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The Quest for the Candies - Version 1.1.1 is out!


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Post removed for being off-topic, very memey, and mocking other users.
There is nothing wrong with editing a background to fit the style for your own projects when said BG is available in the Graphics Section for everyone to use.

That said, I do like your commitment to be working on your hack every October and I do hope you can get something out in time.
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Originally posted by 7 up
Whilst taking resources from other hacks is frowned upon, I'm not sure about editing them. I'd also count it as giving lack of respect to the author's original work, but I can't tell if it generally is. You could be fine if you edit GFX from someone else's hack (as long as they're not released on SMWC) in a way nobody notices that fact, though, but good luck with that.

Do you have any evidence about "graphic stealing"? Looks like not, as proven by Mirann's comment. Everything that's available in the site is free to use and edit. When you upload an original graphic to the site, you're giving freedom for people to edit however they like. Don't act like "that's fine" and that you were lazy to check. That ain't an excuse for a serious accusation like that. Be careful next time.

Also, this hack looks promising, I hope you can make a great progress in it, Green Jerry. I love No Body's spritework, in general. Good luck finishing this hack. #smrpg{:3}
I'm sorry for a mindless accusation. I didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings or scare this hack's author. I have no idea why I didn't look up these graphics in order to ensure that they were utilized under fair use.

Green Jerry, your hack is promising so far. What's special about it is that you only work on it in Octobers.
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The last level of world 3 before the castle:

This level has Ghost Guys, an enemy from Yoshi's Island. There are some platforms that rise when stepping on them as well (which aren't shown on these screenshots). The background is an edited version of the Goomba Pillars background from the SMAS version of Super Mario Bros.

I like this level very much #smrpg{y}

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#3 Castle:

This level has bouncing bones, which is a reskin of the Spiny egg. The background is from the original Ludwig battle.

World 3 is almost done, I need to do the Green Switch Palace and make bonus areas.

Awh I love candy! This looks like a cute project! :O

"Trick or Treat" and all that, huh? This looks spooky.
Got to say that the HUD is so good. I love it.

Chapter Two: Land of No Shame
Man, your progress on working this hack for every month of October is sooo good—heck, even Mr. Switchy replied!
Expect to have more intel about The Hacking of PuyoPuyo coming soon. 『いけいけ団長、頑張れ頑張れ団長!』
Credits to Nenilein (a.k.a. @PinkGeekNeni on Twitter) for the Pride avatar!
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Double post!
It's time to bump this thread for hopefully the last time, because it's October and I've resumed working on this hack to finish the 2 remaining worlds!

Here are screenshots of each level of world 4. Note that this world currently doesn't have a name.
Level 1:

This level has no new enemies, but Bullet Bills make come back in this level again. Dry Bones are also present.
Ignore the timer set to 0, as that has been fixed.

Level 2 (Ghost House):

In this level, there's a Boo Stream that constantly chases Mario.

Level 3:

This level has a Boo that acts similar to the one of the previous level, except it's not a stream, but it can spit fireballs!
Also note, this level and the subsequent ones don't have the darkness HDMA present yet. They will be added later.
The background is the Labyrinth Zone background from the Sonic 1 protoype, but without the light things.

Level 4:

Doppelshrooms come back in this level, and it also introduces the Mario-solid and sprite-solid blocks. The enemies also are transcluent due to this level making use of a dark BG level mode.
The background is the underground background from the All-Stars version of Super Mario Bros. 2.

Secret level:

This level has no new enemies, but there are Note Blocks.
Note that the palette of the wooden pillars have been fixed after taking these screenshots.
The background is this one that was made by Gamma V.


This level makes use of Thwomps and Mad Thwomps, alongside the Mario-solid and sprite-solid blocks.
The Thwomps also got new graphics.

Here's the map of the final world:

This world is going to be mountain-themed. It's going to be called Bowser's Mountain. This world will also not have any secret exits, unlike the other 4 worlds.
I also updated the border to add the "Happy Halloween!" text, and also to add widescreen.

Hey Green Jerry I really like your Halloween themed project!

I already remember the name for world 4. It's "Abandoned Mine"
Who is your favourite player?

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Originally posted by ForthRightMC
I already remember the name for world 4. It's "Abandoned Mine"

Thanks for the name suggestion. World 4 now has a name.

Now here's Bowser's Mountain 1:

This level doesn't introduce any new enemies, and uses Dry Bones along with some turn block and rotating platforms.

And the ghost house level of this world:

This level introduces Streches, which are these Boos from SMB3 that are always attached to the white blocks.

Double post!
Here's Bowser's Mountain 2. This is the last level before Bowser's Castle:

This level introduces two new types of Dry Bones, the first bounces like a green Para-Koopa (which isn't shown on the screenshots), and the second one (the purple ones) throws four bones in an arc (similar to the classic Hammer Bros. enemies).

Triple post!
Here's the final level, Dry Bowser's Castle:

This level introduces a green variation of the Magikoopa, which stays in place, and disappear when Mario is close to one. The Magikoopas also got new graphics.

Final Boss - Dry Bowser:

Dry Bowser walks in the green rope, which is not solid to Mario if you try to fly up to it. To defeat him, throw the blocks on him, while also avoiding the chasing Boo stream. He has 10 HP, and you also have an infinite amount of blocks.

All the levels are now finished. I'll have to do some more things, then I'll release a beta version on the Hack Testing forum.

WOW! Congratulations on finishing this project. Now beta testing, in which, of course, I will be included.

EDIT: Removed music link not to spoil your hack.
Who is your favourite player?

"Cristo Ronaldo, Suey!" - iShowSpeed