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Rules and List of Testers

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LunchLunch [] added hacks to their list that weren't in the forum and never responded when questioned on it.

Welcome to the beta testers thread!

Do you have a hack but have no idea who to ask for testing?
Is it ready to submit but you need to make sure it fully works?
Do you want to somehow offer your help to hack authors in testing their hacks but you have no idea where to look or who to ask?

This is the thread for you!

This thread intends to bridge hack authors who need testers with people who are willing to playtest hacks.
Each tester will have a "profile" with their availability, accepted difficulties, and a list of all the hacks that they have tested, including a link to their feedback.

How can you apply to be a beta tester?

Simple! Make a post in this thread for your profile, in the same vein as our moderators' moderation logs.


Status - Available
Difficulty - Easy-Hard

Hacks Tested (3):
- Hack (Completed)
- Hack (Completed)
- Hack (Testing)

There is no mandatory formatting for it; just make sure that it's readable and follows the forum rules on CSS use.

Of course, your efforts will not go unnoticed! Posts with quality feedback will be given a score in points; having a certain number of points grants you special badges, namely for increments of 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 150 and 200 points!
You can gain between 0.5 and 10 points for your posts, depending on their content and effort put into them: Examples!
Examples do not indicate exact point values, and points will be awarded on review of feedback; a long post does not guarantee full points.

- To apply, simply post a reply in this thread in the format described above. You'll be added to the list as soon as possible. Don't panic if you don't see your name immediately; it may take some time but your score will still be awarded.
- As soon as you make your post in this thread, you can start testing and posting feedback in active threads, if there are any, you don't need to wait to be asked to test a hack. A score is given upon review of your post containing feedback.
- Your feedback should be contained to a single post, unless the hack creator asks for clarification. Extra clarification posts will not earn you additional points.
~ Playing multiple demos of the same hack and providing feedback on each still awards points per post. ~
- Don't post until you are finished playtesting.
- Try to keep your list in this thread up to date: add hacks to your post immediately upon beginning testing, and mark completed hacks as such as soon as possible.
- After you test a hack, add a link to your feedback post into your profile.
- Do not cheat: Your feedback is reviewed. If we find out that you've added hacks to your list that you haven't tested, you will be removed from the list, and your post/score/badges will be removed.
- Always respect the author's work. Do not insult or mock them for their design choices. If this happens in any of your feedback posts, but also outside this subforum, the points you would've received will be deducted from your overall score.
- However, constructive criticism is appreciated Make sure to choose your words to try and avoid any miscommunications between you and the hack author.
- If any issues arise, such as a user harassing you to test their hack while you are already busy with another one, or a user flaming you for your feedback, please report them to any Forum Moderator via PM.
- Any account found to be inactive for 2 or more months with zero points will be pruned from the list of testers as well as having their post deleted

- If you need your hack tested, make a public thread in this subforum, and make sure that the opening post contains a link to your .bps. You can use your file bin to store your hack's beta .bps. Screenshots are not needed, but they could make testers more interested in testing your hack.
- Your opening post needs to include the length of the hack, in exits, and the difficulty you feel it has.
- Feel free to also use any of the regular Tags when talking about your hack to try and cultivate the appropriate audience.
- Once you have made a thread, you may ask testers marked as available if they are willing to playtest your hack. Please do not disturb users marked as unavailable.
- You are allowed to update the .bps file, but don't change it too often. If you update your .bps, it's ok to make a post stating you've updated it, but make sure that you update the link to it in the original post.
- Always wait for the tester's feedback before submitting your hack to the hacks section. Submitting it earlier renders the tester's invested time meaningless. Please have respect for the amount of work playtesting a hack requires.
- Don't harass testers to test your hack; they're free to choose which hacks they want to test.
- Do not repeatedly request testing from testers who have turned down your request before, and do not harass or insult testers for their feedback. If there is an issue with someone's feedback, such as unnecessary rudeness or insults, then please contact a Forum Moderator via PM.

