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Overworld Design Contest 2019 - Results!


It's been a longer road than anticipated, but the day is finally here. There were originally 31 entries submitted to this contest, but we disqualified 5 entries and as such they have not been scored; details will be written below. Without further ado, the judges along with myself present to you this year's Overworld Design Contest results:

Third place:
Digital Entertainment, with 91.25/100 points!

Second place, narrowly beating third:
EternityLarva, with 92.50/100 points!!

The big, bad winner(s) of this contest:
Tob and Erik, with 94.25/100 points!!!

For a full list of scores, click here.

And that's all! Congratulations to those who won, and major props to everybody who entered in this contest. Anybody who didn't place in the top 3 will still receive the participation trophy.

Judge Comments:
Veck (Google Docs)
bebn legg
Major Flare

The five disqualified entries:
- Globetrotters Inn: submitted a broken bps patch
- Dispace: submitted two submissions?
- xyz600sp: ^
- Sariel: the final patch breaks
- AyGaAlPa: essentially submitted a full hack (including full levels)
fuck my heart is racing. ❤❤❤❤❤ #smrpg{<3}

Congrats everyone. Sad not to see
in the top three, for their entries I liked a lot, but then again I haven't seen the rest. Congrats to those who participated, and a big thanks to the judges for trucking along!
congrats erikie and toblerone! and shoutout to veck for asking if he could run and judge this contest, and seeing everything well through till the end. judging might've taken longer than you expected, but it's natural to run into unexpected issues during the judging process.
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Honestly, I probably could have judged faster if this contest didn't happen a bit before me moving. I hadn't even expected the move process to happen suddenly nor be like the 3rd house we looked at.

I sort of wished I went by faster but ultimately I was pleased with the results and many of the entries I reviewed.

I noticeably worried initially about how much to say about my thoughts when judging or how to format my thoughts. I eventually settled on a quick comment section and tried to speed up the process over time. As this was my first time judging, I wanted to do something that felt natural. I tried to see the format that the others used, but ultimately made my own.

Knowing what I know now, I probably could have shaved some time on my judging. Next time there will be improvement. Not sure when that will be but I am happy I got the opportunity to give judging a shot.

Thank you all for your entries. Most of them were quite a treat and thank you all for your patience and understanding.

Oh man!
I may have gotten sixth place, but I got a double judge favorite and and one perfect score! I could not be any happier than this. Much love to you guys!

I was afraid I would have points taken for making such a confusing map. It's one that takes some dedication to understand and that's something not all judges are willing to give to every entry. I speak as a judge of very big contests in the past.

One thing I don't agree with however is getting lots of complaints about cutoff. I took extra care and especially a lot of extra tiles to fix most of them and I still get called out for the one pixel in the square corner tile that lets me get away with either not having an ugly super square tile or having to draw like 5 instances of it to fit everywhere I used it. But oh well. I admit the cutoff is still there regardless of my efforts.
Another one I disagree with are Scrydan's complaints over my snabs of personality (lowercase names and the "Nothing!" pipe), but I suppose it is to be expected one of the judges has to be representative of the no fun crowd people who like their games more professional.

Shoutouts to the judges who called my map JUMP-esque. To those who don't know, I'm one of JUMPhalf's map designers :P Extra shoutout to bebn legg who was torn on calling it plagiarism and also said my forest map is particularly similar (I designed JUMPhalf's forest, which I happen to like better than the forest in my entry).

I had huge amounts of fun making a map for this. Proud to have made it this far with a map almost devoid of any ASM and in the spirit of a SMW map, just how I like my maps.

e: I guess nobody caught one little easter egg; Pisces is drawn in the sky map by the white stars
It was a really strange-looking OW, and I experienced a softlock
in the cave world so I couldn't proceed.

Some paths and things glitch and it is impossible for me to get to Castle #2 due to a path that goes the wrong way into another level that heads into it.

So, half of the judges didn't judge the whole submission, because they found a softlock that others didn't?
Also may I get more information about the softlock since I don't see any way it's possible to get softlocked in world 2.
Check out Team Hack Fix/Translations' thread full of fixed and translated SMW hacks!

Wanted Permabanned or Dead by new staff team
6 users online: o imamelia, o o FPzero, o bebn legg, o Nameless, o Major Flare, o o Scrydan - Guests: 69 - Bots: 160Users: 69,666 (9,999 active)
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Originally posted by Koopster
Another one I disagree with are Scrydan's complaints over my snabs of personality (lowercase names and the "Nothing!" pipe), but I suppose it is to be expected one of the judges has to be representative of the no fun crowd people who like their games more professional.

