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How many levels & exits?

oof it's been nearly 2 years since I posted here

Want to try getting back into the swing of SMW hacking, and this time I'm actually mapping out the overworld first to see how much work I need to do. After reaching my final number of levels and exits, I had a question.

What's the maximum amount of levels and exits you can put into a base SMW ROM? And is there any way you can increase that number using any ASM trickery, if possible?

Asking because my (planned) hack has a ton of levels, currently sitting at 86 levels and 105 exits, 14 more levels and 9 more exits than vanilla sMW.
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There's a total of 96 overworld-accessible levels and 120 events normally. You can increase both of those amounts to 255 using this patch, but make sure you read the instructions and understand that not all patches and tools are compatible with it.

There's some alternative solutions as well, but they require ASM trickery to swap out the level being loaded based on Mario's overworld position. I would just recommend trimming some of the fat on your hack and reducing the scale a bit instead, or splitting into two or more hacks.

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One thing that I did in my hack was to warp the player to other unused levels.

For instance 96 level is what you get to work with officially, but you can always warp a player to another non-official level and have them finish that level.

I think there are 512 total levels in the rom, but again only 96 are enterable on the overworld.