- Here is the list of difficulty options for reference:

Easy - Normal - Hard - Very Hard

Beginner - Intermediate - Expert

Tool Assisted:
Kaizo - Pit


- Before submitting your hack, check how other users view your difficulty. For example, if you posted your hack under Hard, but multiple users say that it's more Normal, it's probably a good idea to mark your hack as Normal instead.
- With this new thread, users who wish to receive points for any previous feedback need to make a new profile here. All previous feedback will fall under the previous rules when being scored.
- Starting with this thread, all feedback must be on hacks posted within the last 6 months by an active poster for points to be received.


UserProfilePointsTotal Score
SF - The Dark WarriorStrikeForcer0
Pitchin' LuigiPitchin Luigi1.51.5
Green JerryGreen Jerry2.0,1.0,2.05
Dark PrinceDark Prince0

~If you have any additional questions or something wasn't clear feel free to send me a PM.
Hey everyone!
I'm here to apply as a tester! I like to write very detailed feedback, and i think it could be helpful for other people!

- Difficulty can be anywhere between Easy and Very Hard.
I might accept some Kaizo:Light stuff as well, but only the easiest of Kaizo:Light hacks, so it won't take too long to test, or be too demanding for me.
Also, i'm currently not accepting Joke or Troll hacks for testing, but this might change in the future.
- As for length, it'll depend mostly on my availability, as well as the difficulty.
If i have a lot of free time, i might accept some long hacks, but if i'm available but i'm still a bit busy, i'll accept only short hacks. (I'm doing this mostly to not make people wait too long for my feedback)

When i'm available, i'll be mostly taking a look at hacks' threads and see if some hack calls my attention for me to test it.
I'll also be open for requests via PM, just make sure to link to your hack's thread, so i can give feedback there! (Note that i might reject a request if i have any reason to do so)

Availability: Unavailable!
Busy with other things right now. (In fact, i've been so busy i didn't even think about updating this before :p)

Hacks Tested: 1
Unnamed Hack About Collectin' CoinsJP32Finished!

Other testing experiences
- I've done some Fan Judging on VLDC 11, which was a nice experience for me on testing levels! I could only judge about half the entries, but that's already plenty of experience!
This can also be a sort of "showcase" of my testing style (though of course, VLDC 11 judging is a lot more detailed than it'd be if i was testing a full hack)

My Youtube Channel
Currently available: YES
Preferences: between Easy and Hard.

Hacks Tested: 6
Touhou Extreme - Scarlet Revenge by Hooded Edgy: TESTED
The Princess Rescue by Bandicoot: TESTED
The Princess Rescue 2 by Bandicoot: TESTED
The Crown Tale by Bandicoot: TESTED
New Super Mario World 2: Around The World by G.D: TESTED
SMW - The Lost Islands by Chris: TESTED
Mario Vs Deadly Alliance by SpoodahBro: TESTING

Hi! I have more than 4 years of experience with Smwhacking.
I'm also a writer/playtester of the Mario Hacks website, the anthem of brazilian community who lives since 2009.
With a simple and objective review,i gives the feedback that you ever deserve. Bye-bye!
"If you imitate someone, you can never surpass them."
Let's test some hacks! If you have something to be playtested, feel free to send me a PM.
Status - Available
Difficulty: From Easy to Very Hard (some Kaizo: Light too)
Hacks Tested: 21 (Post will be updated)
New Super Mario World 2 - Around The World by Pink Gold Peach/Rilla Roo
Adventure Islands by Shadow9999
Super Mario Endless World by Haithius
SMW - The Lost Islands by Chris
Luigi's Misadventures 3: Recipe for a Disaster by Roberto zampari
Super Mario Another Retro by Infinity
Vanilla Flavour by niko
SMW: The Crown's Tale by bandicoot
Mushroom Kingdom Adventures 1: Peach's Kidnapping by Dispace
Super Russian World by RussianMan
Mario vs The Deadly Alliance by SpoodahBro
Classic Mario World 3: The Finale - Definitive Version by bandicoot
.EXE// Project Demo by EE_02.exe
Waluigi's Road to Glory: Joe Biden will go on by Roberto zampari
Mario - The Mysterious Gem - Demo 2 by Mr. MS
Super Mario: The Friends' Rescue - First Demo by edgar
Super Mario Radish Kingdom Adventure by autisticsceptile1993
Insomnia by Drippz85
New Super Mario World 1: The 12 Magic Orbs Remastered (World 6 Demo) by Rilla Roo
Total Jotary World by Narcologer
Luigi's New Quest by Mr. MS

Currently Testing: 0
I would like to playtest hacks so that I can give feedback
and hopefully they appreciate it.

