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Halloween Level Design Contest 2019 - Results

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After a while of going over every level, we have finally concluded our judging period for HLDC! While there were 25 total entries, 2 were unfortunately disqualified (rip), leaving 23 levels to be judged.

Here are the top 3:

Halloween Chills by E-man38

Luigi Goes Trick or Treating by Tahixham and bebn legg

ALPHA SPHERE by Daizo Dee Von

Huge congratulations to our top 3 and thank you so much to everyone that entered!

You can find the full list of scores and individual judge review sheets here:


Judge Comments:



Due to a mishap, trophies will (unfortunately) be delivered on a later date.
Dang, 15th place? Oh well, at least there were some good parts about my level. Also congrats to Daizo dee von for wining this contest.
At least I'm in the top 10. And about the level having only one midpoint, it was because the multiple midways patch wasn't remoderated.

Wow, I didn't expect to score 3rd place at all! I'm genuinely surprised, considering how rushed a good portion of my entry was. In hindsight, there are several things I would've done differently given more time, but I still admire what I managed to create out of my level concept. Congrats to the other winners and the participants as well!

Also Ryaa I love the ideas you presented for my entry in your judge comments, we should make it a reality one day.
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well it took 10+ years to place something higher than like 60th in a contest so thanks. gg daizo.

thx bebn for collabing with me!
Originally posted by E-man38
considering how rushed a good portion of my entry was.

My entry was made in the span of 6 days dude. You, Tahix and bebn, and everyone else did a really good job.

But still... 1st place... Holy moly. Well, I better make that Director's Cut then, shouldn't I? I'm genuinely at a loss of words. This is my first contest win, by the way.

OH, I should mention that you can actually throw the blocks at the
Dr. Faux Andre
boss fight, I just couldn't code the sfx to appear while it's thrown since that sfx takes priority over the "boss hit" sfx. Before you mention "tile 25" instead of tile 130, it actually caused the boss to turn into used ? blocks on each part so I had to leave it the way it was, but the counter still counts regardless if you dropped it or thrown it. Proof here. Sorry for the confusion judges (and everyone), this is what happens if you start with only 6 days left haha. I'm not setting a good example considering my placement.

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Are you a sample porter and wanna help with 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Private Message me or Mellonpizza for details. Expect trading "resources" in exchange. 4 more left.

Welp, my level was just an attempt to make a JUMP quality level but hey i prefer below average way more than bad. Oh, i also forgot the Yume Nikki reference in there...

I cant believe i could defeat MiracleWater and gbreezesunset with such a basic level that was made in i dont know... 30 minutes?
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I have a thirteenth place so it's not so bad. Those who won congratulate them.

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I'm satisfied that I made it to 6th place although my entry had some flaws and could have been worked a bit better, esp. the 2nd half of the level.

Thanks to the organisation team to give us this opportunity, and congratulations to everyone!
I was heavily expecting my "hack" to be placed so low. It was something I made in almost less than a week and was cathartic for a multitude of reasons. There's still waaaayyyyy too much I could have fixed to make it somewhat better. It also wasn't such a good idea to make mine based around very personal, current issues, but ehh who cares miright? Anywho, yea for sure that, thing I created isn't ideally the best thing I've made, and I kinda knew that when I submitted so late. As for the "boss having too much health" issue that I've seen almost everywhere, I had no clue I could change the health properly until after the deadline. Whoops. As for the level design, it's almost impossible for me to make something that isn't Kaizo.

But hey, there's always next year, right? At least I'll have a whole year to make it right.

P.S. I totally want to sex the guy in 5th. I hear he's got such a sweet voice. #smw{;)}
Originally posted by Green Jerry
At least I'm in the top 10. And about the level having only one midpoint, it was because the multiple midways patch wasn't remoderated.

Then you could use the retry system. It has an option to disable the prompt and make you return to the overworld as if there were no retry, it already has a built-in multiple midways.
Alternatively, there are the 1-Up and Yoshi Coin checkpoints that you can do in vanilla.
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20th place for my 2nd ever level ... I'll take that. #tb{^V^}

Congrats everyone.
I'll be ready for you all next year.

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