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What else can be done with SA-1?

Peter Griffin Here! You know what really Grinds my Gears? The SA-1 Chip! As far as I've seen from it, most people use it for an increased amount of sprites, and not much else. Although I have seen things such as SA-1 Powered 3D Models on the SNES (Which is FREAKIN' EPIC!), most people only use it for more sprites. And most of the time, SA-1 can be kind of a hindrance. Some emulators do not support it, and the only flash cart that works with it is the SD2SNES, which is way too expensive for most. What I'm asking here is what other creative things can be done with the chip? It is just as powerful as the SuperFX chip after all, and I hate to see the chip get underutilized.
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i mean, theoretically, what else would you run within a given frame that is noticeable to the player? more sprites are done because the extra frame time provided by using a faster processor allow for it to happen without lag, and the extra crap onscreen is something the player can see. ultimately, the ppu (or, more specifically, the fact that you still need the snes cpu to interface with the ppu) will prevent you from doing anything too fancy. but things like massive math routines or runtime decompressors (aka nonvisuals) are fair game, as well as minor aesthetical enhancements like what yi does with the superfx

though i absolutely do agree that smw hacking as-is doesnt utilize it to its full potential. if nothing has been done with the chip outside of what vitor and a select few have pushed out, then that means you wont find the creative talent and motivation needed for optimal sa1 usage here on smwcentral. smwc just doesnt have the people for it as far as i can tell
It also is rather difficult to use SA-1 to its full potential in SMW given that it isn't build to handle advanced enhancement chips and this can be seen in three points: The first one is that it's a good practice to execute IRQ and NMI in WRAM with SA-1 (it's even mandatory for Super FX given that it, simplified, denies ROM and SRAM access to the SNES) and the other example is that every WRAM from $0000 to $1FFF is remapped to I- and BW-RAM, respectively but in proper coding, you use WRAM for stuff which the SNES can access but the other two for what SA-1 can access and last but not least: SA-1 is able to run alongside the SNES but this feature is hard to implemented in SMW. For this reason, fancy effects such as character conversion DMA (bitmap to planar) are a bit difficult to implement (i.e. the possibility of lags is very high).
I would like to see people actually fixing the sprite engine without using any cheater chips. One guy tried that but got banned before he made any progress.
Originally posted by MrWizard
I would like to see people actually fixing the sprite engine without using any cheater chips. One guy tried that but got banned before he made any progress.

define "cheater chip" my good sir