Status - Mostly active
Preferences: Easy - Normal - Hard (not Very Hard)
Hacks Tested (1): Super Mario Endless World by Haithius

I have been playing lot of hacks since 2018 (even with stats back then) and it's still fun to play SMW hacks and see what's being created. Thanks!
Im Ready As a Beta Tester I can Play Nearly All Hacks From Easy to Very Hard as long That is Not Kaizo :D

Curently Status Aviable :D


Hacks Tested I dont Know if The Last Hacks I Tested Count so

Hacks Tested 5 NEW

SMW Quest for Gaming

Mario's Ruined Seclusion

Mario Rescues Santa Claus

Super mario endless world demo

Toadettes Adventures

Super Expert World

Mario Vs. The Deadly Alliance

SMW The Crown Tale

A Little Toad Story

Super Mario Radish Kingdom Adventure

Hack 1 2

Hack 0

Hacks Tested 5 Old I can Remember :D

New Super Mario World 2 Around The World

Smw The Princes Rescue

Something Else

Smw The Princess Rescue 2

Yoshis Strange Quest
Mein Youtube Kanal

My Youtube Channel

I'm up for this.

I've got a lot of free time, so if you need something tested let me know and I'll do it! I have a bad(?) habit of spending my time doing these sorts of things in one sitting, but the person in need of testing will probably see this as a great thing!!

Status: Currently available!
Difficulty: Standard: Easy - Standard: Very Hard (be sure to let me know which difficulty is intended for the hack because I will be giving criticism based on this)

Hacks tested (7):
New Super Mario World 2 - Pink Gold Peach
Super Julie's World - julie_9_4
Insomnia - Drippz85
Anko's Kaizo:Light hack
New Super Mario World 1: The Twelve Magic Orbs Remastered - Rilla Roo
Total Jotary World - Narcologer
Aeron's Golden Cookie Quest - Anorakun

Hacks currently testing (0):
The handomest people in the world are ones who follow my Twitch
Status: Available
Difficulty: Up to Very Hard*, Including Joke and Troll Hacks**. No Kaizo and Pit please.
Hacks Tested: 0

I will update my status whenever situation changes.

* - Very Hard hacks may not be played and tested to completion bc of the sheer difficulty and undertaking involved to play those levels. I will however, try to give as much feedback as I can, but I know my limits.
** - Troll and Joke hacks also may not be played to completion bc the structure of those hacks are fundamentally different than playing a regular one. I am not the most equipped to critique them so refrain from asking me to test them unless it looks presentably good.
Modern Redrawn Mario Bros. 1.4 (last update - October 2nd-22nd, 2022, was making more refinements to Small Mario Bros. forms I can't fully remember off the top of my head)

On Pixel Art Requests: I generally do not accept work unless I either have the time, if I see your project worth my time to contribute towards, and that is usually me doing the approaching to you on that.
-I also do not accept speculative work as I do have various art I made on-hand with me.
-I am more receptive to equivalent exchange of resources in which case, you can DM me wherever I have an active presence on for the details.
-Other times I'm availible for your project is C3 request threads I may run.