It didn't effect the score at all. Just something I pointed out.

That and no capitals in names irks me to no end.

It was a good entry nonetheless and was happy with what experience it brought.

Congrats to the winners and everyone else who participated!
Also congrats to the judges! I'm sure it wasn't easy to judge all those overworlds.

This was my first time making something big and complete in Lunar Magic and my first time entering a contest. I had lots of fun designing so it doesn't matter what my final score is.

Also, if I ever find the time I would love to make this a full hack including levels and patches. Can I get some pointers on what to do and not to do with the overworld? It might help some other people as well.


Ah, I somehow didn't see the judges comments with all of the feedback.

3rd Place!

I am quite suprised at how well I did! This was really fun to do.#smrpg{y}
Trying out a new layout!
Congregation all winners!
I am yoshi9429 enjoying Lunar Magic and Touhou Danmakufu ph3 and RPG Maker MV.
Well, the results are finally here!

I'm actually really happy with my results! 14th isn't a bad placement at all considering this was my first ever attempt at overworld editing! And even more, my score was pretty great!
And, as i said in discord, a score as high as 72.75 getting me 14th place only shows how great was the overall quality of these entries! Good job everyone!

As i've been saying since i submitted my entry, i'm really glad to be able to take part in this contest! I had a lot of fun with this! And, being my first attempt in overworld editing, this has taught me a lot and gave me a lot of experience and confidence with creating overworlds!

Also, what are the odds of having both my entry for VLDC11 and my entry for OWDC being entry #1? lol
It's even funnier when i stop to think my VLDC11 entry was my first level ever, and my OWDC entry was my first overworld ever! xD


Now that i'm done talking about my placement and my entry, i do have some more things to say.

First of all, congratulations to Erik and Tob, as well as EternityLarva and Digital Entertainment for making it into the Top 3! I still haven't checked all of the overworlds, but i'm certain you guys did great!
Also, shout out to Koopster for getting 2 judge favorites and a perfect score, i did check your map, and it's incredible!
And of course, let's not forget Dakras Hayashi, your map was absolutely gorgeous! It's hard to believe that was made in SMW!

And last, but not least, i'd like to thank all the judges for the time and effort put judging this contest! It's really clear a ton of work went into the judging process!
The scores and comments were fair and well made! And i gotta say, as someone who entered this contest primarily for
that sweet Participation Trophy
learning, the detailed comments are extremely helpful!


And lastly
because i can't make a post without writing a book lol
, just like i did with the VLDC11 results, i'd like to comment on a few specific points of the judges reviews.
(Also, sorry in advance for the amount of reading you'll have to do Bebn xD)

My Youtube Channel
9th place is pretty good considering I rushed out my map in 3 days

Also I'm glad pretty much everyone picked up on the fact that every level has unique decorations next to it, as that was my primary goal with the map and sorta the reason as to why there weren't that many levels.
Oh wow, 7th place! Thanks judges :). I've read all your comments, and have fixed some of the things you've all pointed out. I'm glad you all enjoyed my overworld submission; it will be the overworld used in my first released hack. With your ideas, suggestions and criticism I hope it will be a more polished version for everyone to enjoy. Thanks!
Congratulations to the tops. The Erik/Tob map was definitely super high quality.

The competition was strong and none of the criticism of my entry was unfair or incorrect, and there were things I was blind to. You're not supposed to be able to return to the first submaps once you leave it, but this isn't obvious, and it made the judges think it was a design flaw. The lack of visible level markers also caused confusion.

Working on it hours a day for two whole months still wasn't enough time to finish what I really want it to be.

I'm a tiny bit let down I didn't do better, but the real victory was reaching the finish line at all. Good job, follow contestants!

I still think Deeke would have placed had he chosen to submit his map.

Chapter two: Land of No Shame
Coming January 2022
Oh man.... i tested my bps file a couple of times and there was nothing wrong. That is super sad. I was working so long on this project. :(
What an interesting list of scores and comments without context
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isn't two submissions
dispace has one submission and xyz600sp it's self one
but have got judging?
Neon Peridot's YouTube Channel
Oh, heck, I got 5th?? As a guy who just saw the contest and learned Lunar magic on a whim because he likes cartography, that's pretty dang good! I'm so glad you guys liked my map!

yay! got 9th place
better than i was expecting
the main issue i heard in the reviews on my entry was the paths and bowser's world.
ill try my hardest to make sure everything doesnt feel too out-of-place next time

congrats to the top 3! all of them were extremely well made!