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PIXI v1.2.11 - Sprite Insertion Tool by JackTheSpades, Tattletale

File Name: PIXI v1.2.11 - Sprite Insertion Tool
Submitted: by Tattletale
Obsoletes: PIXI v1.2.10 - Sprite Insertion Tool
Authors: JackTheRipper, Tattletale
Operating System: Windows
Platforms: SNES
Games: SMW
Source Available: Yes
Featured: Essential
Website: Link
Description: A sprite insertion tool made to allow more dynamic sprite usage, space savings and more SA-1 compatibility.
Despite this, it is almost fully compatible with sprites written for older SpriteTools, save for the fact that Asar is now used as the assembler. There also the new sprite status table that has been moved from 1938 to 7FAF00, used by SubOffScreen routines since version 1.2.10.

Detailed usage instructions, common errors and changes compared to older sprite tools can be found in the included readme.txt file. Version history can be found in changelog.txt.

Source (up to date now):

List of known bugs/issues:
Any weird issues you may encounter, contact me on discord (Tattletale#0001).

Now with Lunar Magic 3+ support and a lot more reliable. Other changes include:

Version 1.2.11 (August 26, 2019):
- (Tattletale) n extra byte support for both shooters and sprites. Goes up to 12 because LM only supports up to 12. Read the readme.txt for further info.
- (Tattletale) added two secret folders called ./asm/ExtraDefines and ./asm/ExtraHijacks. Now you can ship your own defines and hijacks along with your resources, just be very very careful with that. Read the readme for further info.
- (Tattletale) added Akaginite's MeiMei to pixi. This will sort out your sprite data when inserting or modifying sprites' extra byte configuration, when said sprites are already used in levels. Before this, you would just get a crash / corrupted sprite data. Special thanks to Akaginite (I would say 95% of the code is from MeiMei), Vitor Vilela, Randomdude999, Alcaro, they helped me deal with asar / sa1 address conversions. For further information read the readme - several flags were added as config for MeiMei, check the readme.
- (Tattletale) fixed a json related crash when the file name is invalid. The current message isn't any better but at least it won't crash. Messages will be reworked at some point.

Version 1.2.10 (July 6, 2019):
- (Tattletale) sa1convert officially removed from pixi.
- (Tattletale) trashkas officially removed from pixi.
- (Tattletale) donutblk gps block removed from pixi.
- (Tattletale) poison.asm patch removed from pixi.
- (Tattletale) level_ender sprite remove from pixi.
- (Tattletale) donut_lift sprite remove from pixi.
- (Tattletale) piranha_sideways sprite remove from pixi.
- (Tattletale) roto_disc sprite remove from pixi.
- (Tattletale) thwomp_left sprite remove from pixi.
- (Tattletale) thwomp_right sprite remove from pixi.
- (Tattletale) base_bro sprite remove from pixi.
- (Tattletale) shell_bro sprite remove from pixi.
- (Tattletale) bomb_bro sprite remove from pixi.
- (Tattletale) boomerang sprite remove from pixi.
- (Tattletale) boomerang_bro sprite remove from pixi.
- (Tattletale) hammer_bro sprite remove from pixi.
- (Tattletale) clusterspawn sprite remove from pixi.
- (Tattletale) fishspawn sprite remove from pixi.
- (Tattletale) flowerspawn sprite remove from pixi.
- (Tattletale) rainspawn sprite remove from pixi.
- (Tattletale) sandstormspawn sprite remove from pixi.
- (Tattletale) diag_down_bill shooter remove from pixi.
- (Tattletale) diag_up_bill shooter remove from pixi.
- (Tattletale) vertical_bill shooter remove from pixi.
- (Tattletale) fish cluster sprite remove from pixi.
- (Tattletale) flowers cluster sprite remove from pixi.
- (Tattletale) rain cluster sprite remove from pixi.
- (Tattletale) sandstorm cluster sprite remove from pixi.
- (Tattletale) boomerang extended sprite remove from pixi.
- (Tattletale) hammer extended sprite remove from pixi.
- (Tattletale) is not packed anymore. If you want the source, get it in github.
- (Tattletale) Graphic for Included Sprites has been removed.
- (Tattletale) Added a file called removedResources.txt so you can get back these resources from elsewhere.
- (Tattletale) Table 1938 has been moved to 7FAF00, it also now uses 256 bytes. So 7E1938 is now free.
- (Tattletale) Added 3 extra bytes for shooters at 7FAC00|4000F1, 7FAC08|400030 and 7FAC10|400038 - 8 bytes each.
- (Tattletale) Added !addr, !dp, !bank, !sa1, !shooter_extra_byte_1, !shooter_extra_byte_2, !shooter_extra_byte_3 and !7FAF00 as defines. !1938 is now the same as !7FAF00, so be careful, it's not 16bits anymore for fastROM.
- (Tattletale) SubOffScreen edited to explicitly use .L and the new table's macro.
- (Tattletale) Pixi now handles the sprite status table just like sa1 does (256 bytes). Now it's safe to disable LM's warning for sprite count when using fastROM. This is also technically a bug fix.
- (Tattletale) Some minor optimizations to main.asm.

Version 1.2.9 (Feb 17, 2019):
- (Tattletale) Fixed a bug with the Star.asm routine (provided by Blinddevil, reported by Darolac).
- (Tattletale) Fixed a bug with ExtendedGetDrawInfo.asm (reported by Darolac, I think it was Sonikku who fixed this (?)).
New extra byte features broke compatibility with the included CFG editor and caused it to break sprites that used that feature.

A new version of the CFG editor has aleady been created and is incoming after this rejection.