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Eighth Pokémon Showdown Tournament - Pick Your Format

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Which format should the next Pokémon showdown tournament be?

5.3% (4 votes)
13.2% (10 votes)
6.6% (5 votes)
17.1% (13 votes)
15.8% (12 votes)
10.5% (8 votes)
7.9% (6 votes)
18.4% (14 votes)
5.3% (4 votes)
September approaches and that means, the next SMW Central Pokémon Showdown tournament is coming soon. What format will this one be, you ask? Well, that's up to you to decide!

Vote for your favorite format in the poll above, you may vote for more than one option. The poll will last one week and will close on next Friday.

Like the previous tournaments, all rounds will be best of three encounters. In addition, the rounds will be double-elimination based. The battle rules will depend on the winning format.

While you're at it, feel free to ask or discuss anything related to the tournament in this thread.
Gonna go out on a limb and say LC, but I guess that ain't gonna happen lol

At the risk of sounding like a snooty brat, OU is way too boring for me. Probably won't play if it wins ):
I do respect that a lot of peeps just want a return to the status quo after meme formats like LC and Stabmons being relatively recent, though.
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I also believe that lc and ubers will win. Probably RU is boring.

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Spoiler: I suck at OU and if that wins, I'll proably lose in the first round.
Anyone: How many more times are you gonna lose at first round?

Lloyd: Yes.

Jokes aside, I'm down for some RU (which i voted for) or Balanced Hackmons. OU is fine too.

I'd vote for Ubers again, but honestly, I dunno if it would win anyhow; I'd probably be willing to go with any format this time around tho, but I'd definitely suck at it since none of them are really my natural habitat, so to say haha

Balanced Hackmons might be interesting as well; I did kind of want to learn how this format works, so if it wins, it might be the thing I need to finally make me play it lol
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Poll is closed. Balanced hackmons wins.

Signups will open this Monday 09/09 and the tournament will officially start on the 16th.

Meanwhile I suggest you start building and testing your team. Check this page for tips and strategies.


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