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Truc Bidule - RELEASE THIS C3


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Hello, I usually don't post progress of my hacks unless it's C3 but decided to change today for no reason. It's just a thread to post details and progress of my hack.
Following my C3 summer thread where I announced I cancelled two projects and start a new one lol. Here is more info on this.

The game is called Truc Bidule. It's french which means "Thing thing". I guess you can call these the sequel to Something/Something else although not really.

This hack has many special features that will be explained ingame but I will tell you some of them:
-Pure gameplay experience. No story. Except for optional levels or a few other levels, there will be no message boxes in levels.
-No status bar and everything inside. No lives, timer...
-Mostly linear but very gimmicky levels like I usually do. Maybe too much inspired by the JUMPs.
-Each level will have a hidden 3up moon. Since there are no lives, these moons are useless... are they?
-Mostly new levels. However some levels will be sequels or remake to levels I made in previous projects. Including remake of levels from Super Butt World 2 with normal difficulty so non-kaizo players can finally experience them.

I said that the game will be completed before 2020. That was a lie. Too much IRL stuffs and other circumstances make it that it will be finished hopefully somewhere in 2020. I will try to have it at least 50% completed at C3.
In term of progress, well just look:

red is completed, grey is 10% done, green is 50% done and blue is +95% done. The main overworld is this mess but the submaps are mostly done minus events. I will not post them yet.
You can see that there won't be too many levels in the game. Also some levels may be short. There's no standard length, some may have multiple midpoints some not.
There will be some big levels with multiple paths. For these, once you complete them you will be able to go back to any midpoints easily.

In term of showing progress, I will post small video previews of various levels. Not all levels will have videos. All levels shown are still WIP and may be different in the final version.

Sometimes there's water and sometimes not

Different kinds of moles

Everyone love to wear capes

A dumb idea where Yoshi always respawn under you.

I need to find a level name.

I'm trying different quality option for my videos every time. Size and quality vary a lot, sorry.
As you can guess, I do not make levels in game order.
I will try to update this first post if I post a new video once this thread get more than one page so you can see them all on one page.

That's all. Next progress report for C3.
hey yogui :)
long time no see. I'm liking the concepts so far!
So forever Yoshi takes the cake.
curious how it will develop, thanks for sharing!
I can see lots of potential in these level ideas, they're quite neat! I like the Forever Yoshi and Feather Fever concepts especially. Also, the mixture of graphics is really interesting. I love how the unnamed whale level looks in particular. Good luck with your project, I look forward to playing it!
What is a Lunar Magic, and can I eat it?
Thanks guys.
Sorry due to real life constraint I couldn't work a lot on my romhack the last two months. I didn't even make a C3 thread. But it should be better now.
My promise to finish this before 2020 start is failed. But I will try to release it during 2020. I have done like 50% of the levels now.

Today let's talk about butts.
As I said, I will put some sequel/remake of levels I made in previous hacks, including Super Butt World 2.
For those who don't know, here's the story:
Once I was bored and made butt.smc, which is like test.smc but instead of being a compilation of my best unfinished levels, it's of my worst level. This is a trash joke hack that nobody should play.
I wanted to make a sequel, still a joke hack but this time mocking kaizo hacks. But shortly after starting I decided to be serious and make a legit attempt at a kaizo hack, but still in my own style, which honestly doesn't really fit the kaizo design philosophy. Plus with the name "Super Butt World 2" (the unoriginal name "Super XXXX World" is on purpose since it's to mock kaizo hacks, and 2 because it's sort of a sequel to butt.smc even if both games are totally different genres and there's no Super Butt World 1), me not being part of any kaizo communities and not caring about any kaizo streamers well this game was mostly ignored.
Anyway there were some neat ideas inside trust me. I was tempted for a moment to remake the game but in non-kaizo form so that non-kaizo players can enjoy it but didn't do it.
Instead some selected levels from this game will be remade in Truc Bidule.

Here is one of them:
The gimmick of the level is of course the banzai bills being very slow and the bullet bills being very fast.

Also, small teaser: This games has news and secrets things.

This red feather is different from normal feathers. What does it do?

