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Best way to play SMW romhacks?
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Hi all,

I’m new to the whole Kaizo romhack scene and was curious on what you think to be the best way to play. So far I’ve seen three ways:

1. Hacked SNES Classic (I play on this) - I’ve heard that some kaizo hacks don’t work on it but I’ve had nothing but positive experiences thus far. I’d like to stream but want to be able to put a SNES controller overlay through OBS. Is this possible if you’re using the SNES classic controller?

2. Emulator on PC - I bet this would solve my controller overlay issue since I could just plug an 8Bitdo into my computer. Is there a way I could run the game via emulator on PC but have the picture show up on my CRT tv? Dumb question, I know, but hacking the SNES Classic was probably my crowning technical achievement just so you know #tb{:DD}

3. SNES with Everdrive cartridge - Is there a distinct difference between playing say Invictus on an everdrive than playing on the SNES Classic? I’d have to buy a SNES for this not to mention the everdrive cartridge which can range anywhere between $100 to $250.

Thanks y’all. Once again, I’m pretty new to kaizo and only got interested after watching GPB and co at GDQ and MMC. Any technical advice is appreciated also since it wasn’t until last year that I learned how to extract a folder #tb{XD}

Thank you,
Easiest would be emulator but why do you need it to output to a crt? good emulators will output in 8:7 which is the best plus it generally looks better than old crt.
I can think of two potential reasons for using a CRT: either it's the only TV you own (and your PC's monitor might not be suitable for gaming for one rason or another), or you want to minimize input lag (which would be a valid concern for Kaizo hacks). If minimizing input lag is the intention, though, then using emulators would kinda defeat the purpose.

An SNES with a flash cart is probably the most expensive option, but it's also the option with the least amount of input lag (there pretty much is none). That being said, some hacks might not work on original hardware, because they contain stuff that isn't supported on the SNES and only works in emulators because of some inaccuracies.

If you don't want to invest into that, I'd say emulators are your second best choice. You could give the SNES Mini a try, and in fact I've heard its emulator is pretty good and has a very low amount of input lag, but note that it was only written to support the few games that are pre-installed on the SNES Mini, so every other game, including hacks, could break in unexpected ways when played on the SNES Mini.

If you do decide to go with an emulator, I recommend against using BSNES/Higan. While it's the most accurate emulator out there, I find it to have the highest amount of input lag. Personally, I find SMW hacks to be almost unplayable in it, but your mileage may vary. Snes9x is probably the most reasonable choice, although I personally do like to use ZSNES because it has the least amount of input lag (at the cost of less accuracy and therefore potentially lower compatibility with newer hacks). I'm not quite sure why you'd want to hook up your PC to your CRT, but if it is indeed for input lag concerns, I'd recommend against doing it, because there isn't really a noticable gain when using them in a setup like this. You really only get a reduced amount of input lag if you hook them up directly to a SNES, so only if you go with a flash cart on an original SNES you will see a benefit from using a CRT.

If input lag isn't a concern to you at all, then anything goes, really. Even BSNES would be a good choice in that case. In fact, it might just be the best one because of BSNES' high accuracy.

Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!
Personally, I'd recommend going with an SD2SNES Pro and an original Super Nintendo.
From all the flashcarts out there, the SD2SNES Pro has the highest compatibility in terms of SNES games.
This obviously includes ROM hacks, too.

Should you care about playing hacks as genuine as possible, this is as good as you can get, too.
It's a long-term investment, but one that is definitely worth the money.
I own one too and haven't been disappointed so far.

Also, I talked to the developer of the following device here and he said he plans to add compatibility with the SD2SNES Pro:


I think online multiplayer on original SNES consoles is a real treat.
Like I said, it's well worth it to invest into an SD2SNES Pro.
Maybe this seems weird but for me a 3DS/2DS with CFW is the way to go. The New 3DS even includes an internal emulator which works fine for most hacks if you know how to install them.
Thank you so much to everyone who responded! I've been afk for a while but in the meantime I've completed Quickie World 2 and am really close to beating Invictus.

I've decided to invest in the FXPAK Pro (formally known as the SD2SNES Pro). It's pricey but from what y'all have said about it it definitely feels worth it.
Originally posted by RPG Hacker
If you do decide to go with an emulator, I recommend against using BSNES/Higan. While it's the most accurate emulator out there, I find it to have the highest amount of input lag.

To be fair, newer bsnes versions support the run-ahead feature, which ultimately mitigates input lag. It actually produces even less input lag than real hardware, so that is pretty much no concern at all nowadays. =)

Of course, the price to pay is a little bit more processing power (though, it does exist options to make the emulator less CPU hungry) and you have to setup the amount of frames to anticipate for each game individually, since many of them have varied levels of internal input lag. Not really a problem if targetting mostly SMW hacks.

Also, much like Snes9x, bsnes has now compability with old SMW hacks and fan translations, so you would have the best of both worlds!

I would only recommend using a CRT if shaders aren't enough to simulate the "visuals" you're looking for. As stated previously, most of the benefits would be latency related only.
Yeah, run-ahead is quite a game changer, to the point where my old opinion no longer stands and BSNES might now actually be my favorite SNES emulator. My PC is quite the powerhouse, so I luckily don't have much of a problem with extra frames being processed, and the reduced amount of input lag makes the games feel infinitely better.

Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!
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