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Your aspirations?

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I’m sure someone has asked this before, but it’s been a while and we got new activity...

Soooo :>

What are your dreams and aspirations? I’m super interested to see what comes up!
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I think I've said this on the site sometime before, but whatever. My aspiration in life (career-wise anyway) is to become a fiction writer. It's been the same for a long, long time and while I'm unfortunately not able to pursue a degree or anything related to it due to financial reasons, it's still a very vivid thought in my head whenever I think about the future.
Similarly to Veck, there once was a time when I thought I wanted to be a writer, but I eventually decided that it really wasn't for me.

As for what I actually want, I just started college all set to major in physics, which I know will be a challenge! I took pretty much every AP class my high school had to offer and I couldn't help but feel as though every class was just too easy, except for Physics 1 (algebra-based). It was genuinely really tough, and that's when I decided that would have to be what I go into - anything that's a challenge is the sort of thing I'll have most fun doing.

On the side, I'm really into music (probably not a big surprise to anyone here). I've been writing a lot of music lately, both instrumental and lyrical, and although none of them are great, I hope to one day come up with something on the level of Yasunori Mitsuda or Nobuo Uematsu -- maybe that's unrealistic, but I can dream!! I've even recently taken up guitar and harmonica, in case learning instruments helps.
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I'm content with living a relatively simple life. I used to have dreams of being a famous actor or musician or something but honestly I don't want to be famous. I like having a private life and I want to keep it that way.

My ultimate goal is to be a music teacher teaching high school students because music is my passion and I think a lot of high school teachers suck. Kids deserve teachers that understand them and my best teachers have shaped my life more than most other people in my life, so I hope I can be that for someone else.
Ultimately what I'd like to do is not work a compressed schedule anymore. For those wondering what that is, I work 12 hour days 3 or 4 days a week. It's nice because I get 4 day weekends every other week but work days leave little time for anything and it's hard to schedule things only on the later half of the week.

Really what I'd love to do is have some sort of alternative job, YouTube, Twitch, Graphic freelancing, data administration freelancing.
Like I don't really want to be tied down to anything but myself but not many people actually make a living that way so if I can just get off 12 hour days I'd be happy.
To have a job that I don't mind, with a reasonable schedule (preferably something that I like, can get paid decently for, and can help people with)

To have at least one life partner (romantic or QPR)

To continue all my hobbies and find success in my creative projects (SMW hacking and other video game programming, music composition, writing)

To be able to entertain people through my YouTube channel and blog

To have my own house (with the person mentioned previously) in a nice area, and my own vehicle


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I don't know.
I'm sure I've posted in a thread like this not so long ago and my answer probably won't change very much.

Get at the very least a master's degree, have a decent job in the meantime but ultimately become a university professor in my area;
Be happily married, get our place and kids, or maybe just one kid lol;
Meet new places and new people, and keep broadening my world and life views;
Become actually good at the guitar, and possibly learn more instruments and even singing.
I don't think my answers are gonna change much from the other thread but here goes nothing.

Have at least someone I want to stay and have kids with for the rest of my life (didn't make much effort but it should come up nicely)
Get my own vehicle just so I don't have to depend on buses everyday
Relearn how to bike again (I fell from one and never dared to even touch it again lol)
Learn to play some good instruments such as violins and even a guitar
Have a job (no matter which) with a good salary to help our financial situation. Maybe during or after my master's degree.
High paying job, good social life, fitness and make a good SMW hack. The last one is pretty trivial, but SMW is a childhood obsession and I had dreams of making an awesome version of it.

I'm already some of the way there, I have a good paying job, but can always strive for more. More money, more holidays, better use of free time.

Social life was going well, but for some reason my friends are starting to slow down and stop going out as much. I don't get it, but it's frustrating to me.

Fitness is going well, but there's so much more work to do.

As for SMW Hack, I'm just spending so much time getting lost in writing the story for it and doing experiments from time to time to test technical parameters, and feasibility of my ability.

The ultimate accomplishment for a fictionmancer, in my opinion, is to create a work which is so compelling and complex that a community forms around it, engaged in the work of analysis and theory. In short, my dream is to finish Ganymede and that it hits a lot of people right in the feelings, that people want to read between the lines and try to figure out all the layers that exist within it (to say nothing of all the actual secrets in the game itself).

The real ultimate compliment would be that someone else makes a really magnificent work of some kind, because Ganymede inspired them to do it.

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Increase my hourly rate to earn more free-time;

Get trained for real in my multiple hobbies and interests, as for music, programming, photography, painting, etc.

Be recognized as an artist at heart. Maybe, be able to scrap some dime from it.

Stop producing mediocre+ crafts, learn at least the guitar or the midi keyboard. Making better pieces.

If I were more logic-oriented, I'd find the way to be worth $200/hour or even more, that'd be a neat start. But this kind of figures, you only do them by manipulating, selling and stepping on people, so not happening any time soon :) I like reading the entrepreneur happy-go-lucky trivia that invaded the Internet lately, though.

BTW, these entrepreneur guys declare that, when we unveil our own dreams and hopes, we are less likely to actively fight to make them happen. Not sure whether scientific evidence supports this but still.
I've always wanted to be a game developer but I can already see that that has roughly a 0.26% chance of ever happening (so never) so I'll just have to do whatever it takes to not live on the side of the road
your simplistic human mind cannot possibly comprehend the complexities of my thoughts

I have some amount of reluctance of discussing my aspirations because admittedly, I don't know how many of them are even realistic.
I suppose the most realistic of them all (because admittedly, this one is nearly guaranteed) is that I'll become a Chinese teacher for children.

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Shoutouts to wiiqwertyuiop

Originally posted by FamilyTeamProductions
I have some amount of reluctance of discussing my aspirations because admittedly, I don't know how many of them are even realistic.
I suppose the most realistic of them all (because admittedly, this one is nearly guaranteed) is that I'll become a Chinese teacher for children.

I bet they’re all possible. Just pick which one and go at it at full force

But a Chinese teacher for children. That’s so cute lol I love it
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it security
not much else really lol
maybe a small career in media or whatever
I guess work from home
i just lurk sometimes
I've got my sights set on a career in the creative industries; something along the lines of game design or voice acting. I'm also aspiring to dabble in animation at some point and see if I can't excel with that. Aside from careers, I wish to continue improving upon my keyboard, artistic, and level designing skills, as well as travel somewhere beyond my home country.

Oh and of course, I'd like to create a decent ROM hack. So far I've only been lingering around level design contests and I'm hoping to make something more complete one day.
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Well, one goal that I have set for myself is to become a teacher when I enter the career world. I have always had an intrest in teaching and helping others, so this would be a perfect job for me. But entering into such a field isn't going to be easy, so I'm setting up some smaller goals first in order to reach my dream job; particularly, the first goal I have is making sure I do well in high school.

The other goal that I have to participate in some type of level design contest. Despite multiple level design contests being held this year, I have yet to actually participate in any of them. And though I did plan to make something for BLDC, a lack of motivation made me stop developing it. Currently, I have my sights set on the 12th Vanilla Level Design Contest, so I want to try and develop a hack of my own first to get an idea of how level design and creativity works. And before you mention, I don't have any interest in making a stage for the Halloween Level Design Contest, since recent events in school and real-life have made me too tired to work on anything contest-related.
i wanna watch 20000 animes by 2020
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