Im completely interested on being a hack tester. I hope i dont break any rule! #smw{:TUP:}

Status: Only available on Friday, Saturday and probably Sunday

Difficulty: Easy - Very Hard (I wont test Kaizos or Troll hacks)

Hacks Tested

-New Super Mario World 2 by Pink Gold Peach

Hacks That im Testing

- Haunted Hill
Current availability:

Easy - Hard

Hacks tested (1):
Note: Only listing hacks that were tested after this post was sent:
Luigi Stardust/Worst Adventure (V1) by Infinity (8/8 exits)

Currently testing (1):
Waluigi's Road to Glory: Nancy Pelosi Will Go On by Roberto zampari (9/?? exits)

Status: Unavailable
Difficulty: Easy - Kaizo Light

Hacks Testing (0)

Hacks Completed (6)
Super Nothing World by NewPointless (24/25 Exits)
Haunted Hill by Sleepy (19/19 Exits)
Super Mario in a New World by EvanEMV (10/10 Exits VERSION 1)
.EXE by EE_02.exe (4/4 Exits)
Super Muffin World by Sorrylag (7/8 Exits)
Mario - The Mysterious Gem by Mr. MS(28/28 Exits)
Just some Ys fan lol
Status: Available
Difficulty: Easy - Very Hard

Hacks tested (2):
Mario Blitzkrieg by snaker96
Super Mario World - Neeberz's Hack by Neeberz
Currently testing (0):

Experience: Long time playing hacks, does nitpicking, replaying levels few times.
Status : Available
Difficulty : Easy - Kaizo Hard

Hacks tested (1) - Hungrymumbles Project By Hungrymumbles

Currently testing (0)
Status: Unvailable (College is tough, especially if you don't have a own PC)
Difficulty: From Esay to Very hard (I'm not good at kaizo)

>>>Hacks tested (7):
- Mario Blitzkrieg v1.1 Beta by snaker96
- Super Mario World: A Super Mario Adventure 2 (v1 - v2 - v4 - v5 - Final) by KaidenThelens
- Hack 0 Beta by Golden Yoshi
- Hack 6 Beta by Golden Yoshi
- The Flight of the Kiwi (v1 - v2) by ModernKiwi
- Luigi's Super Adventure - Demo 2 (v1 - v1.1) by Dispace
- Deluxe Mario Adventure v1.1 by Dispace

>>>Hacks testing (0):

I generally check the forums few times per day (generally at night) due to my terribly slow internet, but I can test in some parts of the day. I have experience playing hacks since 2019 and it sounds good to help. So, let's start!

Fight everyone for everlasting peace!
I didn´t finished drawing my better Ares Genri ;_;

Super Mario Horizons (WIP)
Status - Available
Difficulty - Kaizo:Light

Forum Hacks Tested (0)

Yo, I'm interested too in testing hacks.

Status: Available
Difficulty: Hard to Very Hard

Hacks Tested (that I provided feedback in the forums) (17):

- Hack 1 2 3 Beta;
- Luigi Stardust Adventure Demo 5;
- Luigi Stardust Adventure Demo 6;
- Waluigi's Road to Glory (Nancy Pelosi demo);
- Waluigi's Road to Glory (Joe Biden demo 1);
- Waluigi's Road to Glory (Joe Biden demo 2);
- Waluigi's Road to Glory (Joe Biden demo 3);
- Waluigi's Road to Glory (Joe Biden demo 4);
- Waluigi's Road to Glory (Horlogic demo);
- Luigi's Misadventures 4 (Demo 1);
- Luigi's Misadventures 4 (Demo 2);
- Luigi's Misadventures 4 (Demo 3);
- Luigi's Misadventures 4 (Demo 4);
- Luigi's Misadventures 4 (Demo 5);
- Luigi's Misadventures 4 (Demo 6);
- Luigi's Misadventures 4 (Complete);
- Marisa and Reimu's Hack Beta;

Currently Testing (0):
Hello! I'd like to playtest some hacks.

Status: Available
Difficulty Preference: Kaizo Light

Hacks tested (8):
- LearningToFly0.1 by NewPointless
- LearningToFly0.2 by NewPointless
- LearningToFLy0.3 by NewPointless
- StunyBoy Hack World 1 Draft by Stunyboy
- Yet Another Super Mario Adventure (YASMA) 4 Castles Demo v0.1 by Segment1Zone2
- Yet Another Super Mario Adventure (YASMA) 4 Castles Demo v0.2 by Segment1Zone2
- Yet Another Super Mario Adventure (YASMA) 4 Castles Demo v0.3 by Segment1Zone2
- ANewStart v0.1 by DingusButticus

Currently Testing (0):
If your hack isn't kaizo, i'll probably test it.
If a hack is long, i.e 70 exits or more, it takes me about a day to test. Anything less will be tested in a few hours.
My PMs are open for anyone to ask anything.

