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Player sprite garbage on overworld

Hi friends,
I am having a glitch with the overworld walking player sprite that appears in the top left corner. Upon switching between submap on the overworld, the bottom 32x16 of the player sprite glitches into "x" tiles for a fraction of a second as shown below.

I have lx5's Custom powerups patched, which includes the 32x32 player sprite patch. Otherwise, it is a clean ROM with small palette changes. Any ideas how to fix? I've patched the powerups to two different clean roms and yield the same issue. Thoughts?

Do these frames show up in levels too? Also, try doing one patch at a time and pinpoint at which patch it starts making garbage.
No, this only appears on the overworld during the transition between submap. Sprites work perfectly in levels. As for the pinpointing process, I'll patch everything again and get back to you on that.

the bug you have is a known bug, it happens when you have a 32x32 player, you could just hide your caracter under the layer 3 border, remove him using a hex edit (it's in the rom map), or not making use of red path tiles.