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Super Mario: Fantastical Secret Stage


What's This?

Super Mario: Fantastical Secret Stage is a short ROM hack that I've created. This was initially meant to be an eight level hack, but in the end I've cut it down to one stage that is pretty average in terms of length.
As such, this hack may take you five minutes at most to finish, and that's if you decide to explore the stage thoroughly and not just head straight for the goal. Regardless, I hope you enjoy what little I have in store for you.

What's the Story?

The story is rather simple, albeit with a plot twist at the end. Your goal is merely to complete the stage given to you, and once you've finished it, you'll be given a reward!

What's the Reward?

Puhuhu! You'll have to play it in order to find out!

What's in the Download File?

The .zip file includes an .ips patch and a readme. The readme includes the song list, so if you like a particular song but don't recognize it, you can check for it there.
I should also mention that the ROM is locked, so you will not be able to access it through Lunar Magic without running the ROM in an external tool first.



Also as a bonus, here's what the title screen looked like at some point during development: