoon depending on my hours each week. I even start at 7 AM some days by choice.

How many people are like me, and how many people are still night-owls?
My problem is that I simply cannot sleep at night anymore. My body has grown used to sleeping when the sunlight first breaks out. I can only sleep during early mornings. Which leaves most of my active hours in the early evening into late at night. My sleep schedule was always erratic when I was in my high school years and ultimately culminated into a nearly-irreversible effect on me in my early 30s.

Please do not be like me. Please try to have a reasonable sleep schedule.


I'm a night person.
I have a hard time sleeping so it's easier for me to do things at night once I've been awake all day. I'm defiantly not a morning person it takes me a long time to get going.

My natural schedule though is like 10/11am-2am.

Unfortunately I work 12 hour days and have young kids so days I work it's about 6:30am-11pm and days I'm off it's 7:30am-12:00am which will change in about a week once my kids go back to school.
I definitely tend to stay up pretty late, usually until 2am or later. How long I'm up doesn't always translate into me accomplishing things better though. When I'm unemployed like I am now it becomes real hard for me to motivate myself to do things I want to do, so I busy myself with non-committal stuff like quick bursts doing work on this site or whatever. I really thrive when I actually have work to accomplish, going out and coming home you know? Do my work, then come home and enjoy my free time.

You think you have all the time in the world when you're unemployed, but really all you have is the crushing feeling of no income eating up your day.
I'm kinda split. Like, it depends on the time of year and what my obligations are. But at the moment, with my new job, definitely a night owl - I do whatever I have to do that isn't work related in the morning (schoolwork, speedrun stuff because I moderate several communities, irl family stuff...), I relax/walk my dog around noon, then head to work at 3PM (or 4 sometimes) and come home around 10PM.

Even in my old job I had a work schedule similar to this, so I've grown used to it. I'm not a morning person, and I'm just too groggy and tired most of the time, thanks to the stupidly early times I had to wake up for because of high school.
I've spent the last 20 months working third shift, going in between 10 and midnight, and often not leaving until between 10 and noon. I'm just now beginning to transition to a later time.

I've been a night owl most of my adult life, but my mind and body can't really take it anymore. I'm glad to leave it behind.

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Yeah, honestly, I really am trying to see if I can fix up my sleep schedule as much as I can, but there are a lot of times where I get way too stressed to sleep and thus my sleep schedule gets fucked all over again; like recently for example, I was managing to maintain a fairly nice schedule before, but a fuckton of malware related problems have befallen my computer due to me being too careless, and since I was feeling both guilty and stressed, I couldn't just sleep normally like I was doing before, so now I'm trying to get it back again because yeah lol

Tho honestly, I think the thing that may also influence this is the fact that I just can't be there in the day anymore because of my parents, due to all of the stress I have been recieving from them; it's even coming to a point where I just can't even look at their faces anymore, so to avoid a lot of hatred and stress, I try to wake up or stay at night a lot, and ngl, you can tell how much it's destroying me :V

Honestly, I can't wait to get a job and money so I can just... simply get out of this hellhole and get my sleep schedule back again, but while I have decided on a job and may try to apply for it, there are still some stuff I'll have to do before that, and I'll need to sleep early enough to achieve that, so yeah, there's that #smw{^_^;}
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I guess I'm kind of one, though I'm trying to stop this behavior. No matter what I do, I always find myself really tired in the morning, but I also happen to get a lot more energy in the night, before I go to sleep. This is especially bad for me, since in less than one month I'll start my first year of university, which means I'll need to fix my schedule asap.
I think a major factor in either keeping people night-owls or turning people into them is that our society is pretty much "always-on." At least until 1-2 AM, I find it's fairly easy to find restaurants, malls, stores, etc. that are still open. Many jobs my friends and others have also seem to have fluctuating hours.

Originally posted by FPZero
You think you have all the time in the world when you're unemployed, but really all you have is the crushing feeling of no income eating up your day.

I have been there, and it is horrible. Looking for a job forces you to work longer hours than actually having one (with no pay). I hope things get better for you soon.
I myself tend to stay awake until around 11:30 PM, and I shut everything off at around 11:20 PM (even my smartphone). During days where I have to go to work, I have to wake up at 5:30 AM so that I can eat breakfast and checking up on things on some forums I go to before going to work (taking the train at 6:35 AM, arriving at work at around 7:25 AM (work starts at 8 AM and lasts until 5 or 6 PM). During week-ends, I tend to sleep until at most 9 AM, but during work days where I don't have to go to work, I wake up at 7:30 AM as a "just in case".