You found a mysterious house. What lies behind this door?

See ya next time.
Slow progress but progress.
World 2 is now completed.
Last post I said levels were 50% done? It was more like 35% tbh lol

Above I talked about a red feather. What is it? Look at this level 2-3 preview to see

More details about the development of this:
I first though of adding the powerup patch to my hack, but then opted not too. But I'm still gonna code some pseudo-powerups for some level like this red feather.
Why? Because I can.
My hacks, and this one in particular, are experimentation. I experiment with different things and put them together into a hack. This red feather I coded isn't the most advanced things, and there's similar custom powerups that are better made for sure, but it is mine. My ASM knowledge is very little yet so even if this is basic ASM I am proud of having made that and will use it.
Of course even if it is made by me, I will accept any advice and opinions about it. I can even share the levelASM code to anyone who ask for it.

So this red feather will appears in some levels and will replace the normal feather(although I know how I could make it possible to have both normal and red feather in the same level but I don't know how it can be useful for potential level design).
At least one other special powerup like this will appear in the game.

Gonna try to make one update post every month. Even if nobody read me that's fine, it's also for me so I can look back at the progress I've made and how there's so much left.
I means with the confinement and so on I normally should be able to work more on my hack but y'know... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

See ya next time.
That red feather powerup is great. I think that having some pseudo powerups that can be applied as an one level gimmick (I also have some experience coding something similar). It's also better than the powerup patch in the sense that isn't as invasive regarding the hijacks on the ROM.

I can also understand that feeling of pride upon your asm work. Sometimes asm-savvy people focus on the coding of very ambitious things that require an insane amount of coding, but I think that a lot of times even the most simple block/sprite/uberasm can be implemented in a cool way as the gimmick of a level, as in this case.
Indeed another powerup does it, as I've seen in BLDC;
but this is gorgeous work.
Nice atmosphere achieved with the ExGFX in this level, well done!
Realy Nice i Like The Idea of the red Feather Keep up your Nice Project Im sure its very Fun to Play and i See you Have Zsed a Background from The Smurfs Game Realy Nice Athmosperic Idea i must say it fits so nice #smw{:TUP:}
Mein Youtube Kanal

My Youtube Channel

I actually quite like seeing a new take on the Cape Feather.
Seems a lot less likely to make the game easier and could lead to some really interesting set-ups when it comes to platforming.

Looking to see more whenever you have anything else to show amd as always nice work. #smrpg{y}
Thank you for your replies. #tb{:j}

Originally posted by Darolac
That red feather powerup is great. I think that having some pseudo powerups that can be applied as an one level gimmick (I also have some experience coding something similar). It's also better than the powerup patch in the sense that isn't as invasive regarding the hijacks on the ROM.

Yup. One good thing about that red cape is that it's only a levelASM so it's not invasive. Well mostly, to change the cape's color I used the Manual player palette updater patch, but that's it. Cool patch btw.

World 3 is finished. I noticed I didn't uploaded a video of a world 3 level yet. And I don't know which level to show in video without showing too much. So you know what, I'm posting a screenshot instead.

It's sort of a sequel of a level I've made years ago you may probably know.
Not gonna explain more.

World 4 is going well as well. Good chance I can finish it in May. And do like a world a month (but remember it's not a lot, worlds have 5 levels lol).
Hoping the game can be in beta testing around September. Yeah compared to my other hacks were beta testing was made private (or not at all lel) I'm gonna post a public beta in this thread once all level's are done, and wait to have enough feedback before submitting it on smwc. So stay tuned.
I quite the SML2 sorta vibes with that Star Level you have there.
The Stars themselves look really nice that way they are placed as it looks way less blocky than other star mazes that have been done in hacks.
Originally posted by 1UPdudes
I quite the SML2 sorta vibes with that Star Level you have there.

I was kind of getting more Kirby Super Star vibes from it at first, But since you mentioned SML2... Yeah... I kind of see it too.
Originally posted by The Yak Smoker
Originally posted by 1UPdudes
I quite the SML2 sorta vibes with that Star Level you have there.

