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[15] Banana Fort

Hi there !

I got all excited for this contest since this is my first full level design since year 2015. I've been busy at work but I like to care about a SMW craft some time and this just sounded like the perfect opportunity!

I got my level named "Banana Fort"... I guess it is because I wanted to have boomerang bros in a castle setting, and I coloured my assets in yellow as a result.

The baserom is super smooth with its sprites, blocks and graphics ! But with my skill I preferred to keep it quite simple. Also I used this super music by Wakana.

Thanks for passing by ! #w{<3}
No news good news?

From my side, I've done this video. Really trying to impede Catsuit Mario in unconventional ways. Job is done. Reset pipes all around if the powerup is lost.


Starting 1:48 I fail the last segment and take a reset pipe so you see this also.
This last segment of the room, leads to a "final" room, which content is yet to define.
I want it short, like 4-5 screens only, with a challenge including low time limit, jumping and lava...

Welp, all-in-all, that's gonna be a nice 20-screen long level with challenge and fun. Hopefully.
I like the idea of using cat mario in a vertical level, but I think you should make the first screens using cat Mario to be very easy, and with no enemies, for the player feel how cat Mario Works. I don't know, it feels too fast.
Hi mariosr, thanks for your input.
I think it's an audience choice, ie I automatically assume that contest levels players are Mario veterans...

Maybe it's a wrong approach, so I'll likely add two "easy" screens to doodle around with this powerup.
Challenge is a good thing of course, but having a bob-omb falling down directly in the path of where you have to climb the wall (at 1:37) isn't so much of a challenge as it is irritating. Since it falls from the ceiling, the bomb is hardly in your view until it's nearly too late. It's especially bad because, as you show in your video, if you lose the cat powerup then you have to take the reset pipe and do a whole section of the level over again. I'd recommend adding a more reasonable obstacle there and just remove the bomb entirely.

Aside from that and mariosr's comments, it's a pretty cool level overall. I really like the use of the cat powerup in general, it's pretty clever here for the most part with the wall climbing and having to hit the on/off switches to progress.
The handomest people in the world are ones who follow my Twitch
Yeah, I placed this bob-omb without much thinking. I'll try having it falling from a lower height so it can be seen before climbing the wall.
Also, a small place to experiment Catsuit in a safe setting was added.

Edit : Here is the submission file. Thanks for your interest guys.
I played your level, I didn't expected CatMario to be so responsive! The level looks really difficult, but it's not unfair (At least not for me). I like it, testing CatMario before the level helped me understand what can be done with the powerup.
thanks for your review!
Originally posted by S.N.N.
the real winners here are the judges for having to digest all of this. where's my trophy

level name: furcon 2019
author: me but don't tell anyone

feedback: oh yeah, this is the level where the reset pipes all take you back to the midpoint. i, too, have fundamentally misunderstood the purpose of many things in my life, friend, so don't feel bad

Hey, I do feel bad.
I usually never use reset pipes, I figured I could sprinkle some so no one tells me my level is too difficult. But I didn't receive any comment, that my whole reset system was useless. Guess I'll take care next time now that I've been corrected. Or leave reset pipes out.
Well, I'm off to eat dirt in my backyard.#smw{@_@} I imagine this "me but don't tell anyone" is intended as a compliment, so thanks haha.