Status - Unavailable
Difficulty - Easy-Very Hard
Length - Any - Preferably long, difficult hacks.

Hacks Tested: (33)

Super Mario World: A Super Mario Adventure 2 (First Demo) by KaidenThelens

Super Mario World: A Super Mario Adventure 2 (Second Demo) by KaidenThelens

Super Mario World: A Super Mario Adventure 2 (Fourth Demo) by KaidenThelens

Aeron's Golden Cookie Quest Demo by Anorakun

Super Mario World: Trouble At Yoshi's Island First Demo by Spads

Super Mario World: Trouble At Yoshi's Island Second Demo by Spads

Hack 6 Beta by Golden Yoshi

The Flight of the Kiwi Demo Version 1 by ModernKiwi

Super Mario World: Trouble At Yoshi's Island Third Demo by Spads

Super Mario World: A Super Mario Adventure 2 (Fifth Demo) by KaidenThelens

Luigi's Super Adventure - Demo 2 by Dispace

Luigi's Stardust Adventure (Version 8) by Infinity

Vanilla Mario World 0.02v by monkey03297

Deluxe Mario Adventure C3 Demo by Dispace

Troblex Chronicles 1: The Scarlet Returns (Alpha v0.1) by Dispace

Adventure in Gemstone Islands v0.99 by Burst Man

Vanilla Mario World v0.02b by monkey03297

NSMW: The Twelve Magic Orbs Remastered Beta 1 by Rilla Roo

Luigi's New Quest (Final) by Mr. MS

Super Mario World: A Super Mario Adventure 3 First Demo by KaidenThelens

Super Mario Bros: Vanilla Islands Beta by Gamma V

Super Mario World: A Super Mario Adventure 3 Second Demo by KaidenThelens

Super Mario World: A Super Mario Adventure 3 Third Demo by KaidenThelens

Super Mario Pineapple Peril DEMO by KoiStork

Super Mario World: A Super Mario Adventure 3 Fourth Demo by KaidenThelens

Super Mario Pineapple Peril Demo 2 by KoiStork

Super Mario World: A Super Mario Adventure 3 Sixth Demo by KaidenThelens

Super Mario Pineapple Peril Demo 3 by KoiStork

Super Mario World: A Super Mario Adventure 3 Eighth.5 Demo by KaidenThelens

Super Mario World: Quest for Gaming Demo 2 by bandicoot

Super Mario World: Season 2 by DaHitmenGuy (1st Testing)

Super Mario World: A Super Mario Adventure 3 REAL FINAL demo by KaidenThelens

Marisa and Reimu's Hack by RussianMan

Hacks Testing: (0)
Nothing for now.
Hack tester info:

Status - available
Difficulty - from easy to Very Hard
Length - any

Hacks tested (11):

Luigi Stardust Adventure by Infinity
Luigi's Super Adventure Demo 2 by Dispace
Super Mario World: A Super Mario Adventure 2 by KaidenThelens
Super Mario Bros.: Vanilla Islands by Gamma V
Waluigi's Road to Glory: Horlogic will Go On by Roberto zampari
Super Mario World: A Super Mario Adventure 3 by KaidenThelens
Super Mario World Season 2 by DaHitmenGuy
SMW Quest for Gaming by bandicoot
Luigi's Misadventures 4: Galactic Kids Next Door by Roberto zampari
The Quest for the Candies by Green Jerry
Mario Rescues Santa Claus by Green Jerry

Hacks testing (1):
NSMW1 The 12 Magic Orbs Powered-Up by Pink Gold Peach
Who is your favourite player?

"Cristo Ronaldo, Suey!" - iShowSpeed
Status - Available
Difficulty - Easy-VeryHard
Length - any
(hack testing)
Smw adventure 3
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