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How to patch PAL roms?
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Hey guys!

So i recently bought a SNES. I am from Europe, so the system is a PAL system too (or at least i think so). I also got the Super Everdrive x5.

So what i recently discovered is, that if i play PAL roms on my Everdrive, they run perfectly fine.

But if i use a NTSC rom file, it slows down significantly. The main issue i have is, that the Rom hacks i found (for example quickie world) only work with the USA version of the rom files. So i am kinda stuck to the slowed down version if i want to play rom hacks.

Is there a way so i can patch my pal versions of the rom files instead of the ntsc versions? (the patcher says, the eu rom file is not the intended for the patch).

I am thankful for any tip i can get!

PS: Could changing some options on the everdrive get rid of the problem too? There are some things like "LoRom" and "HighRom", i dont really understand.
Try downloading an SMW Rom (clean, not played) from the US, there are several sites that can download the Roms, or you can get it from a PS2 emulator CD (SNES Station), and LoRom and HighRom if I remember, has something to do with the cartridge chip or the Rom type.

[Edit: I missed to translate]

Originally posted by Seyri
Is there a way so i can patch my pal versions of the rom files instead of the ntsc versions? (the patcher says, the eu rom file is not the intended for the patch).

Generally no. It varies from game to game, but the official PAL versions of SNES ROMs can often have a few minor changes in their code/data which throws off offsets for the rest of the bank they're in. You can't reliably convert a hack meant for the US ROM to the PAL ROM without going through all the modifications in that hack to fix the changed offsets. That's more trouble than it's worth for most people.
I've hit the same issue of slower gameplay when playing the Mario World hacks on PAL hardware. I can see I'm not the first person asking the same question (it was also asked here in 2016: It will always be an issue for people in PAL regions wanting to play hacks on real hardware and means a lot of people won't get to enjoy Mario hacks 'properly' this way unless there's some kind of fix.

So, the PAL version of SMW has the game speed cranked up to accommodate for the game slowdown. Audio plays at the same tempo when playing an NTSC version on PAL (I tested) which causes certain audio to be out of sync. The most noticeable gameplay difference is that Mario plays slower, takes longer to get to full speed when running. The sluggishness of everything else (enemies etc.) isn't so noticeable. Hacks are playable and still enjoyable.

As a non-programming layman, my solution for someone that wants to 'fix' the biggest PAL problem would be to make a patch for Mario (the character) to play at his faster PAL speed. Sure, it means that enemies etc. will still move more slowly. I'm guessing fixing all that too would mean patching every other moving item and enemy which may not be possible, except maybe for vanilla hacks that don't change any values of how items and enemies behave.

I'd be interested to see what people's thoughts are of my 'speed up Mario only' suggestion. If Mario's speed values usually appear at the same place in the code in most/all hacks then it creates a better experience, although an otherwise slightly slower and easier game.
I don't believe speed changes have been done to any official games to compensate for pal. Because if you do, it would destroy the smoothness of scrolling. A lot of games scroll exactly 1 pixel per frame (or exactly 2 or 3 etc). You don't want to change that to 1 pixel for 4 frames and 2 pixel for 1 frame, which causes stuttering. Therefore i would not recommend changing the scroll speed (run speed of mario).

However i agree that reaching run speed earlier would be nice no matter what :).

The music speed is always the same on the ntsc and pal snes (with some rare exceptions like Lost Vikings), so no changes in the games are necessary. This casues out of sync music, which is usually not a huge problem.

The problem is your PAL snes console. It needs a 60hz mod!
Originally posted by slogra
The problem is your PAL snes console. It needs a 60hz mod!

I'm not butchering my 30 year old SNES haha. But I know what you mean. People in PAL regions need a console that will play NTSC games at the correct speed or just use an emulator. The old method for playing NTSC import games was to use a Universal Adapter cartridge on a PAL console (which I do) but it doesn't fix the speed issue. I think it's time to get on Ebay and buy a Super Famicom console.

As for the differences between the USA/Japanese version of Super Mario World compared to the PAL release, there must be speed differences which were altered in the code to make it play correctly. Most SNES games were modified before their PAL release. That was a reason for the long delay before they arrived here and why there was a market for import games and adapter cartridges. The NES days was another story though. Some games were modified for PAL but usually not. We were just playing games more slowly and had no reason to know there was any difference back then haha.

Edit: I've just ordered a Super Famicom and a compatible power supply to use in the UK. Solved lol
Cool that you got a super famicom.
I've got a modded eu snes, but i don't have an everdrive or anything similar. I don't play many games because i want to keep them their boxes. So yeah, i considered an everdrive but found it a bit too expensive... i'm reconsidering right now though :)
This seemed to go under our radar but please pay attention to when the last reply was Nokia3310 since you posted in a 2 year old thread.
I'm glad you got this all worked out but simply with the patches on the site and pretty much everywhere else they all use a V1.0 US rom and can not be patched to a pal rom due to differences in the code.
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