So....I'm more of a partial "night owl" than anything. Past me tended to stay awake for longer (until at most midnight), but that led to me being super-tired the next time I woke up. The rare times I stay awake for longer these days are if I'm going to a dinner with my workplace and during New Years Eve, where I force myself to stay awake until 1 AM (because of the fireworks...).
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I've always been accustomed to working during the daytime (e.g. 9-5) and I couldn't imagine working a night schedule. Besides, I wouldn't want to anyway because I prefer having my nights free to do whatever.

However, I've never been one to stay out too late either, until recently. When I know I'm gonna go out late, I just nap before.
I am most definitely a night person myself. I have my college classes at the evening and chilling or doing homework during the middle of the night. There's something about during the day where I am not at my most productive. At this point in time, I flipped my sleep schedule where I sleep during the day and do stuff at night.
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I'm also a night person which can barely sleep during the night. My sleep schedule is broken ever since I joined the military in 2013. I left in 2014 but it never went back to normal.

During the day, I feel I don't have the energy to deal with stuff, and I wanna simply stay in bed and not get up. And during the night, my mind tells me to do something and when I try to go to bed (already at a late time, like 3 or 4AM), it takes some more hours for me to fall asleep. I study at night, too.

By the way, I'd like to mention that I tried to fix my sleeping schedule by staying awake for 2 days in a row, so I'd fall asleep easier during the night. The trick made me sleep in the regular schedule, but I still woke up very late and the insomnia cycle repeated. So, uh... don't try it - you'll lose your time.
I tried to fix my sleep schedule once by staying awake for 2 days. I tried it a few times, actually. It worked sometimes but not others (I worked rotating shifts in the past, so that's why I had to keep changing my sleep schedule). The issue becomes one of almost performance anxiety, where the pressure or need to fall asleep after being awake so long adds stress, making it harder to actually fall asleep.
Unsurprisingly, I'm alone on this it seems. I'm definitely a morning person, I (try to) go to bed not much later than 10 (obviously there are some exceptions if I can't help it for whatever reason), and I usually wake up between 5 and 6 in the morning.

I don't know why, I guess I just like being up in the morning when I know most people aren't gonna be awake so that I can do whatever I want to do knowing I'm not going to get in people's way (or that they won't get in my way). Most people would advocate for staying up late because .. well, because most OTHER people are up late too, so they wouldn't want to miss out on the festivities .. or something. Personally though, I find it almost relaxing to fall asleep to the sound of the world happening around me. I can't really explain why, I just feel happy imagining that other people are out there enjoying the time of their lives and just having a good time. It makes me feel happy for all of them ya know?
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Due to having daily obligations by 8 AM, I had been not getting past midnight. I no longer have to be awake that early, but I'm trying to keep the habit of sleeping early, one I absolutely did not have a few years ago. Mornings are quite productive for me, unlike nights. I just get home way too tired to do anything and I hate the occasional obligation of finishing something up during the night after uni. (Thankfully getting home tired helps me pass out pretty easily, so it's a win-win)
I'm not usually a "night owl" with very few exceptions, but I can't seem to adjust my sleep schedule the intended way since I always tend to wake up at the wrong time. I get home from university really tired sometimes, and depending on whatever I have to do the next morning, I must wake up early (one instance being my volunteer internship every Tuesday). I just hate doing homework during the midnight, but at times I have no choice.
I'm eating chocolate at 12:15 AM. I'd say that qualifies as being a Night Owl.
I don't have a consistent sleeping schedule. I tend to stay up very late (sometimes up to 2 AM or 3 AM rarely) on days subsequent to days off. When I have school, I usually go to bed around 11 PM-12 AM depending on when I start school. My sleeping time varies due to weather, length of day, or my day scheme. I think there's a reason why I can't sometimes fall asleep.
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Originally posted by K.T.B.
Unsurprisingly, I'm alone on this it seems. I'm definitely a morning person, I (try to) go to bed not much later than 10 (obviously there are some exceptions if I can't help it for whatever reason), and I usually wake up between 5 and 6 in the morning.

This is how it is for me. Except I usually get up around 7 or 8 AM
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