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Mario & Luigi World: A SMW Hack.
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Welcome to my Mario & Luigi World. Hack, my very first upcoming hack.

Princess Toadstool has been kidnapped by Bowser again (really boring story #smw{-_-}) and Mario & Luigi try to save her with new Power-Ups and defeat new enemies.

Play as Mario or Luigi
9 Worlds
New enemies
New Power-Ups
New Yoshi types
In-game shop
Retro Levels

Stay turned from hack!

Do you have any screenshots or anything from the hack? Because it's a little hard to comment on the hack with what you've written down so far.

I will say, though, the 3-up moon idea is interesting, but my big recommendation there is to make sure that they're all very well hidden; if a few of them are too easy to get then the game could end up being too easy!

Currently porting:
OLDC Judging: In progress
welcome to smwc, while it sounds fun your hack, we can't really comment on anything as KTB said. Screenshots are kinda a given in this forum.

You can upload some in your file section.
Hello everyone. Heres a few screenshots about level 1-2, also a little teaser about new power-up: Racoon Mario.

Please note that power-up Racoon Mario doesn't replace Cape Mario.

More screenshots soon

Hey everyone, here's a new video about how Super Leaf work:

Video by lx5, the creator of Super Leaf and other power-ups.

Also, I'm planning to create a demo version of the hack, but some features don't included (Shop and other).

Sorry for my inactivity, because I'm very busy. A few days ago, the school start and I stay 6-7 hours in, and NO, this is not mean the hack will be canceled. I still working on this.

New screenshots very soon #tb{:D}

Good evening everyone, here's a NEW screenshots about a remake version of a familiar 2 levels from an infamous game. Can you recognize which game I'm talking about?

Here are the screenshots:

Edit: 1-2 was canceled, it's replaced with 2-1 of the Super Mario Bros.

Stay tuned for more content from this hack #tb{:]}.

The levels are from the first Super Mario Bros, also these levels were remade multiple times (there are remake hacks such as Super Mario Bros. Enhanced, New Retro Mario Bros. and Retro Mario World - Super Mario Bros.)


Hello guys, I'm back. Here's a new teaser a NEW Power-up. It is a mushroom with a propeller, and you know which power-up I reference. I didn't find a video for Propeller Mushroom from NSMBWii, sorry #tb{:(}.

Good morning guys, I am back with a new accouterment. This is a possible feature in the game:

Like moons, Yoshi coins are very-well hiding. Some are visible but require a special trick or maybe a power-up to get it;
1 Level per world can be short, featuring no checkpoint, no moons, and only 3 Yoshi coins.

That's all for this morning.

Good evening guys. Here are a few changes from the hack:
1. No short level anymore, all levels have normal length;
2. The retro level will still add to the game, but not in normal worlds. There's will add to a special world call 'Retro World';
3. Getting unlimited lives will now be different instead collecting 3-UP Moons.

If you see mistakes in my posts, I'm don't know very-hell English.

Good-bye, and happy new year!!!

Ok, so here is some feedback:
I see that you are probably a begginner at SMWHacking, so welcome to out community, I wish you good luck with your project.
And please take the feedback that people send to you, even if they are negative or arent praising your work people dont mean to hurt you but to help you to improve your works, so lets go.

1)Try to provide screenshots or videos of your levels, title screen, plot and the overworld map in this thread during the development of your hack, this way people will be able to give feedback about what is good and what can be improved on your hack(like I said above).
From time to time when you have a good amount of levels made and a part of your hack is already done you can provide a BETA or a demo for people to test it out and see how the hack is doing.

2)The idea of the 3up moons providing unlimited lives once you collect them all is great and a good incentive to collect them, just make sure they arent easy to get since the player can use them to get way too many lives early game, also make sure the game is saving in the SRAM and give the player a way to keep track of which moons they have already collected.

3)Dont remake levels from past Mario games, there's two problems when it comes to remake levels: the first is that everyone in the SMW comunity is a huge fan of Mario games and probably played these levels to death in their original games, the second is that remake levels dont provide anything new that we havent already seen in the original games made by nintendo, the idea when making a new game is to give the player something new that they havent experienced yet and a remake level dont provide them that.
Still, the idea of a retro themed world is great and its a bit unexplored in SMW Hacks, you could still keep this idea by making your own levels but with retro graphics instead.

4) I cant say for certain, but from what I could see in the level 1-2 screenshots you seem to have a good grasp about level design( I cant say for certain because the screen dont have any enemies or much objects etc so...) mastering the level design is a important part when making you hacks, the better and creative you design your levels more fun the players will have in the final product of your hack.
Its not about how much new mechanics, objects,powerups,etc you have but how you use them that will make the diference in the end.
If you are interested I sugest watching some videos on Youtube about level design if you want, a good channel that can teach you a lot is Mark Brown's Gamemaker's toolkit on YT.

5)If you need help with the english on your hack ask for help here with the translations of the texts you want to put on your hack, I'm not a native english speaker myself too, but people on the comunity can help a lot with grammar if you want.

Thats it, sorry for this long post.
I wish you Good luck with your hack.
Hello everyone!

I just want to say that I'm sorry that I was inactive for a long time, and I really want to make a ROM-Hack, so I'm back! #tb{^V^}

Also, I have some announcements to make:

1. I accidentally deleted my project making room in my computer, so I must try to recreate those levels (I also created 1 level);
2. Some of you say that 1-1 and 1-2 got recreated too many times, and I'm not gonna include them in my ROM-Hack. Instead, I'm still gonna create retro levels but with my own layout.
3. Instead of a retro world, I'm going to make a special world that contains the most difficult levels of my project. This world may include retro levels
4. It's hard to make a ROM-Hack alone, so if you want to help me creating some levels and making the overworld, you can DM me.

That all you want to know if you got any question, DM me!


Hey everyone, here's a few screenshots about level 1-1, The easiest level in the game:

That's all. have a good day! #smrpg{y}

Hey everyone, here's a little sneak-peak about level 1-4:

That's all for today.

For your first hack, this looks alright! I like the palette in 1-1 (though you might want to do something about the background hills being cut off).


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