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Vanilla Flavour Beta Testing

My hack is finished.

At least in Theory.

It's 74 exits long and i am pretty sure there is some stuff that can be fixed or maybe even game breaking stuff i did not saw while testing it.

Difficulty of the hack: very hard

note: i noticed that the music is wrong in 'piranha attack', that will be changed in the release.
Currently at world 7, I will get close to the end.

I found the broken path in star warp from world 6 to level Ninji Plains.
Who is your favourite player?

"Cristo Ronaldo, Suey!" - iShowSpeed
Thank you guys for playtesting! I placed the 2 Coins to guide the Player down if he jumped on the pipe before them.
Playtesting finished! So, I've played all the previous versions of your hack and they were good. This one is the first full version and I'm enjoying it so far. Level design is great, I can see some variety in the levels.
I've played World 1 so far, design is interesting from the first level and I can see this is going to be a fun challenge to play. I've found some small issues:
1. In the message box from Green Grass Grasslands it should be would instead of whould:

2. In Piranha Attack, what's the purpose of these coins? And you already know about the music:

3. In Castle 1, if Mario is in the right side of the scrolling section and makes a Spin Jump, he can go through the crush-thing:

4. Minor niptick: In Boring First Level I think the time can be short, maybe 400 seconds instead of 300 would be good?

5. In the OW next to Castle 1, a square of the path is pink while the rest of them are yellow, minor event issue, not important really.

World 2 is in the same vibes as world 1, same good and challenging design. I've found some levels where you can farm lifes, like Koopa's Revenge and Castle 2 (nets help in those levels). As for the issues, all of them are minor:

1. In Another Cave, the bone and the FG make this cutoff:

2. You can just get a bit of speed and jump instead of using the shell to continue through the level:

3. In Castle 2, there are some instances of cutoff:

World 3 has interesting cave levels which are based on some elements (vines, ice...) A short world filled with variety! Issues found were minor:
1. If you have the Feather Cape in this part of Beetle Cave, Mario can skip a bit of the level, I think there were other places in that level:

2. Cutoff in Cool Cave:

3. Another bone cutoff in Everything is Vine:

4. You can simply jump
to get the key
in the same level:

5. Also there are some skippable parts like this:

World 4, it has some variety and good challenging desing as this hack intends to do. Minor issues found:
1. Cutoff in Water Park:

2. You should put: near the thwomp

3. Some cutoff in Mole Cave:

World 5, a forest themed world with some interesting ideas. Levels are fun and not annoying! Some levels contain a bit of cutoff. Minor issues:
1. Janky Forest has 6 Dragon Coins instead of 5:

2. Not really a Forest is actually a forest... or there is something I can't get?

3. Notes N' Bubbles has a bit of cutoff, like this section:

4. More cutoff in Castle 5, maybe you can use those thin FG?

World 6, here the difficulty increases a bit, design is still clever and fair. Some uses of the different sprites are well made and very clever. Now for some small issues:

1. Cutoff in Athletic Stuff:

2. Cutoff in Choco Cliffs:

Star Road is a challenging world with great levels. Some small issues:
1. If you use the Star Warp in World 6, you can't go to the right to play the level Ninji Plains, it would be awesome if you could fix this:

2. Hope you don't mind, but I used a cheat just to see Ninji Plains, I wanted to play the level! Sorry if this made you upset. There is a cutoff in this part:

Special World, for me, was the hardest world in the hack (I still have to play World 7). You took all the ideas from the hack and made harder levels from them. It was a very pleasant experience, nothing felt unfair. Minor issues:
1. Cutoff in Icy Nightmare:

2. In too much water you can find this cutoff and also, goal and water layer 3 bug:

One last thing about Special World, maybe I'm wrong,
but I was expecting the OW palette to change after entering Yoshi's House (actually a cave)
, dunno, it felt kinda empty.

World 7, a cave with some levels containing fire, though there is water in the OW, hardest world in the hack along with Special World. Challenging and fun. It was clever the use of Blue Coins. Issues found:
1. Cutoff in Doomed Land:

2. In the same level you can just use a Podoboo rather than getting the Springboard:

3. In Fire Canyon, I'm not sure about the Forest Background used there:

4. This section with the Spike Top can be unfair and annoying:

5. Unexpected Jumping Fire behind Moving Blocks:

6. In Road of Doom, more of a niptick but it's weird
that a pipe pointing to the sky takes you to an ice cave

7. Also, careful with the space between Piranha Plants and ceilings or pipes:

The second message box in Nice has a grammar mistake, should be visit instead of visited

Hack finished. It was a fun challenge! Some minor cutoff and a couple of annoying moments in World 7 (not important though). Great work!
Thanks a ton for your great feedback! I will fix the gameplay oriented things, most of the cutoff are 'nintendo like' and imo not too bad imo, like putting pipes on stones. I am glad u enjoyed it that much!
Thanks for making this hack! I was glad to beta test it! Also, I understand some of the cutoffs are based on Nintendo's original SMW son don't worry, they are not bad. Hope to see this in the Hacks Section soon!