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The Quest for the Candies - Version 1.1.1 is out!


A Halloween-themed hack

This is my second released Halloween hack (third if you count my HLDC 2019 entry). It has 34 exits, spread across 5 worlds, unlike most holiday-themed hacks.

Dry Bowser has stolen the candies, and without them, people can't go trick-or-treating, because nobody has candy! It's up to Mario to defeat Dry Bowser and save Halloween!


Worlds List
World 1: Pumpkin Fields
World 2: Forbidden Forest
World 3: Rotten Ruins
World 4: Abandoned Mine
World 5: Bowser's Mountain


Download on SMW Central (Version 1.1.1) - Download on (Version 1.1.1)

Looks really cool. Wish you luck with this one
So far so good!
I really like the color of the overworld you have going on there though the pumpkins without a black outline look a bit off compared to the rest of the graphics.
I've changed the pumpkin's outlines to black, and on the title screen as well. No screenshot because this is a minor change.

Pumpkin Fields 1:

I'm a little surprised you aren't making the goombas look like Splunkins
Pumpkin Fields 2:

I've changed the Goombas, the Cheep-Cheeps, the Piranha Plants and the Chucks to Halloween-themed enemies (graphics by NO_Body_The_Dragon), and turn blocks now show a pumpkin face.
Also I've changed the BG color to orange/brown after taking these screenshots.

The hack looks good! Those pumpkins in levels and OW give the hack a great atmosphere. I think some custom music would be a good idea, can't see default Ghost House theme fitting all the levels. Are you planning to put jumpscares in this hack?
Yes, there will be custom music and the first world won't have any jumpscares.

The first double post of this thread! Pumpkin Fields 3:

This level reuses the bouncy mushrooms from The Halloween Island (they're purple here), and unlike that hack, this level has grinders (and the first custom sprite of the hack, wall grinders).

What are those pumpkin blocks in the third screenshot?
always love a halloween hack
the overworld alone has me excited.
over all this looks like itll be fun
gl on this!

(100th post yay)
Originally posted by Pitchin Luigi
What are those pumpkin blocks in the third screenshot?

They're reskinned turn blocks.

Pumpkin Fields 4:

This enemy that wears a pumpkin replaced the Rex.

And this big skull replaced the Banzai Bill.

Those are some interesting Banzai Bill graphics replacements! It might be weird to see something that's not a bullet fly unanimated in a straight line, but they do look good on their own.

Overall, the graphical style gives me ~2008 vibes, which is nice.

Sorry for the delay, I was being lazy. Anyways, here's the castle:

ON/OFF blocks first appear in this level.

I haven't decided on a boss yet. And I still need to do Pumpkin Fields A (secret level), the Yellow Switch Palace and the world 2 map before the world 1 demo is released.

Ah, holiday hacks always make me feel a little nostalgic.

Anyway, this looks good! I like the way you've implemented the Halloween theme. The GFX and palettes are on point. #ab{:)}
Pumpkin Fields A:

This "skeleton snake" replaces the Wiggler. Bullet Bills were also replaced with skulls, as well as the cannon.

Zombie Hammer Bros. are in this level, but I haven't uploaded a screenshot with them.

Double post! It's the first day of October, which means it's time to resume work on this hack.

Still haven't decided on a name for the second world besides things like "Ghost Forest" or "Haunted Forest", but here's its first level:

A nice Halloween exclusive hack

You are challenged by Champion Daisy!