I was kind of getting more Kirby Super Star vibes from it at first, But since you mentioned SML2... Yeah... I kind of see it too.

You are right, it was inspired/ripped from Super Star.

Only partially ripped because it's all what I needed. And also because it would be really, really, really hard to rip that FG accurately.
I means look at that foreground:

Good luck making that dot ground exactly the same in lunar magic. Also don't forget almost all the colors of the FG are animated (and the BG too).
Ngl I'm really impressed by that level in SuperStar.
Originally posted by Infinity
When will there be a new demo or full version to play?

No demo planned.
Full game this year 2020.

edit: More like 2021 lmao

edit: I lied, but in 2022 I promise (not)
The last week I almost done nothing but lunar magic!!!!
But it wasn't for my hack. Not for VLDC either.
At this rate the game will probably be delayed again. Sorry.

Since I didn't made much since C3, and because why not the next few updates will not show levels but talk about various stuff related to the hack.
For now, I don't have time so I'll post a short something:

(image edited to remove spoilers)

What's this?
It's a google sheet listing all my levels, my progress on them and the resources used. First used for me to keep track on how much I have left to do and which authors to credits.
I will make this google doc public once beta testing start, because there's some resources I don't know the author and would like help identifying them, and because once the game release many people will ask me for the resources used (mainly the musics) so I can just redirect them on this page.
I also list the resources where the authors is me (for levelASM made myself or GFX ripped myself). I won't upload my homemade resources on smwcentral (because they are not well optimized) but can send them to whoever ask me to have them (with exceptions).
Okay so in August and September I did a lot of Lunar Magic! But for another project, nothing for my own romhack! Heck yeah incoming delay! orz
Yeah this week are my days off and instead of going out I'm spending it all working on my romhack. Did pretty good progress but yeah hack is probably delayed again. I means that instead of having the beta release in december and the final hack ready for C3, I'll try to have the beta ready for C3 with like one month of beta testing for release in february. Even then not sure if beta will be ready for C3. But I will release a version this C3, even if it's beta alpha etc.

Today update post let's do something different. I actually don't want to post level updates, but I will talk about something this hack and many others use: custom blocks.
SMW has many blocks, and are easily recognizable: grey cement blocks are solid blocks, munchers are blocks that hurt, etc. Custom blocks exist, and some of them have been popularized, even some being "essential" to the level design, on the same levels as original SMW blocks, and had a design that had been anchored in the memory as being the "default one" to use. I'll talk about the custom blocks I'm using and their design.
Please feel free to debate about wherever the design are fine or if you have other ideas.

Don't worry I'll post a real update soonTM.
Hello everyone.
Like always, I couldn't keep my promise for a release or beta in 2020. I didn't entered C3 because I hadn't much more to show. These last 6 months I've didn't worked a lot on my hack tbh. I did some romhacks, but it was mostly for anonymous collaboration hacks so orz.
Well the hack will be ready when it's ready. Although recently, I have more fun working on ASM than making level design. Let's talk about that.

Here's a edit of the P-ballon disassembly that I made that turn it into a bubble, and water blocks that can set that bubble status, with different color and speed.

Thing is, I don't know if I will use it for my hack, because all the themes of the levels left are already decided. I could add more levels to the game for sure, but I don't know if I want to. I set my goal as 5 levels per world to finish the hack quicker, and I don't want to have only one world with 6 levels. Making 6 more levels would delay the hack even more. Well we'll see what I can do with this.
I think I may clean the sprite more and submit it in the sprite section once ready.

Other thing is I usually love my levels, and replay them (too much). Except one that I didn't liked because it was a generic ghost house door puzzle. So I remade it with completely changing the gimmick for a math block puzzle that I made based on the SMB2 mushroom block sprites because it seemed interesting to make:

So I made a new level this week-end using this, but it didn't increase the level count since it replaced an existing level. Oh well.

Maybe the hack will finally be **cking finished for next C3?
Originally posted by smwcentral
This thread was last replied to 524 days ago. Please make sure you have read any applicable forum and site rules before posting.


Well this update deserve a bump.

The hack is being worked on again, and I made a C3 thread with a video trailer.

Check it out.
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